Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


9. What A Day

"So...what now?" Jackson asked me.

I whipped my head to face him and gave him a look. 

"What do you mean 'what now'?" 

He shrugged, stirring his drink with his straw. 

"I mean, what's going to happen now? Kai didn't get pissed off at you like you said he would....surprisingly," he looked up from his drink to face me. I just looked straight ahead at the school field, where the football team was practicing for an upcoming tournament. 

I picked at my school jacket sleeve. 

"Yeah," I paused for a while, then continued.

"Which made it much worse. I mean, the fact that he didn't do anything....," I looked at my feet now, not sure why I wasn't able to look up anymore. Gosh, today was such a depressing day. After recess, when the bell rang, Kai just got up and left. He didn't even say bye to me, which before would be normal but isn't really. 

I felt someone pat my shoulder and I turn around to see that it's Jackson. He looks at me and smiles a small smile, trying to cheer me up. I guess it works, 'cause I return the gesture with a small smile of my own. I pat his hand that's on my shoulder.

"Thanks Jackson," I say and my hand falls back onto my lap, as if it's paralysed and can't move, it stays there. We hear the bell ring for the next period. I didn't realise that we had skipped a whole period but somehow, I don't feel guilty. I mean...I DO feel guilty, just not THAT guilty as I normally would.

"Taylor, come on," Jackson takes my hand and pulls me up. I reluctantly stand up, not really in the mood to fight back. 

"Don't worry so much about it okay?" he hugs my shoulders, trying to cheer me up. I smile slightly, trying to cheer myself up. I failed, but at least I tried? 

We head for the school doors that lead into the corridors and while we're walking, Jackson keeps his arm around my shoulder. Jackson's one of my favourite people. He makes me feel safe and that everything's fine, but somehow, I still feel cold inside. 


I trudge down the corridor after the final school bell rings. Yes, I still feel guilty. I think I look depressed but I'm too lazy to check my condition in the toilet mirror. Is it just me being dramatic or is it right to be this way. Upset and sad. I mean, I basically embarassed Kai and got his hopes up. I never want to do that to someone; make them feel upset. Heck, that's why I made created my segment in the first place; to make people happy, helping them get together with the people they admire from afar and yet what I did was the COMPLETE opposite of what I intended. Plus, Kai trusted me. I won't be surprised if he starts picking on me again. 

"Tay!" I snap back to reality at someone calling my name. I turn around to see Jackson standing behind me, holding my shoulders. His face looked worried, his eyes were wide and his grip on my shoulders were pretty tight. I crease my eyebrows.

"You okay?" I ask, facing him.

He looked at me as I just spoke gibberish. After a moment of silence, I spoke up. 

"Uhm....are you alive?"

"You almost ran into the wall!" he said (or almost shrieked). I gave him a confused look and turned around to face the front. True enough, my face was inches away from the wall in front of me. My eyes widened. 

"Woah. Thanks Jackson," I reflectively took a step back. Jackson released my shoulders and it felt so light compared to when Jackson was gripping it to save my face from smashing into the wall, which could have caused me a severe bruise, a broken nose and not to mention, a horribly bloody nose.

"Watch where your going Taylor. I don't want to have to explain to your dad why your nose is all squished into your head," he joked, pulling me away from the wall. 

I shook my head, as if trying to wake myself up from some unconscious slumber.

"Sorry. I guess I'm so out of it," I apologised, slowly regaining my 'consciousness'.

"You guess?" Jackson teased, and when I shot him a look, he immediately faced the ground. 


"Yeah, you better be," I punched his shoulder, playfully, but also as a way to vent out my stress. Sorry Jackson...

We continued walking through the hallway.

"You're still thinking about that?" he asked me, referencing to what had happened this afternoon...about that Kai thing.

I nodded, seeing no point in lying. Jackson can read me like a book.

"Taylor, it's alright. I mean,I saw Kai just now and he seemed normal. I don't think that there's anything to worry about," 

I laughed a not- so- sincere laugh. "Define normal Jackson,"

His eyes shifted up, thinking for a while.

"Well....he threw paper airplanes around the class?" 

I shook my head. "Not normal,"

"How do you know? You don't even have class with him," he objected. I shook my head, putting my palm up.  

"Jackson, please. Let's not be naive," I said and I saw from the corner of my eye that he had raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I shrugged. 

He just shook his head. 


As soon as we turn the corner to head toward the second block of the school, I see Hailey walking in the opposite direction, toward us. I don't know if she's mad at me or if she's just not in the mood today, but when I lifted my hand to wave at her, she faced the ground and walked past me. I slowly put my hand down, the smile on my face slowly dropping.

I can't blame her for being mad if she is. I mean, I guess I would feel embarrassed too if I were her. I sigh quietly. What a day it's been....



I'm back after what seems like a long long time and I'm so sorry if I haven't been updating as often as I used to before but there's a reason for that. Since this year is my senior year, I've been really realllyyy busy with exams, assignments, competitions and all things a senior has to do in their last year. Not to mention, I have a major exam which will determine my future coming up in 2 months!! asjsdnsjndjc ndjejnjnnAJAJJDJEJJ, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! With that being said, I'll be on hiatus until December, and then I'M FINALLY FREE!! OH YA! My graduation is in a month and OMG I'M SUPER EXCITED LIKE WHAT SHOULD I WEAR HAHAHA!! The whole senior year is contemplating on matching colours but like, differences of opinion and bla bla BUT STILL, IM SUPER EXCITED!!! 10 years of schooling is more than enough for me. Anywayss,, I know that this is a really short chapter and I'M SO SORRYYY, but I'll be back in December and maybe with a new story too!  (nudge nudge wink wink). That's all for now :)




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