Life is a crazy thing, then it can change (Janoskians Fan fic)

Faith is a 17 year old girl and her little sister, by three minuets , Eva just moved to Melbourne, Australia. And they have NO IDEA that Daniel, Luke, James, Beau, and Jai live right next door to them! Eva loves and adores them. And Faith, well she just keeps to herself. But, this new place could bring a new love... Or more.


2. Last day of school.

After yesterday I didn't think I could make it to school. But, then I realized that after school we were coming home, packing and heading to Brighton Beach on the coast of Melbourne. I couldn't wait!

As I got ready for school, my sister was complaining about how we are gonna be by the beach during a music video shoot. I didn't  want to ask what group because, if it was  Janoskians I would DIE! Beau would be there and I would probably have to face him. After I bit him and ran I don't think I could even apologize.

I put my brown curly hair into a long braid, and put my head-band on. I put on my school uniform, my black shoes, and my little pink back pack. 

"Come on Eva!" I yelled. She takes forever on her hair. She always had to curl AND straighten her hair!! 

I left without her because I was NOT, going to be late! 

As I head down the road I heard the pitter patter of Evas' heavy foot steps. She decided to break school rules and wear her 6 inch heels. 

"Hey sis!" She run up behind me. Her outfit was so wrong for being a school day. Her short skirt, and crop top was so bad! I hated standing out. And being her TWIN I stood out. 

"I am gonna stop by the store do you want anything?" I asked her. I forgot to pack my lunch and she never ate. 

"Nah." She said and ran ahead to catch up to her best friends April Jones and Hannah Tyson. 

I stopped at the nearest convenient store. 

As I walked up and down the aisles I heard a familiar voice. 


"Hello again." He smiled.

"U-uhm hi..." I picked up a little thing of ramen  noodles and little thing of pocky.

"I never caught your name sweetie." He said grabbing my arm.

"I-its Faith." I said.

"Well hello Faith I am Beau." He smiled and I got free of his grip and ran to check out.

I ran the WHOLE way to school.

The day went uneventful. But, we did have to leave early because of Eva's clothing choice. 

I said goodbye to my only friend Abigail. And we went our own way. 

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