Life is a crazy thing, then it can change (Janoskians Fan fic)

Faith is a 17 year old girl and her little sister, by three minuets , Eva just moved to Melbourne, Australia. And they have NO IDEA that Daniel, Luke, James, Beau, and Jai live right next door to them! Eva loves and adores them. And Faith, well she just keeps to herself. But, this new place could bring a new love... Or more.


1. The day we met

Dear Nona,  Mina, Jimmy,

Eva and I are doing great! How is everything back in America? Here in Melbourne, it is nice and sunny. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the summer break and well, Papa said he is renting a beach house for the WHOLE summer! Nona, Mina, Jimmy you all need to visit. Mina papa misses you and so do I. Jimmy you are getting so big! And Nona well I hope you aren't losing too much of your mind by watching my brother and mom. Thank you so much! I can't wait till we come back! I love you and so does papa and Eva!

Love always,



I started to cry as I wrote the last part of the letter. My family, not including my mother Mina, my baby brother Jimmy and my grandmother, moved to Melbourne Australia. That only leaves my papa (Vince), my twin sister Eva and I, Faith. I missed my family so much!

As I finished crying I noticed what time it was. I picked up my book and headed down stairs.

Papa and Eva were cooking chocolate pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries. 

"Morning papa. Morning Eva." I said with a sleepy voice. My dark hair had been put into a sloppy bun. The clothes I decided to wear were, a too large t-shirt that said Free Hugs!! with a little panda bear on it, my shorts and my flip flops. Underneath though I had my pink and black bikini.  

"Where are you goin sis?" Eva asked. She was the one who was VERY out going. Her out fit she had set aside was,  a short skirt with a sparkle belt, and a tank top that said Want some come get me and her sneakers.

"O-oh, uhm I wanted to go wander the beach for a bit..." I  hated when my family asked where I was going. Did it matter? I didn't think it did much.

Papa nodded and I headed out.




As I walked to the bus station that was one block from our house, a boy who was taller than me walked right into me. 

"I-I-I-I'm so s-sorry." I looked down. He had a really nice pair of shoes on.

"Oh, no it is my fault." I looked up at him. His shirt said Janoskians. My sister loved them! Their new song " That's what she said" was on all the time.

He took my hand and pulled me aside as a group of girl came around the corner.

"U-Unhand m..." He covered my mouth.

"Shh or they will find us." He said quietly.

I bit his hand and ran to the bus. I was so scared. Did I just meet Beau Brooks?! I shook my head. No no he couldn't live around here! No one famous could.

I got off the bus and headed to the beach. This day couldn't get any weirder! 

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