Texting A Stranger

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13. 10

~~Anne looks at me and smiles. I’m glad you’re with my son. She says. Thank you. I nod. You’re such a beautiful, smart young lady. She says. Thank you. I say. You’re also very polite. She smiles. Yes. I nod. She looks at her son then back to me. Well it seems like you have everything under control Miss. Watson so I will just go. She says. Alright love. I smile. She hugs me and then leaves. I crawl in bed with Marcey. Hey baby girl. He smiles. Hi boo. I say and kiss his head. He kisses my lips and I kiss back. He pulls back. My phone goes off and I answer. When I hang up Marcey looks at me. Who was that babe? He asks. I got the job at the mall. I start in two weeks. I smile. That’s great baby girl. He smiles. I know. I smile. I cuddle back up beside him and fall asleep.
*Couple Hours Later*
I woke to my stomach grumbling. I look at the clock that read 2:30 am.  Damn I’m starving. I mumble to myself. I get up out of bed and walk downstairs. There was a crashing noise in the kitchen so I go to the closet and grab a baseball bat. When I walk into the kitchen I see a beautiful lady standing at the refrigerator with hair that was blonde hair. Excuse me but how the hell did you get in my house? I ask. Alexa! She squeaks and turns around. Mum! I yell with a smile. Hey baby girl. She smiles. Mum where the hell have you been? I ask. I think it’s time we talk. She says and pulls me to the kitchen table. Well tell me. I insist. Okay honey. Remember how I had a really bad drug addiction? She asks. Yeah you looked like hell and now you look like wow. I smile. Well honey my business trip I took was fake. She says.  You lied! I yell then quite down remembering Marcel is trying to sleep. Well yes baby but let me explain. She pleads. Alright. I nod. My boss had noticed my health going downhill. I’m sure she noticed my addiction. She told me if I went to rehab she’d give me the time off and pay for it plus pay me. And well here I am. Drug free and healthy. She smiles. I stand and hug her. Mum I am so proud of you. I smile.
Well I also got you a new wardrobe along with my make over. She smiles. Oh mum you didn’t have to do that. I say with tears rolling down my face. But I did honey. I need to make up for the way I’ve treated you. She says. Oh mum thank you so much. I cry. Now where is your father? She asks. Jail. I state. For? She asks shocked. Robbery. I say. I’m so sick of his ass. I am going for a divorce. She says. Its best for us. I say. Yes. It is. Mum agrees. Well I guess it’s time to make confessions. I say. What is it baby girl? She asks. My boyfriend has been living with me. But don’t worry. We haven’t had sex or anything it is just to protect him from is adopted brother. I say. Alright baby. I trust you. She says. Really? I ask. Yes. I know how much you care about your future and I trust you will wait. She says. Thank you mum. I say. Of course my princess. She smiles. I hear Marcel coming down the steps. He walks into the kitchen and I smile up at him. He had on some sweat pants and his glasses. I look at him and smile. Hi baby. I stand and kiss him. Hey babe. I whisper. I love you. He whispers back. I love you. I smile. Love you. He says. Mum stands up. Hello I am Shannon. I’m Alexa’s mum. She says. Hello Mrs. Watson I am Marcel. He shakes mum’s hand.
Please call me Shannon. Mum smiles. Oh. Alright. Marcel blushes softly. How are you feeling today babe? I ask him. Much better love. He smiles. Good. I smile back. I walk to the fridge getting eggs then bacon from the freezer. I’ll cook. I say. Oh no no no. Mum says. Why? I ask. Go get a shower and get ready for school and I will make it or get some more rest then I will make some. She says. We will nap. Marcel says. I grab his hand and we walk back to our room. We crawl into bed. Tell me about your mum when we wake up. He says. I will. I kiss his head and we fall asleep cuddling close.


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