Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Way Ahead

Buffy and the gang stand victorious, they defeated the first evil and broke the centuries old tradition of one slayer in a generation, so where do Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Giles, Faith, Robin, Andrew and the surviving potentials go now.

After all there are still plenty of Vampires and Demons left in the world and there is the matter of that other Hellmouth in Cleveland.

New friendships will emerge, old ones will be tested, Slayers old and new will have to face new evils and decide where their futures lay.


4. Information Exchange

Washington, D.C. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


The United States President is in The White House, sitting at his desk in the oval office.


When his assistant announces over the intercom the arrival of Army General Nicholas Fortmeyer.


"Send him in Delores."


"Yes mister President," she replied.


The General came in, gave a salute walked up to the desk and stood to attention.


The two men didn't like each other so every encounter between them was uneasy at best, at worst it could turn into a full-blown arguments on many topics, but mainly about good and evil.


"Yes General, what do you have for me," the President said.


"Sir, I have an update for you on the Sunnydale situation."


"It's all over sir."


"What does that mean, is the First Evil about to overrun these United States and the rest of the world shortly after the President asked."


"Well, no sir, as improbable as it may seem the Slayer and her allies did it, they stopped it."


"Well that is excellent news, have we any idea how. I mean one slayer and a bunch of teenage girls who could potentially be slayers."


"They somehow not only managed to take on an incorporeal enemy and his army of super vampires, they actually beat them."


"Well they had the other slayer and the witch."


"Oh the convict, what's her name, Faith something."


"Faith Lehane, Mr President, do you want us to have her picked up."


"No, not just yet. Her and the other one Buffy, seriously who names their child Buffy."


"Anyway with the two of them together it would take too many people to go in and try to take her by force."


"No, for the time being we leave her in play, she's stable now so she could be more use out there, besides if we want her, we'll know where to look."


"Well we may have to rely on our insider for details on her precise location, they're on the move now satellite tracking has them on the interstate in a school bus."


"Why are they moving if they won."


"Well we're not sure how, but in the course of defeating the First they caused the town to cave in on itself, now there is just a huge crater where the town of Sunnydale had been."


"The whole town is gone, the slayer and her army of teenage girls managed to destroy a whole town."


"At least tell me it means we don't have to worry about that Hellmouth anymore."


"We don't know yet, I'll be sending in a team at first light to assess the situation."


"They'll be going in undercover as part of the national guard unit I'm sending in supposedly to search for survivors."


"What survivors, the girl; Buffy, the President said shaking his head again at the name. Weren't she and her gang the only ones left."


"We know the town became steadily abandoned in the weeks leading up to today, but the event that destroyed it rated a 9.6 on the richter scale, we can't keep that completely under wraps."


"Which is why we're preparing a statement to that effect, that we evacuated ahead of time, after warnings from our seismologists of a coming Earthquake."


"That will all make the evening news, it will be great publicity for your administration."


"The thing we need to decide now is what becomes of the town?" General Fortmeyer finished.


"Bury it, once your team have secured the Hellmouth and ensured that it will stay shut forever."


"We bury the town altogether, we make it known that the ground is too unstable to withstand rebuilding a town there and we fill it in and run the interstate right through it, right over the top of that monstrous place."


"I don't want a gas station or rest stop, not so much as a picnic spot will ever be built on that ground, there will be nowhere for people to stop. We don't want any living being near that place who could fall victim to any left ever evil hoo doo, that could escape through the cracks."


"Am I clear General, from now until the end of time that place is a no go area. That way in just a few short years the place will be forgotten, a trivia question about whether there really ever had been a town there."


"That place has been nothing but a bain to several administrations, and the man responsible for creating the town in the first place has been dead a few years anyway."


"Thanks again to the slayer and her people," the General said.


"You know it was my uncle Quentin on The Watchers Council who arranged for the slayers assignment to Sunnydale in the first place, he got her mother the gallery job that brought them there."


"Can you imagine the threats we would have been left to deal with if not for Buffy Summers and her rag-tag group of fighters."


"Too bad he wasn't around to see her finish the job, too bad none of them were alive to see it," Nicholas said mournful of the organization he had once belonged to.


Taking a tone that indicates he isn't nearly as sad about the loss of The Watchers Council as the General, the President, said.


