Texting A Stranger

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16. 12

We finally arrive at Anne’s place. Mum and Robin are the only two here. He says nodding to the two cars in the driveway. I grab his hand and we get out of the cab and pay the man. Have a nice day and be careful. The cab driver says. You too. Marcey says and we begin walking toward the house. I ring the doorbell. One second! I hear Anne call. We stand and wait until the door opens. Oh Marcel! Alexa! Come in. Come in. She smiles. We walk in and see Robin. Hello Robin. I say with a smile. Hello Alexa. He nods. It smells amazing in here Anne. I say. Thank you dear. I’m baking an apple pie. She smiles. I smile back. Marcel pulls me to the couch and we take a seat.
What brought you two here today? Anne asked. Well I figured Marcel missed you so I suggested we came for a visit.  I say. Oh. Well I am glad you did. Anne smiles. I smile back. I’ve missed you like crazy mum. He says and gets up to hug her. Goodness boy you’ve grown. Robin says. Yeah I’m 5’11” now. Marcey says. Wow. Robin says. Yeah. Marcey nods. So when can we be expecting grandbabies? Anne asks. Mum! Marcey yells. What? She asks. We aren’t ready for kids. He says looking pale. I laugh. Well it was just a question. Anne states. Mum no. He says. Oh come on Marc. Your sister has a kid. She says. Yes but Gemma is older. He says. And Shay is expecting a baby also. Robin adds. Doubt its Niall’s. I mumble. Their heads snap in my direction. Why do you say that? Anne asks. Shay is a… I stop. Shay is what? Robin asks. Nothing. I sigh. Alright. Anne says and goes back to pestering her son. I walk up to Marcel’s old room and fling myself on the bed.
Not long after Marcel joins me. I’m sorry I don’t what that was about. He says. It okay I guess. I say. Oh. Alright. He says. Love you. I say. Love you more. He says. I giggle and he smiles. Mine. I say and kiss his cheek. Forever. He agrees. I lean in and kiss him. He kisses back. I yawn. Sleep baby girl. He says. I cuddle close. Night baby. I say. He smiles. I slump down in my bed and fall asleep.  Suddenly I wake to the sound of a crashing noise. Babe? I ask. Shit sorry princess I was getting up to use the bathroom. I knocked the table over. He says. Oh. Okay. I say and look over at the clock. It was only 2 am.  I sigh and cuddle my cover. Marcel comes back and crawls under the cover with me. He kisses me. Missed you my queen. He smiles. Me more my king. I say. I cuddle close and he kisses me again. I kiss him back then lay my head on his shoulder.  What do we have planned today? I ask him. Whatever mum wants to do I guess. He says. Oh. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring up pregnancy stuff again. I mutter. Yeah. I’m sorry I don’t what was up with that. When I said I was moving in with you she freaked because she didn’t want me getting you knocked up and now she is saying she wants us to have a kid together. I don’t understand my mum very much. He says. Same. But she is so nice. I smile. Yeah I really love her. He smiles.
Not long after we get up and walk downstairs. Are you two hungry? Anne asks. We nod. I take that as a yes. I made some pancakes and biscuits and gravy. She smiles. Thank you Anne. I smile back. Anytime love. She says. I grab a plate and get two pancakes and some biscuit and gravy. Then I pour myself a glass of orange juice and sit down waiting on Marcel to join me. He fills up a plate and come to sit with me. He kisses my head and Anne smiles. You two are so cute together. She says. Mum. Marcey blushes. Oh shush it Marcel. You guys are so cute together. She smiles. Thank you. I say. No problem honey. She smiles. When I finish eating I take my dishes to the sink. Anne love I will do the dishes. I say. It’s okay honey. You are guest so you don’t have to worry. She says. Oh okay. I say and go to Marcel. So princess I was thinking. Marcel says and looks at me. Yes? I ask. We’ve been living together a while and I think we are ready to move in together. He says. I……
                                   TO BE CONTINUED………..

Sorry for the cliffhanger but its time for the question.

Question #2

What do you think Alexa will say?

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