The Man In The Machine

What if you were so smart you could actually build a working Time Machine, what would you do with it.

Adam Roberts is that smart a guy, he's built his very own time machine and he knows exactly what he'll do when he goes back into the past.

He's going to correct a mistake, not one that he made, but one he believes ruined his life.

Adam has tested the machine and knows it will work.

He knows when he's going and what he has to do when he gets there.


3. Return To Sender

In the end after nearly two weeks trying, having to return to 2015 and travel back again to 1985, even Saint Agnes as he had nicknamed her in his childhood, had given up.


Having called Jack repeatedly but never getting a reply she'd even gone to his flat she waited for him but the final straw of her patience was not even getting to see him in his own home.


If he was in he just didn't answer the door or if he was out he stayed out till after she left. Either way Agnes and Jack never actually even met this time round.


Agnes brother who had been Jacks' friend for a long time before he had attempted to play matchmaker between him and his sister stopped covering for him at work so now his dad was a short time way from losing his job as well.


So finally it had worked the relationship between his mum and dad was finished before it ever really got started.


With that relationship ceasing to happen time began to change, the future he had known changed not in a huge impact on the whole world sort of way just in the way he had wanted all along.


His mum later met and married another man a better man, a better husband and a better father to the six children they had together four girls and two boys.


A couple of whom had the passion for science he had but none of them were likely to follow in his path and build a time machine.


Instead the two of them created the cure for three of the major forms of cancer that in turn led to the breakthroughs for them in collaboration to unlock treatments for every type of cancer.


Being a happier woman in every aspect of her life their mum never buried herself so deeply in religion that she was angry with them for getting into science, as she had been with Adam.


In fact she was as supportive and proud of her children as a mother is supposed to be of her children’s accomplishments.


The same for their father he was the opposite of the dad Adam had lived with, he rarely drank and was an involved dad and loved his kids, so none of them had any reason to harbour his hatred for his parents and therefore they had no need to want to build their own time machine.


Without that relationship his dad never married and never had a child or a relationship with any other woman.


In fact without anyone to care for him he descended into alcohol addiction and gambling sooner, the gambling cost him his home and job leading to him ending up homeless sleeping in an abandoned building near Waterloo train station.


He ended up dying one cold winter after other homeless men sleeping threw him out to claim the shelter for themselves and he just spent one too many nights sleeping on a park bench on Hampstead Heath.


Adam never knew any of this but it all would've been perfect as far as he was concerned.


Except when the plan started and the history changed, he had hoped to be like Marty in Back to the Future Part 1 and start to see himself gradually disappear from the time line and from existence altogether he'd even taken a photo of himself back in time with him to have it to look at  and hoped to see himself disappearing from that before he would start to feel weaker as he began to vanish. Instead he just vanished all in one go, simply ceasing to exist.


There was however one flaw in his plan, and it was this, with him ceasing to exist, he didn't exist to go back in time in the first place and stop that meeting to sabotage his dads battle with alcohol in order to stop his mum and dad getting together.


That meant that he disappeared time reset itself back to the original time line, with his parents meeting and marrying him being born and growing up to be the same unhappy, lonely man he was always destined to be.


Who would grow up to build a time machine and come up with the same plan and travel back in time. Unfortunately trapping him in a time loop repeating the same events getting the same result he had the last hundred and seventeen times he'd travelled back in time.


As far as everybody in the real world was concerned Adam went missing on July 3rd 2015, an investigation was launched but with no who loved him or even really knew him too well, there was no one to keep up the pressure to find him so the police put the case on the back burner.


His colleagues just assumed that he had gone off to have a second attempt at committing suicide somewhere he wouldn't be saved and that he had been successful this time.


In a matter of weeks his position had been filled and his office cleared out, his possessions left in storage. Life at Harvard carried on as normal.


It was almost as if Adam had never existed.

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