Texting A Stranger

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11. 8

*Next Day*
I wake up to the smell of food again. I raise up and I am on the couch. I follow the scent of bacon and eggs to the kitchen. Hey sleeping beauty. He smiles. We slept on the couch didn’t we? I ask. He nods. He turns off the stove and puts the last bit of eggs on a plate. I made some pancakes, eggs, and bacon for us. Oh and coffee. He smiles. Thanks. I smile. Welcome babe. He winks. I sit at the table and begin to eat. I didn’t know what to do today. I look at Marcel and smile. This is really good. I smile. Thanks. Only the best for my baby. He says. When I finish I stand up. I got the dishes. I say. Want me to help? He asks. Only if you want. I say. Alright babe. He says and stands with me. We walk to the kitchen and start the dishes. When we are done we go and watch TV.  We cuddle close and watch Disney movies. I loved spending time with him. He is so amazing and mine. He kisses my head. What are you thinking? He asks me. About us. I truthfully tell him. What about us? He asks. Just how much I love being close to you and how you’re only mine. I admit. Oh okay. He smiles.  Yeah. I nod. He holds my hand and cuddle close.
I smile. Love you. I whisper. Love you Alexa. He says. He rolls me over to face him. Hi. I say softly. Hi. He smiles and leans close. I press my lips to his and he kisses back. I felt the sparks fly. He’s special. He pull my leg around his waist still kissing me. I pull back with a smile. Baby I don’t want to go too far. I says. I didn’t mean to do that. He blushes. Its ok I liked it I say. Really? He blushes a deeper red. Really. I smile. When the movie ends we go outside. I’ll be right back baby. He says. Alright. I say. He walks out back. While he is out back I count cars. By the time he returned I counted 332 cars. Here for my princess. He says and places a flower crown on my head. Thank you baby. I smile. You look beautiful. He smiles. Awe. I giggle. He kisses me. I love you. I say. Love you. He laughs sweetly. My prince. I say. My princess. He winks.  I grab my phone and take a picture of myself then one of us together. You’re amazing. I admit. As are you my princess. He smiles. We walk back in and grab a can of soda. Let’s go shopping. I say. Alright. He nods. We quickly get ready then go wait at the bus stop. Finally we make it to the mall. I run straight for H & M. Wow slow down babe. He laughs. I stop and spin around to face him. Sorry I just really like this store. I say. He smiles and winks. You’re so cute when you get excited. He smiles. I am not. I blush. Are so. He giggles. Noooooooo! I pout.
Fine you’re not. He says. Thank you. I sass. He pokes my nose. Let’s go babe. He smiles. I grab his hand and we walk into H & M together. When we get done I ended up with three shirts, three pairs of jeans, and two sun dresses. I also bought Marcey five new bow ties because they were on sale. We the go to Foot Locker and get me some new Vans and Toms and Marcey got some dress shoes. Do you want to get some shirts or pants? I ask him. Not right now. He says. I nod. We pass a Claire’s and they had a help wanted sign up. Marcel I want to apply for this job. I say and stop him. Alright. He nods. I walk in and ask for an application. I quickly fill it out and hand it back to the lady. I walk back out and grab Marcey’s hand and we walk to the food court. I take him to the small Nando’s and he pulls out his wallet. Let me pay this time. He says. No let me. I say. He grabs my credit card then stuffs it in his pocket. I pay. He smiles. He walk hand in hand. I order what I want then he does the same and pays. We find a seat and we sit. I love you. I smile. Love you. He smiles back. I lean over the table and kiss him sweetly.


After we eat we walk into the Disney store. We are getting you a stuffed Minnie Mouse. He smiles. Alright. I giggle. He smiles and pulls me to the back. He grabs a small stuffed Minnie Mouse and I grab him a Mickey Mouse. Give me my credit card. I beg. Alright. Just for this. He smiles. We pay then go catch a bus. When we get home we put our stuff away and I go shower. When I get finished Marcey goes and showers while I lay down and watch television. When he comes in with his pajamas on I am cuddle under the cover watching Titanic. He crawls under the cover with me and kisses my neck softly. Goodnight baby girl. I love you. He whispers in my ear. Night honey I love you. I smile. He wraps his arms around me and cuddles me close. We fall asleep watching Titanic.
*Next Day*
My alarm clock starts buzzing. I flip it off and get up. I quickly shower and dress. When I get back into the bedroom Marcel is covered in sweat. I softly shake him. Marcel stay home today. You’re sick. I’ll call and check on you during lunch. I love you baby. I kiss his head and go to school. Today was a long day. I sat in second period just taking notes when I got a text.
*New Message: Marcey*
Baby do we have and chicken soup?
Yeah baby. In the cabinet beside the refrigerator.
*New Message: Marcey*
Thanks Princess. Have a great day. Love you. Oh and get my homework at the end of the day please.
Love you baby and I will.
I finish my notes right when the bell rings.  The other classes speed up and it’s finally lunch. I call Marcel. Hi baby. I say into the phone. Hi princess. He says weakly. How you feeling? I ask. Not so good. He says. I’m sorry baby. I’ll be home soon. I love you. I say. I love you baby girl. I’m going to go now. Bye baby. He says. Bye. I say and hangs up. Finally the day ends and I’m on my way home to my baby. I walk up to our room and see him lying on the bed still covered in sweat. Hey baby girl. He smiles weakly. Hi baby. I say back. He coughs loudly. Let’s get you to the doctors. I say. Alright. He agrees. Don’t bother changing baby boy. I say. Ok baby. He says.


A/N I will try to update as much as I can. I am sorry this is so late but I have so much going on with school and all. but visit my website textingastrangerfanfic.webs.com

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