Texting A Stranger

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12. 9

We finally get to the doctors and they take Marcel back. He was the first one there. Well Mr. Styles it looks like you have a case of the flu. The doctor says. Alright. Marcel nods. He writes him out some antibiotics and we say thanks and leave. We walk down to the pharmacy by my house and get his prescription filled. When we get home he takes some then goes up to our room. I carry him up his homework and we get that finished. I’ll turn it all in tomorrow and then get what you’ll need for the next week. I say. Baby you don’t have to. He says. I kiss his head. Bet you’ve never missed a day of school. I say. True. He smiles. I’ll get all you need. It’s not a problem. I smile back. Thanks my princess. I love you. He says. Welcome my prince. Love you. I say. He finishes him homework right before I do so he lays down and sleeps. When I finish I go shower and I get ready for bed. Poor Marcey was asleep already. I feel like it’s my fault he is sick, but I know it isn’t. I love him so much and I know he sees it.
*Next Day*
I get up and do my morning routine and head out to catch the bus. Marissa looks over my shoulder. Already leave you slut? She asks. No I’m sorry he’s sick. And don’t try to flirt because he doesn’t like nasty ass whores like you. I smile. Me? A nasty ass whore? Have you looked in a mirror any? She laughs Honey at least I am a virgin. I laugh. Wouldn’t brag sweetie. She says. Fuck you stupid ass. I snap and get on the bus. This would be a slow day I just knew it. I hated being away from Marcel when he is sick. I decide to send him a message.
*New Message To: Marcey*
Hey boo I miss you so much. I hope you get better soon. Love you so much. I’ll get your homework for you and turn in what you did last night. Have a good day. Get rest. Eat plenty of soup. Love you much. Xox, Your Princess
*New Message: Marcey*
Hey baby girl. I miss you too. I hope I do also. Love you even more. Thanks for getting my work again. Have a good day yourself. I will to both and Love you SOOOOO much. Going to rest. Xox, Your Prince
Alright honey. <3 Be home soon love. Xox, Your Princess
At the end of the day I take Marcel’s homework to his teachers and they give me his work for the next week. I get on the bus and get home. When I get in the house you can hear Marcel’s soft snores coming from upstairs. I cook us some pasta and then go wake him up. Baby. I softly shake him. Hum? He mumbles. I made us some past come eat baby. I say. Alright. He says and crawls out of the bed putting his glasses on. He was so cute even tho he was sick. You look so cute. I tell him. Thanks. He says in a sleepy voice. We walk downstairs and sit at the table where I placed our food. I stand and go to the refrigerator to get us a can of Sprite. Here this will help your stomach. I say. Thanks. He smiles. Did you take your antibiotic? I ask. Of course. He nods. Okay. I say. We begin to eat. When I finish my food I stand and get another plate and get Marcey some also. I was starving. We had pizza and brownies for lunch today but I didn’t eat it all because I was worried about you. I say. Baby don’t worry about me when you’re at school. Eat when you are there and if I need you at any time I will text you. He says. Alright. I sigh. We eat in silent. When we finish I do the dishes and Markey goes to our room.
He took his homework so I’m guessing that is what he was going to do. I sit down on the couch and watch TV. I didn’t want to bother him right now and I didn’t have homework which was just out of luck. I flip through channels until I find My Sister’s Keeper. I love this movie. So I leave it there and watch it. When it goes off I am in tears. Marcey walks downstairs. Baby why are you crying? He asks. My Sister’s Keeper just went off. I say. Oh baby I’m sorry that it upset you. He says. No. No it didn’t upset me it’s just a sad movie. I say. Oh alright. He says. He sits next to me and we cuddle. I really didn’t care if he was sick. He is mine and I needed to be close to him. I missed you like hell. I say. I know how you feel. He says. I look at him. Love you. I say. Love you. He smiles. He softly kisses me. You’re going to end up sick. He says. It doesn’t matter. I really don’t care. I admit. Princess I don’t want to get you sick. He says. I promise I don’t care. I say. Okay then. He smiles and kisses me again. I pull back. Can’t breathe. I giggle. Sorry honey. He says. We cuddle up and watch Mean Girls for the rest of the night. I was sound asleep when I was suddenly shook. Baby move. Marcel mumbles. I get up and he makes a bee line for the bathroom. Baby are you okay? I ask. No. He groans. I look at the clock and it reads four thirty am. I sigh.
I’m not going to school today. I will stay and care for you. I tell him. No baby you need to go. He says weakly. I really think it is a good idea for me to stay here. I say. Fine. He says. I go to the kitchen and put him on a can of chicken soup. I feel bad that he is sick. I wish I could make him feel better. Hopefully if I stay here and take care of him and make sure he gets rest he’ll get better. When the soup is warm I crush some crackers in it. Marcey come eat. I made you soup! I yell. He slowly walks into the room. Please don’t yell baby. He pouts. I’m sorry. I say and kiss his head. Thanks baby girl. He smiles softly. As he eats I fry me up some bacon and scramble me some eggs. I pour me a glass of orange juice and sit down in front of Marcey and begin to eat. When we both finish I wash our dishes and then we go to the front room to let our stomachs settle before we go and lay down. After about two hours we walk up to our room and get some rest.
*Couple hours later*
I wake up and look around. The room was bright and you could only hear Marcel’s soft snores. I look at the clock. It was only six thirty in the evening. I get up and shower then change my clothes. I go downstairs and make me some pizza rolls. I grab a can of coke and get my food. As soon as I sit down there is a knock at the door. Coming! I call. I open the door and see Anne. Oh hi Mrs. Twist. I smile softly. Hello Alexa.  Where is Marcel? She asks. He is upstairs sleeping. He has the flu. I say. Oh dear. She says. You can come in. I say and move out of the way. He hasn’t ever been sick. She says. I know. He told me. I say.  May I see him? She asks. Of course. Up the stairs to the right. I will be up when I am done eating. I tell her. Alright honey. She smiles and starts up the stairs. I sit down and eat. When I am finished I walk upstairs. He is running a fever. She says. I’ll get his antibiotics. I say. I walk to the bathroom and get a plastic cup filling it with water and grab his pills. I take them in there and she wakes him up. Give me a second. I say and walk out. I get a washrag and wet it with cold water and bring it to him. Put this on your neck and it will keep the nausea down. I say. Thank you baby. He says laying it like I said. His mom looks at me and smiles. You truly love my son don’t you? She asks. I do. I nod. That’s so beautiful. She smiles. He means so much to me. That’s why I didn’t go to school today. I state. You missed school to care for my son instead of calling me to care for him. That means a lot to me Alexa. She says. Well I do love him and I am willing to do anything for him. I say. 


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