Texting A Stranger

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4. 3

1) 16
2) Yorkshire
3) Bradley
4) Watson
So Mr. Marcel what is your last name?

I press send and close my eyes. We go to the same school! What the hell!? Why don’t I know a Marcel? What did he look like? Was he sweet? Did he like things I did? Would he still talk to me when he found this out? My phone buzzes so I knew he replied.

*New Message: Marcey*
Its Styles. And holy shit we go to the same school!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing!!  We have to meet up soon Alexa. I bet you’re truly amazing. Well I need to get to sleep. Bye Lexa.
I smile. He wasn’t angry. And he wanted to meet up. But did I? I was scared. Maybe he’d not like me… what if I wasn’t enough? What if he wasn’t who he seemed to be? My school was full of pricks and assholes. But I trusted Marcel. He seemed so kind and loving. So I decide to agree.

We will meet up soon Marcey. Good night.

After hitting send I turn off my food and sit down to eat. I hated the fact I was left to eat alone because all my parents could do was fight. I had friends once. Shay Clark, Taylor Newson, and Hannah Morrison. But they came over one day my parents where in a fight and now they wont speak to me. They were not true friends I guess. I hope I can trust Marcel. I hope he will be a true friend.  I sigh as I turn on the TV only to see the slutty cheerleaders doing a damn special. I change it over to Disney. I missed the old one. With Hannah and Raven. You know stuff like that.   I finish eating and go to my room. I clean up some then grab some clothes making my way to the bathroom. I quickly shower and shave my legs and stuff. When I am finished I dress and blow dry my hair. As I dry my hair my phone buzzes. I put down the blow dryer and get my phone.
*New Message: Marcey*
I want to meet up with you soon.  Not tomorrow but soon Goodnight love.
I smile and text a quick reply.
Alright. Night boo.
I put on a face mask to deal with my awful zits that come and go. Then I brush my teeth and go to my
room. I turn off my TV and set my alarm before I finally fall on my bed and drift to sleep. 

*Next Day*
My alarm goes off and I quickly get up. I find a simple outfit and go shower. When I’m done I go down to get breakfast. I eat a bowl of cereal while I watch the news. When I finish I go brush my teeth and brush my hair. Then I slip on my shoes and walk out to catch the bus with my annoying neighbor’s daughter Marissa. I hated her. She is fifteen years old and a slut. In the whole year she has lived next to us she has had twelve boyfriends and three miscarriages. So yeah I call that a slut. Hell if I did that at the age fifteen my parents would have beat my ass then disowned me. I’d be living on the streets by now. But I value my virginity and want to wait for the one I truly love. Would that be Marcel? Maybe. Only time can tell.  Marissa stands next to me texting God only knows who. Finally the bus pulls up and I sigh. I was glad not have to stand near her much longer. When the bus gets to school I go to my locker and get my books. I grab what I need and go to my first class. Finding an empty seat I sit down and copy the notes on the board. The bell rings and everyone else walks in. I finish my notes and sit back to wait as the rest copy them down. The teacher finally gives us a lecture and then passes out our work. I was halfway done when the bell rang. I stand up and go on to my next class.

I walk into the biology room with a smile on my face. I love this class. The teacher goes over the instructions and we begin our experiments. I was testing to see if a mouse who ate cheese lasted longer than one that ate just fruit. So far it was a tie. I know that mice can eat anything but   this was a special type of cheese. It wasn’t a regular cheese it was lab made. By the end of class my experiment was almost complete. The day went on quickly until lunch. I ate it alone. Today’s lunch was pizza and French fries. I grab a tray and get two slices of pizza and got some fries with a chocolate shake. My school was amazing. Top notch school and it wasn’t even private. My phone buzzes and I grab it hoping it was Marcel.

*New Message: Mum*
Hey Alexa. Won’t be home for a while got a job offer in Ireland so I will be there for a while. Your father will be staying at Will’s while I am gone. Mange the house on your own. Good luck. Bye.

I sigh. My parents are worthless sometimes. I think of a smart ass reply but I don’t send it. I just sent a quick “OK” and finished eating. To be honest I didn’t care if she came back or not. My parents hated me and I didn’t give a shit. They never cared so why should I? I dump my tray and walk to my last class of the day. Well it was three classes in one. Health, gym and track all rolled into one big class. As always I was the first to get there then Marissa arrived. I completely hated her. She was followed by Shay, Taylor and Hannah. I look at my old friends with a frown. I can’t believe they are friends with her. It pissed me off.  Dad would be at Will’s by the time I get home and I could care less. I hated Will Tomas. He was creepy and rude. When class ends I quickly shower, dress and run to the bus. I wanted to be home. I look at my phone. One message was all I had.

*New Message: Marcey*
Hey love. How was school? Anything new happen?
I smile. I can’t wait to meet Marcel. I’m sure he’s just as perfect as I imagine. I snap out of my day dream and finally reply to his message.

It was great and no nothing new happened today.
I sent it and stayed silent until we reached my stop. I stand up but Marissa pushes me out of her way and runs into her boyfriend’s arms. He is twenty years old. His name is Jaycob Andrews. Honestly I don’t like him. He is a rude pain in my ass. He thinks he runs our little street, he drinks and smokes. I just hate him. I make a gagging noise as I walk to my house. They might as well been having sex in her drive way. Once I’m inside I go and cook me a small pizza. My phone buzzes again.

*New Message: Marcey*
So what are you doing now love?
I giggle. I love the cute nicknames that he is giving me.
Cooking and you boo?
I set the oven to 450 and bake my pizza. I was starving so I grabbed a small cake and eat it.
*New Message: Marcey*
Doing homework. I’ll message you soon babe.
I send a simple “OK” and get my pizza out of the oven and cut me a slice. I grab a Pepsi and go turn on the TV to a movie. My Sisters Keeper was on so I decide to watch it.  This movie makes me cry. I loved it. I finish my pizza and the movie ends about seven o clock so I begin on homework. My phone buzzes and I pick it up.
*New Message: Marcey*
I just finished my homework. What are you up to now babe?

Doing mine now but it isn’t much so I will be done soon.

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