Texting A Stranger

Just read it to find out please. :)


5. 4

New Message: Marcey*
Oh. Anything I can help with?
It’s ok boo I got it.
*New Message: Marcey*
Okay. I want to see what you look like will you send me a picture?
Yeah sure. Got to send me one also. :)

*New Message: Marcey*

~~He had a cute but nerdy look. Slicked back hair, button down, vest, and glasses. He was so hot. I remember seeing him at lunch. He sits alone also but near the back.
Wow your cute boo
He doesn’t reply fast so I just leave it at that. I pick up my math book and do the three pages I had to do. When I finally finish I pick up my Spanish notebook and study for a while. This was so boring. I wanted to be with Marcel. I want to be hanging out with him. I sigh. Still no reply from him. Maybe he is sleeping. But wouldn’t he tell me bye? I decide to go to my room and study. So I grab everything I need and head to my room. I turn on my radio and put in my Ed Sheeran cd. I sit down with my Spanish notebook in my hand and study some more. When I got finished with that my phone buzzes. I hope its Marcel and not my annoying mom or drunk dad. I put my password in and the message pops up on my screen.
*New Message: Marcey*
Want to meet me? At the park here in five minutes ok.
He wants to meet? Was I ready to meet him? He seems sweet. I want to meet up really bad so I decide to and send him my reply.

I’m on my way be there in about ten minutes.
The park is three blocks from my house but I know a few short cuts so it should only take me ten minutes to get there. I slip on my shoes and a light jacket and head out. When I finally get there I sit on the swings next to the shadow. Marcel? I ask the figure. Alexa! He squeaks. I stand up and so does he. Suddenly I’m being pulled in for a big hug. I giggle. Marcey! Can’t breathe! I giggle. He lets go. I’m sorry love. It’s just I am so excited to finally meet you. He says.  It’s nice to finally meet you too boo.  I say. He grabs my hand and pulls me into the lighted area. Wow you’re beautiful just like in the picture. He says. Thank you. And you look just as great as you did in the picture. I smile. He blushes a bright red. Awe little Marcey is blushing. I giggles. Shush it. He smiles. I look up at the sky and smile. Look at all the beautiful and bright stars that are out tonight. I say with a smile. He looks up at the sky then at me. The only thing brighter than the stars, is your smile Alexa. He states. I blush. He couldn’t be serious. I hate my smile. It’s so stupid. Thank you Marcel. I say. Any time beautiful. He replies the reaches over to push my hair behind my ear.  We sit down on a bench and decide to get to know each other. I watched and listened closely as he talked about his life and his past as a foster child. He tells me that he was a foster child for four years when his aunt called CPS and make up lies on him.
When he was ten his parents got him back. They had adopted a son named Niall to feel the void of missing him. He also told me his adopted brother abuses him but his parents won’t believe him. I also learned he had a twenty year old sister named Gemma. But Gemma lives in America with his real dad Des. He tells me about how his parents got a divorce when he was just two years old. Gemma was five when it happened so she decided to live with her dad. He goes on to tell me that his sister hates their mom and her new husband Robin Twist. When Marcel spoke of him mom Anne you could see the compassion in his eyes. He loved his mom. And when he spoke of Gemma and Des you could see fire. He hated them it seemed. But he goes on to say he doesn’t hate them. He just angry at Des for leaving his mom when he was so young. He said he only kept the Styles last name because his mom begged him to. He wanted to take the Twist last name like Niall had. I then tell him about my family. I tell him about my mom Shannon who always leaves on trips for work and sometimes does drugs. I tell him about my self-centered drunkard father Jack. I talk about how I am the only child. We spend hours upon hours talking about our past.

Finally he looks at his watch. It’s been great and all talking to you Alexa but I should be getting home. He says. Agreeing to meet up with you was the best thing I ever decided. I smile. He stands up and stretches and I do the same. He pulls me in for a hug. I will see you tomorrow Alexa. He smiles and kisses my cheek. Bye Marcel. Be careful. I say and hug him tightly. He pulls away and begins to walk off. When he is out of sight I begin walking home. When I finally arrive I get a shower and put on pajamas and head straight to bed thinking of Marcel.



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