Texting A Stranger

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8. 6

Alright. I have to go class is staring. Lots of love. 

*New Message: Marcey*
Bye. Lots of love.

Finally the class ends. I shower and grab all my stuff. I meet Marcel out front and we wait on his bus together. What will your mum and dad say about me moving in? He asks. I shrug. Who knows? My parents pay no attention to me. It shouldn’t matter. I say. Oh. Well I’m kind of nervous because I never meet anyone else parents. What if they don’t like me? He asks. Eh. Ignore them. It’s what I do anyways. I say. The bus pulls up and we get on. I spot Niall and Shay in the back. I roll my eyes and take a seat with Marcel near the middle. We stay silent the hole ride. We were the last stop. Niall and Shay get off first then Marcel and I. Marcel grabs my hand and smiles.  We walk in house hand in hand.  Well dear Marcel you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend. The older lady smiles at him. Mum this is Alexa. He smiles and kisses my cheek. Hello there dear. I’m Anne. She smiles. Hi. I smile shyly. Mum we need to have a talk. Marcel says looking at his mom sadly. Alright dear. Let’s go to the family room. I’ll get Robin and Niall. She says. Mum no this is just between me, you, Alexa, and Robin. He says. Oh alright. Let me go get Robin. His mom says and walks off. Suddenly I become nervous. What if they won’t agree? I whisper in his ear.  Don’t worry Lexa. My mum will do anything to protect me. He says.

A few minutes later his mom comes back with who I am guessing is Robin. Hello I’m Robin. He sticks his hand out for me to shake. I’m Alexa. I say and shake his hand. He and Anne take a seat across from us on another couch. Mum. Robin. We need to talk. He says. Oh God. Son is she pregnant? Anne asks. I gasp. Lord no! I yell. Babe calm down. Marcey says rubbing his hand on my back. I’m sorry Alexa. Anne says blushing.  Mum. It’s about Niall and Shay. I know you let her live here and all…. But mum I’m moving out. Marcel says. Anne turns pale white. Why? Robin asks. Niall has done nothing but harass me and Shay jumped my girlfriend at school. I cannot take this. I’m sorry. I will visit on weekends and holidays.  But I’m gone. Marcey says. But son where will you live? Anne asks. With me. I speak up. Both Anne and Robin’s head snaps in my direction. It’s only fair. If Shay can live with Niall I can live with Alexa. Marcey says. And trust me there will be no grandchildren from us. I’m on birth control and want to finish school before I think of kids. I admit.  Niall and Shay are who you need to worry about you should have seen them on the bus. Marcel says.  Fine but call every day Marcel and I mean it. Anne says. Ok mum. He says.


Robin goes and gets us some boxes and we go up to his room and begin to pack his stuff. He smiles sadly at the picture on his night stand. That’s dad and Gemma. He says. Gemma is beautiful. I say. Yeah. But she hates me and mum. She blames me for the divorce. He sighs.  I’m sorry Marcel. I say and kiss his head. I loved him to be honest. And I know he loves me. Alexa I love you. He admits. I love you Marcel. I smile. Thank you. For accepting me the way I am. I love the way you treat me. You treat me like a normal person unlike Niall and the others. I look at him sadly. Why wouldn’t I? You are a person love. I say.  I know. But look at me. I’m a fucking nerd. He says. It’s so cute tho Marcey. I smile. Thanks Lexa. He smiles. Finally we finish packing. We put everything in Robin’s truck and he takes us to my place. He then helps unload it all. When he leaves Marcel and I unpack everything. I luckily have two closets in my room so he had a place for his clothes. Even his small bookshelf and shoe shelf fit in it.  He smiles and falls back on my bed. I am so tired. He says. Same. I say. Want to nap with me bae? He asks. Of course. I smile. I pull off my shoes and he does the same and we crawl into bed. He pulls me close to him and kisses my cheek. Good night my dear princess. He whispers in my ear. Goodnight babe. I smiles. With that we fell asleep.

*Later that day*
I woke up to the sound of my parents fighting on the phone. I sigh and look at the clock. It was seven twenty-four. We slept for a while. I walk downstairs and make us two single size pizzas a piece. I grab us both a Pepsi and carry them upstairs. Marcel. I say. Yes babe? He asks sitting up. I got us some pizza and Pepsi. I say. Oh. Thank you princess. He says with a smile. No problem boo. I say with a smile.  I hand him his food and he begins to eat. I sit next to him and also eat. Man I was hungry. He laughs. Same. I say. Damn this is some good stuff. He says. Agreed. I say with a smile. I finish and sit my plate on the table beside my bed. I yawn. I’m still tired but I need to do my homework. I bet you do to don’t you. I say. Yeah. He nods. I grab my book bag and he does the same and we sit on the bed and begin our work.  When we finally finish it was exactly ten o’clock. I yawn. Goodnight baby girl. Marcel smiles. Night baby. I smile back. He leans in and places a kiss on my lips. I kiss back. When he pulls away I lay down and cover up. He crawls under the covers with me and cuddles close to me. Goodnight. We say in unison. That night I fell asleep in Marcel’s arms. He was warm and cuddly.

*Next Day*
The buzzer on my alarm clock goes off. I get up and see Marcey is already dressed and ready to go. I get up and grab a cute outfit and go shower. I finish and dress then go make breakfast for me and Marcel. Babe what are you fixing? He asks. Eggs and bacon. I smile. Yummy. He grins. I finish cooking and put it on pates for us with a side of toast. Babe I got us some orange juice. He says. Thank you babe. I smile.  We sit at the table and eat. When we finish we walk up stairs and brush our teeth. I grab my book bag and hand Marcel and we walk out to wait for the bus. Look here. Looks like Virgin Mary has herself a fuck buddy. Marissa smirks. Actually no. He is my boyfriend but not a fuck buddy. I roll my eyes. Marcel pulls me close and wraps his arms around my waist. You’re not fighting her. He whispers in my ear. No promise. I whisper back. He smiles. The bus pulls up in front of us and we get on. Marcel and I claiming a seat in the middle and Marissa goes right to the back. She was probably back there with Adin making out with him and cheating on Jaycob. I lay my head on Marcel’s shoulder and fall asleep dreaming of him. I feel a light sake on my shoulder. Alexa. Baby wake up. It was Marcel. I wake up and yawn. Yeah babe? I ask. Come on we are at school. He says. I stand up and look around. Surely enough we were pulling into the school parking lot. I sigh and grab my book bag. We get off the bus and go in. Marcel kisses me goodbye and goes off to his locker and I go to mine. The day flies by so fast. At the end of the day I meet up with Marcey at the front of the school and we get on the bus. When we get home Will’s car is in the driveway. I roll my eyes. What is that dead beat doing here? I mumble. Who is it? He asks. My dad’s friend. I guess he came to get dad so he can spend the rest of the time there while mom is out working. I say. Oh. He simply answers.

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