Texting A Stranger

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17. 13

I’d love to move in with you Marcel but how will we pay for a house? I ask. No worry dear I have money saved up from chores and stuff. I have exactly 1760740.52 pounds (2.8 million US dollars) saved. He says. Wow! That isn’t all from chores. I say. Well… He says. Anne walks in. When Marcel’s grandmother passed away she left all her and his grandfather’s money to him because he helped them a lot and some is collage money that we have saved for him and… Anne gets cut off. Mother don’t. He says. What? What am I missing? I ask. How familiar are you with One Direction? Marcel asks. Not much. I admit. Oh. Why is that? He asks. I’m not much of a music person I like books and movies. I know I’m a geek. I say. No love you’re not a geek. It’s cute. He says. Continue. I prompt him. He takes a deep breath then looks at his mum. Alexa I have a twin in One Direction named Harry and he sends me and my family money so aside from making money here and what granny left me he helps us a lot. He says. I look at him. Are you fucking playing a joke one me? I ask. No Alexa trust me. He says. How can I Marcel? I ask. I’m sorry babe. I’m not lying. Mum go get the pictures. He says. I sit in silent waiting for Anne to return.
She then returns with a big photo book. Here look at this. She hands me a picture. Alright. I nod and flip it over. Well? Marcel asks. Alright I believe you. I say. It’s just a bit strange to me. Why didn’t you tell me from day one? I ask. Well I didn’t know how you’d react so I thought I’d start off with just you getting to know Gemma, my mum and Robin then bring Harold in. He says. Well I’d like to meet him and I will have to listen to some of his music. I say. I will give him a call and have him come out soon. Anne says. Alright. I nod. Let’s go get dressed and head back then later we can go house hunting. Marcel says. Alright. I nod. We walk upstairs and shower. After that we get dressed and walk downstairs. Be safe you two. Anne says. We will. Marcel says. Oh here Alexa take this with you. She says and hands me the photo book. Thank you Anne. I say. We get in the car and head back to my place. Mum we are going house hunting we will be back soon. I yell and lay the book in the hallway closet. Okay and be careful love! Mum says. Alright mum bye! I yell. I walk back to the car where Marcel sat waiting. I need to admit something. He says. Okay. I say looking at him.
We aren’t going house hunting. He says. What? I ask confused. Well I got us an apartment… I just want you to see it before I sign papers in case you don’t like it. He says. Oh. Okay. I smile. He puts the car in reverse and heads south. Within in an hour we are at a humongous apartment complex. Wow. I gasp. It’s beautiful eh? Wait until you see ours. He says. He parks and gets out coming to open my door. He grabs my hand helping me out. We walk in the building and he pulls me to the elevator. He hits the fifth floor button and we begin going up. The doors open to a single door. We have the floor to ourselves? I ask. Yes. He smiles and pulls out a key. He opens the door and flips on the light. I look around. The walls were white and it had a beautiful fireplace. Enough room for the two of us. Come. I’ll show you the two small rooms then the master bedroom. He says. He holds my hand and we walk down the hallway. This is one of the small rooms… for when we decide to have a kid. He says. It’s cute. I say. He then drags me down a bit to another small door. This is the second room. For another kid or for guest. He says. It’s also cute. I say. We walk out of there and come to another door. This is a half bathroom. It has a shower, sink, and commode. He says and then leads me to the last and biggest room. I place my hand on the door and open it. Wow it’s so big. I smile. It was already furnished like the rest of the house. It had a bed and a big walk in closet. Do you like it? He asks. No. I say. Oh. He says with a hint of hurt in his expression.

I love it. I smile. We also have our own bathroom in here. He says. I want this place babe. PLEASE!!! I beg. Alright babe I’ll call up the sales lady and have her meet us at your mum’s. He says with a smile.  Yay! I giggle. He smiles. I loved it. The front room was white as was the hallways. The two small rooms were an off white color but we would paint them soon. The bathroom was a crème color and the master room that would be ours is a white beige color. Then it dawned on me I haven’t seen the kitchen. Marcey I want to see the kitchen. I say. Alright. He says holding my hand pulling me back to the front room and to the door on the side. He opens the door and I walk in. It’s so big and pretty. I say. Yeah. He smiles. It was all silver. I love how each room has a window and it’s so bright in here. I say. Yeah I know. He smiles. This is such a perfect place. I smile. I know princess. He smiles and kisses my head. It will be a perfect place to raise a family. I mummer. Yeah it will… when we are ready. He says. Yes. When we are ready. I smile. And it’s close to a local school. He says. I had seen that. I smile. We will be away from it for a while during college, but that’s after high school and we are planning to go to Manchester so we can come here on the weekend. He says with a smiles.
 Yes and it’s close to the high school. I  smile. Excuse me a second and I will go call the sales lady and tell her I am ready to close the deal because we love this place. He smiles. Okay babe. I say. He walks into the bedroom and I am left to explore the beauty of our house on my own. I walk into the front room and sit on the couch. I flip on the telly surprised that we already had cable here. I smile and flip through the channels. I hear the bedroom door open and see Marcey walk out. Well it’s all settled. She will be by your mum’s in about two hours for us to sign the papers then this place is officially ours. He smiles. That’s perfect. I smile. We walk to the car and drive to a small store. Marcel gets us some boxes and we head to my mum’s. Mum we will be upstairs packing! I call from the steps. Alright honey. She says. We walk up to my room. No scratch that it’s my old room. I grab a box and tape it back together and begin packing my stuff. It doesn’t take Marcel long to pack his so when he finishes he helps me pack mine. When we finish packing there is a knock at the door. Alexa! Marcel! It’s for you. Mum yells. We walk downstairs to see a lady with blonde hair in a purple suit. Hello Marcel. She smiles politely. Hello Mrs. Sanders. He says. Ah and you must be Alexa. She says. I am. I say and hold my hand out for her to shake. She shakes my hand. Where shall we sit? She asks. Um. The dining room will be fine. I say. Follow me. Marcel says and takes my hand as we walk to the dining room. Mrs. Sanders sits down her case and begins pulling out papers. Here are the forms I need you to sign Mr. and Mrs. Styles. She says.
Well I’m not a Styles. I blush. Oh but Mr. Styles here has the house contract under Mr. and Mrs. Styles. Mrs. Sanders says. Oh. I blush more. Is that okay? Marcel asks me. It’s fine. I say. Okay. Well just sign here and here. She says and points to a few lines and hands me and Marcel ink pens. We sign the papers and date them then hand them back to her. Okay congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Styles the apartment is yours. Mrs. Sanders smiles. I smile at Marcel and Mrs. Sanders stands. Well Mr. and Mrs. Styles if that’s all you need no questions I will be on my way. She says and walks to the door. Marcel’s phone rings and his eyes light up. Excuse me for a second. He says and walks into the living room. When he returns he smiles at me. The moving truck will be here soon and that was Harry he said he will be here in two weeks. He smiles. Alright. I smile. After a couple minutes the moving truck arrives and we pack our stuff into it and get in the car with the dog and cat. When we arrive the movers help us pack the boxes into the apartment. Welcome home princess. Marcel smiles. It’s so perfect. I smile. A perfect place for a prefect princess. He says. Awe. I blush. We begin unpacking when we finish we head to the store for food, drinks, plates, everything we will need for the kitchen and bathroom. It was dark when we returned. I’m tired baby. I say. Me too. He agrees. He grabs my hand and we go to the bedroom and sleep.

Question #3
What do you think of the story so far? Are Alexa and Marcel moving too fast? What do you think will happen next?
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