Texting A Stranger

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10. 7

Marcel and I walk in the house and go straight to our room. I’ll go make us something to eat. I say. Babe are you sure you’ll be ok alone down there? He asks. Yes. I’ll just run in make some sandwiches, grab a small snack cake, something to drink, some chips and then I’ll be back. I say. Alright baby. Be careful. He says and kisses my head. I walk downstairs and put together three ham sandwiches a piece and grab us a small snack cake a piece, some chips and two cans of Pepsi. When I get done I carry it all to our room and sit in on the bed. Here babe. I smile. Thanks. He says with a smile.  We sit on the bed together and eat. When we finish we walk outside. I don’t have much homework today want to go to the park? I ask. Sure. He smiles. He grabs my hand and I lead him down my hidden path to the park. Want to race to the swings? I ask. Yeah. He smiles. On your mark. Get set. Go! I yell. We take off running. Surely enough he won. Curse you and them damn long legs. I laugh. We sit down and swing. Suddenly his phone starts ringing. Who is it? I ask. My mum. He smiles. He answers and I sit there swinging. I loved to see his face light up when he talked about or to his mum. His face then falls sad. Alright bye mum. He says. He turns to face me. We got to go. He says. Why? I ask concerned. Gemma showed up last night and she wants to see me. He says. Oh okay. I stand up and grab his hand. Let’s go back to mine and I will get my wallet so we can take a cab. I say. Don’t worry babe I can pay. He says. We will spilt it okay. I say. Alright. He nods.
We walk hand in hand back to my now empty house. I run up to my room and grab my wallet and then walk back down to Marcey. Ready? I ask. Yeah. He nods. We walk down to the end of my road and I hail a cab. Where to Miss? The driver asks. 120 Oak Drive. Marcel says. (Clearly a made up place) He nods and begins to drive. Baby are you okay? I ask. No. I don’t want to deal with Gemma. To be honest I don’t care anymore. I gave up on her a long time ago. He says. Oh. I say. We finally arrive at the Twist’s place and pay the man. We walk in hand and hand. MARCEL!!!! A perky blonde yells. Gemma. He nods. Baby Boy! Anne smiles walking in behind Gemma. MUM! Marcel smiles and hugs his mum. A little girl runs in and tugs on Anne’s dress. Nana? The little girl says. Yes Lydia? She asks. Play? The little girl says. Okay come on. She smiles and picks up the child. Who was that? Marcel asks his sister. That is my little girl Lydia. Gemma smiles. Your child? Marcel asks. Yes. I’m married and we have a little girl. Remember Adam? Gemma asks. Yeah. Marcel nods. She is our kid. She smiles. I just stand and listen. Oh who is this lovely lady? She asks. I’m Alexa. Marcel’s girlfriend. I smile. She smiles back. Wow Marc. She says.
Your daughter is so cute. How old is she? I ask. Five. Gemma says with a smile. We all walk into the front room. Robin. Marcel smiles. Hey Marcel. Robin says with a smile. We sit down. For a long time we all just sit and talk. Lydia runs in. Nana says dinner is ready. She says with a smile. Thanks baby girl. Gemma says with a smile. We all stand. Marcel holds my hand and we walk to the kitchen. Smells good mum. Marcel says. It’s chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and squash. Anne smiles at her son. We all take a seat. Anne next to Robin. Marcel beside Anne. Me beside Marcel. Then Gemma next to Robin and Lydia beside her. Robin says a quick prayer and we eat. Wow this is delicious. Thanks Anne. I smile. Oh you’re very welcome Alexa. She smiles. Marcel gives my leg a soft squeeze under the table and smiles at me. When Anne takes us back home Marcel hugs her goodbye with small tears in his eyes. Your family is amazing. I say when we get in the house. Yeah. He smiles. Let’s go do our homework. I say. Alright. He says and grabs my hand. We walk up to our room and do our homework. When we finish I grab some pajamas and go take a shower. When I finish Marcey goes and takes one also.  I lay in bed until he is finished. When he come in he lays down beside me and cuddles close to me. Goodnight baby girl. He says. Goodnight babe. I say. We fall asleep in each other’s arms cuddling super close.

*Next Day*
When I wake up it was noon. I wake to the smell of pasta and garlic bread. I get up and walk downstairs. Glad it was Saturday meaning I have all weekend with babe. We don’t even have to visit Anne this weekend because we did the other day. When I reach the kitchen Marcel is cooking. I walk up behind him and wrap my arms round his waist. Babe. I smile. Princess. He says. How long have you been up? I ask. Not long but my stomach was growling so I decided to make lunch. I even made us some tea. He smiles and turns to place a kiss on my lips. Thanks MarceyBoo. I giggle. Anything for a queen. He says. When it finishes we sit down and eat. After I get done I stand up and get our dishes. I’ll wash them. I say. You sure? He asks. Course. I nod. I walk to the kitchen and quickly wash up all the dishes. When I return he is on the couch with is nose in a book. What are you reading? I ask. Withering Heights. He says with a smile. Oh. I’ve read that. It’s a good book. I nod. Yes, it is. He smiles again. I sit down next to him and turn on the TV. I flip through the channels for a bit and decide to watch the Discovery Channel. It was a documentary on God knows what. I wasn’t really watching. I was watching Marcel. He sits his book down after a while and grabs my hand. Let’s go change the go walk. He smiles. 
Alright. I smile. I grab some clothes and change. While I am in my room putting on my shoes Marcel gets changed into shorts and a tee shirt. We walk out the door hand in hand and begin walking down the sidewalk. We just decided to walk down the block.  As we walk we get a few weird stares from people. I don’t get why they are staring. I say. They are just asses. He says. Yeah I guess. I say. He stops and spins me around. Listen, they are judgmental asses who don’t see your beauty. He says. Okay. I nod. He pulls me close and kisses me. I love you Alexa. Now just ignore them and focus on us. He smiles. I love you too Marcel. I smile back. We continue our walk until it starts getting dark. As soon as dark comes we turn and go home. Finally we arrive at the house. It was dark and silent. Kind of creepy. I laugh. Yeah. Marcey says. I unlock the door and we walk in. Are you hungry? I ask. Only a bit. I’ll grab us a snack cake and some chips. He smiles and walks to the kitchen. I sit on the couch and turn on the TV. BREAKING NEWS flashes on the screen and I turn it up.  Ex- convict Jack Watson and partner Will Tomas were caught today along with three others attempting a robbery. The reported says. Holy shit. I mumble. What is it? Marcel asks walking in with snacks and Mt. Dew. My dad and Will got arrested! I yell. Oh. He says. Attempting a robbery. I say. Wow. Marcel says and shakes his head.
This is ridiculous. I say. I’m sorry. Marcey says. It’s okay. I knew this would happen. I admit. Oh. Well what about your mum? He asks. She’s on a business trip. That or just hiding from her crack dealer. I say. Wow, you have shit parents. He says. I know. I admit sadly. Well you still have me. He smiles. Thanks babe. I say and kiss his cheek. He blushes. Awe. You’re blushing. I giggle.  Hush. He laughs. I smile. He hands me a snack cake and a bowl of chips with a can of Mt. Dew. I thank him and turn the TV over to SpongeBob. He laughs. SpongeBob? He asks. Yes!!!! I love it! I giggle. Only you babe would love this annoying show. He smiles. It’s not annoying! You are! I pout. He giggles and kisses me. I kiss back. Mine. He says. Yours. I nod.

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