Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Way Ahead

Buffy and the gang stand victorious, they defeated the first evil and broke the centuries old tradition of one slayer in a generation, so where do Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Giles, Faith, Robin, Andrew and the surviving potentials go now.

After all there are still plenty of Vampires and Demons left in the world and there is the matter of that other Hellmouth in Cleveland.

New friendships will emerge, old ones will be tested, Slayers old and new will have to face new evils and decide where their futures lay.


6. Ghost Town Chapter 1

Buffy sat behind the wheel of the bus as she got her first sighting of a town.


"Hey Giles, Will, looks like we've finaally hit land," Buffy called out to them.


Those being the first words Buffy had said since her Willow, Giles, Xander and Dawn went to take up their positions before the battle.


All through the drive Willow, Giles, Dawn and even Faith had tried to break the ice with her, but she remained steadfastly silent.


That enigmatic smile on her lips for most of the time as she sat listening to her friends yet not really taking in anything they were saying.


The only time she wasn't smiling was her time behind the wheel or when she slept.


Willow, Faith, Robin and Giles all came to the front and all saw the sign that said welcome to Hilldale.


"Uhh Buff," Willow said as she then turned to her and said.


"You know I lived in Sunnydale my whole life right."


"Yeah," Buffy replied. "What of it."


"Well I've left there before gone to L.A. Travelled by car and coach from the Dale to the big city so I know for a fact there has never been another town between the two."


"I'm sorry, what are you saying." Giles inquired hesitantly.


"I'm saying the town of Hilldale we can all see before us with our very own eyes." "It shouldn't be here because it doesn't exist."

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