Texting A Stranger

Just read it to find out please. :)


14. 11

~~My alarm goes off for us to get up for school. We get up and I quickly get dressed then Marcey does. So tell me about your mum. He says. We she went to rehab and got clean. I say. Wow. She really changed for you. He says. Yeah and she is leaving my dad. I nod. Wow. What made her change? He asks. Well it was me and her job or she picks her drugs. I say. Oh. It took that much to make her change? He asks. Yeah. I say. Sad isn’t it. He ask. Yeah it actually is. I nod. Let’s go eat love. He says and grabs my hand. We walk downstairs to find my mom sitting down plates with eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes on the table. Wow mum this looks good. I smile. Thanks. They taught me to cook in rehab. She smiles back. 
I sit next to Marcel and we begin eating. Wow. This is great. I compliment my mum. Thanks. She smiles. Welcome. I smile back.  It is pretty good. Marcey says. Thank you Marcel. Mum smiles at him. You’re welcome. He smiles back. We finish eating and head off to wait on the bus. I’ve missed you being at school. I say. I missed being with you. He says and kisses my head. We get on the bus and take a seat. I lay my head on his shoulder and he kisses my head. You okay baby girl? He asks. Yeah. Just feeling a bit sick. I say. Oh baby girl I probably gave you what I had. He frowns. It’s ok baby. I smile. You sure? He asks. Yes honey. I nod. Okay baby. He says. We get to school and hang out until the bell for homeroom rings. We part ways and go on with the day. The day goes by slowly. Miss Watson can you tell us how the disease Ebola spread? My teacher asks. I sigh. I hated science but sadly I needed it to pass and we were studying a disease that was ages old. I stand up. Ebola was spread by touching bodily fluids such as puke, blood, urine, and feces. If you wore gloves and touched it then bleached your hands you were less likely to catch it. I say then take my seat.
Good job Miss Watson. The teacher says. I smile a bit. Finally it’s time for lunch. We are having pizza and brownies today. Marcey says and wraps his arms around my waist. I smile and get a tray then a Dr. Pepper and apple then walks to Marcey and my seat. I sit down and eat. Man I was starving. I say. Haha. Too cute baby. He smiles. I begin to eat and Marcey does the same. I am serious. Like I was so fucking hungry. I say. I see honey. He nods. I look around the room and spot Marcel’s adopted brother Niall without Shay. He gives me a weak smile and I excuse myself. Where are you going? Marcey asks me. To talk with Niall for a second. I reply. Oh no. No! He says. Yes. I say and walk off. Is there some reason you keep staring at me? I ask. Yeah. Tell Marcel if he doesn’t want Dusty and Colin sent to the pound he needs to come get them or they will be put down. Niall says. Alright. I say and walk back to my table. Well? Marcel asks. Dusty and Colin will be put to sleep if you don’t come get them. I say with a sad expression.
Oh god not my babies. He says. Yeah. I nod sadly. We finish eating then we go put our stuff in the trash. We finish the day then we go home.  I’m calling mum to have her bring me my cat and dog. He says. Alright. I nod. He calls Anne and not long later she brings over a cat and dog. The dog jumps up on Marcel. Colin! He smiles. The dog barks at him. I smile at the two. I yawn and begin my work around the house. Mom left a note on the counter saying she’d be back soon because she had to go shopping. I say after I wash the few dishes. Alright. Marcey says. We walk up to our room and clean it up. I don’t know how I feel about my mum being back. I admit. I’m sorry love. It must be really hard on you. He says. It is. I nod. He kisses my head. We’ll go visit Anne Saturday alright. I say. Okay baby girl. He smiles.

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