"Yeah, but then again by the end what good did the council serve, after all for years before the First's minion killed them they'd already completely lost control of both slayers and their watchers as well, hadn't they."


"By the end were those council members anything more than just librarians, keeping hold of the information about all the monsters out there. After you lost your ability to oversee the training of either slayer girl, what other purposes did the council offer."


"Mr President, the council did so much more than that; ok you're right we did have to take an unfortunate back seat in regards to the hands on training of two slayers."


"However Mr President we have had three slayers called in less than a decade, there's Buffy of course, followed by Kendra, called into service after the first time Ms Summers died, only to get killed, which then of course led to Faith being called."


"That is an unprecedented situation in the history of the Watchers Council and our control of the slayers, but we kept a watchful eye on them both after Buffy refused to continue serving the Watchers Council and Faith became indisposed, with back up plans to retake control. It was the in hindsight wise decision of my uncle and the other council members to allow them that free rein to see how they handled themselves."


"Still you're right Mr. President, the Council has suffered a devastating set back a fact I'm sure you and your allies are quite pleased about."


"Yes it give us a thrill to see so many of them gone taken out in one fell swoop, but that is one thing we have in common; as I'm sure you were happy to hear all about it when that beast decimated the L.A. office of Wolfram and Heart," the President said with grimace, recalling the loss of life at the place where he had worked a long time, where he had begun his career and his descent into evil when he signed the deal to sell his soul to make sure they would get him to The White House."


"Yes I was, still hardly the same is it?"


"You lost a few dozen lawyers, all of whom are utterly replaceable to begin with, all of whom still serve your cause in one way or another."


"While the council was a one of a kind organisation."


"Oh please, we both know your precious council will be back one day, after all at least two former Watchers are alive and well that I know of Giles and Wyndham Pryce and a few I'm sure you've kept secret even from me."


A feeling of disgust crossed Nicholas mind at the thought of entrusting the future of The Watchers Council to those two. The one who actively participates in the Summer's girl rebelling against centuries of Council tradition.


Even worse the pathetic offspring of the great Pryce lineage whose utter failure as Watcher led to Faith until recently being in prison serving a life sentence for the murders she committed before and after siding with the force of evil that was Sunnydales' founder.


"We're both part of something much bigger than ourselves, an all-consuming war over the fate of the planet," the President said as his monologue dragged Nicholas out of his thoughts of contempt for Rupert and Wesley.


"I have since my first days as an associate at WR & H been a willing pawn in that war, I sold my soul to become President where I could best serve the interests of the senior partners."


"Inciting war and hatred and turning even good people evil, continuing a legacy of contamination of the Human soul almost all of my predecessors have been part of."


"While you, what have you done, first you turned your back on that council you claim you're so proud of, and yet here you stand an active participant all as we have set Humanity on course to its destruction."


"My own sister is about to become a Senator in California and she will one day take my place in this office and continue what began so long ago. Still that's enough about us and our plans, back to the matters at hand."


"If we're assuming The First has been destroyed by the slayer and her wanna slay brigade, we need to know how and we need to know what these players will do next."


"Well our insider hasn't contacted us since before the slayer led them into battle."

"You don't know if they're dead or alive do you."

"No, not at the moment, I don't."


"You still won't even tell me if your operative is a man or a woman, will you."


"No I won't," the General answered.


"Well if that's all you have for me, you're dismissed, come back when you have concrete information."


"Yes, Mr. President," the General answered before giving another salute and turning to leave. Stopped in his tracks when the President said to him.


"General for future reference; when your report includes an entire American towns destruction, you might want to lead with that."


"You know don't bury the lead as they say in journalism circles."


General Fortmeyer left the oval office angry, he felt like he had let that glorified lackey of the senior partners of Wolfram and Heart get under his skin with his gloating about the destruction of the council.


He had to console himself with two pieces of information that he had successfully kept from the President all the time he had worked for him ever since he had first met him when President Rashford was still only a Senator.


The information that he had a daughter, that his own daughter was one of the Potentials with Buffy at least he hoped she still was, but the most important thing he knew that he kept protected behind a mental barrier created by the witches coven.


The fact that there was another vampire slayer and this one had been under council control in the two years since she was called.

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