Texting A Stranger

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7. 5

*Next Day*

My alarm goes off and I slowly get out of bed. I grab some clothes and go to the bathroom. I quickly shower then dress. I decide to curl my hair today and wear a tad of makeup. I wanted to look good for Marcel. He likes me and I like him. I pull on my boots and go downstairs. After eating breakfast I grab my book-bag and go out to wait on the bus. Finally the bus gets to my stop and I get on claiming my seat in the back. When we get to school I run to my locker putting everything in it and getting all I need out. I text Marcel and ask him to meet up with  me in the cafeteria so we could spend our morning together. We deicide to meet at my table near the back and when I get there he is already there waiting. Hey baby girl. He smiles. MARCEY! I yell. He laughs and stands rapping me in a hug. I hug back and smile big. What's up? He asks.

Well nothing really. I mean I got up, showered, dressed, ate, and came here. I giggles. Duh. He laughs again. What about you? I ask. The same. He winks. I wish we had classes together. I want to spend time with you. I admit. Same. He says with a frown. What do you have planned for this evening? I ask him. Nothing. Just my homework. Unless I have to do Niall's chores again. He says looking toward the blonde near the front with Shay sitting on his lap. He's dating Shay! I gasp. Yeah they have been together for a while. Why? He says. It..It's just Shay was my friend for a while and seeing her with someone who treats you like shit kills me. I admit. Oh. So why did you want to know if I had plans? He asks looking at me now. Oh I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out. We can meet up at mine or yours I don't care. I say smiling. That would be great! You can come home with me and we can hang out there! He says. The bell rings and we say our goodbyes. The day seemed to drag on. From class to class. I had no one to talk to in my classes.

Finally the bell rings for lunch. Today was mash potatoes and turkey with a roll and your choice of drink. I grab a Pepsi and apple and head over to the table that Marcey sat at alone eating. I sit my tray down in front of him and take a seat. Hey Marcey. I smile. Lexa. He smiles back. What is your last class? So I know where to meet you. I ask. I have art. And you? He asks. I have Health, Gym, and Track all in one. I say. Oh. So you will need time to shower right? He asks. Yeah but I wont take long. I state. We both eat in silent that is until Niall and Shay walks up. What the hell do you think your doing? Niall asks Marcel. I'm making a friend. What's it look like? Marcel snaps. With her? Shay scoffs. I laugh. Did you forget that I use to be your best friend? Did you forget I was the only one who didn't call you brace face?! I scream in Shay's face. Wow calm down Alexa. Marcel says. No! This little bitch isn't going to come up to me acting like she is better just because she is brain washed by Marissa. She can take her slutty little ass and her pathetic little boyfriend and go away! I yell. Me? A slut? Shay scoffs again. I mean it. Get your ass away from me and my friend. I say glaring at her. Or else what? She challenges. I don't think twice before I slap her.

You stupid little bitch! She screeches. I laugh. Suddenly she is pinning me down pulling at my hair. I kick up and hit her in the back of her head. She rolls off me. You stupid skank! She yells. I warned you Shay. Now run along and tell your little crew and when they come after me they will get the same. I'm not afraid of three seniors and a sophomore. So go on and tell them. I say. She gets up holding the back of her head and walks to Marcel's adopted brother. You'll get it later. Niall spats at Marcel. I scoff. Sure he will. I roll my eyes. He will. I'll make him regret the day his little bitch put a hand on my girlfriend. He says. As soon as those words left his mouth I punched him in the nose busting it. Now who is the bitch? I ask. You'll both get it. He says and walks off with his arm around Shay. I look at Marcel. He was pale white and shaking. Marcey? I ask him in a soothing tone. What. Did. You. Just. Do. He asks slowly. I just put them in their places. I say. You don't know what you just did. He says. I sigh. The bell rings and we head off to our last classes of the day.

*New Message: Marcey*
Maybe you shouldn't come over tonight. I don't think its a good idea.

No. I'm coming and when I get there we are packing all of your stuff and coming to live with me.

*New Message: Marcey*
What? No! I cant leave my mum with that monster!
Trust me. It will be safer for you and Robin wont let anything happen to your mom. From the way you talk he is madly in love with Anne so I doubt he'll allow her to get hurt.

*New Message: Marcey*
Fine. I trust Robin will keep my mum safe and I trust you when you say its safer for me. Its just I think it will be weird because we hardly know each other.

I want to keep you safe. I know it will be weird but we can get to know each other better this way. And on the weekends we can visit your mom and stepdad and we will spend holidays with them. Okay.

*New Message: Marcey*
.....Okay :)

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