Texting A Stranger

Just read it to find out please. :)


3. Not an Update: Please read

Hey guys. So I am working on more to the story. If you want to see what the cast looks like then you can visit the Instagram for it. It's @textingastrangerfanfic  I will try to keep it updated as I update new parts to the story. I have some of the characters already posted. It's my idea of what they look like. Right now I only have Alexa, Marcel, three of Alexa's old friends. Here soon I will be posting Alexa's neighbor's daughter and her parents. Please don't stop reading. I am truly trying to get it wrote and updated. Its hard to jumble this with school work. I will update as soon as I can. I love you all. Thanks for the support and wonderful comments. :) lots of love.


                                                Heavenlea :)

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