Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


4. Revelations

I'm going to do a double chapter update today! Stay tuned! :D


As weird as I thought it was that Hailey Nelson had a crush on Kai Andrews (I mean, she was the principal's daughter, so I would think that her dad would tell her to stay away from boys like Kai), I decided to help out, because really, who am I to say who falls for who? But one big problem was in the way. How do I get Kai Andrews to go out with her? He, well, everyone, knows that she is Mr. Nelson's daughter. Mr. Nelson was notorious for his strict discipline, but if you were to compare him to Mr. Harvey, Mr. Harvey wins, hands down. 

Oh well, that'll have to wait. It's the end of the school day and I have tennis as well as detention (on the same day, ugh), but what's new for me? I headed to the library to tell Jackson not to wait for me today. Usually, if I get detention, I'll stay back 'till five and I don't want Jackson to wait another hour just for me.

I entered the library and saw him with a girl. I smiled. So that's why he enjoys staying back. He has a girlfriend! I think...Sure looks like it. He was laughing along with her at something she just said. She was pretty, with long dark hair. Have I seen her before? Sure looks familiar. I approached them.

"Hey guys," I greeted. Jackson looked shocked, as if he didn't expect me to be here. Ohhh, nervous, huh Jackson? I decided to play it cool.

"Sorry for interrupting but could I speak with Jackson for a while?" I addressed the girl. She nodded. Jackson and I talked at a corner. I folded my arms and smirked at him. 

"Jackson, Jackson," I said, shaking my head. "Y'know, if you liked someone, you could've just told me instead of lying to me about how much you LOVE library duty," I said, teasing. His face scrunched up, confused.

"What are you-I do enjoy library duty," he said, sounding confused. Oh, Jackson. How long are you going to play this game? 

"Sure, sure," I said, not believing. "Listen, I have to stay back 'till five, so you don't have to wait for me," I told him. He raised one eyebrow. 

"Detention again, huh?" he said. 

"Wha-I-pftt! Yes, okay. Mr.Harvey gave me a slip for running in the hallways. Anyway, don't worry about me. Take that girlfriend of yours for a walk," I teased. He opened his mouth as if to protest but I was out of the library by then.

"Bye Jackson!" I called out.


Oh my god, Kai Andrews is here! In detention! Funny though, to see him here. He was sitting alone,reading (yup, this is an alternate Kai) Hamlet. I walked up to the teacher's desk to hand in the detention slip for the teacher to sign. Surprise, surprise, Mr. Harvey was on duty today. 

"Hey Mr. Harvey," I greeted tiredly and handed him my slip. He looked up at me and took it. He signed it with his usual signature and kept the paper.

"Have a seat, Miss Young," he said, gesturing to the seats in front of him. I nodded, obeying. I searched for an empty seat but most of them were full. Room 305 was known as the 'detention room' because it was the smallest class in the school and could only fit in ten seats. Plus, it's ALWAYS been used for detention. Right now, nine were taken up (wow, the teachers are on a detention spree today) and only one was left. Right. Next. To. Kai. Andrews. Everybody was smart enough to avoid him. He sat next to the window and there was one seat left next to him. What a lucky day I'm having today. I 'love' Wednesdays. I walked to the seat and sat down. He looked up at the sound of my books being placed on the desk. He smiled. WHAT IS GOING ON!?

I decided to smile back. I looked away and sat down, wishing that he won't talk to me. I opened my math book to complete the homework Mr. Rodriguez gave us today.

"Taylor right?" I heard him say. Oh dear god.

I faced him. "Yes," I said cautiously.

"Listen, is your friend still mad about the whole potassium thing?" he asked, marking his page in Hamlet with his index finger. Does he mean Jackson?

"Jackson?" I asked, voice small. He nodded. "Yeah. I mean, I didn't mean to. It was sort of accidental, but if I have to be honest, it was sort of funny," he laughed a small laugh. Hey, Kai is quite nice actually. 

I shook my head. "No, I don't think he's mad," I told him.

He nodded. I nodded back and resumed to doing my homework.

"The thing is," Kai spoke up. I looked up and turned to face him...slowly.

"No one really thinks I'm any good. Y'know?" he looked at me as if he wanted a reply. I nodded slowly.

"See?" he gestured to me. "Even you're scared of nodding at me," he said. I sat there, stunned, not sure what to do.

He noticed me freeze and laughed. "Relax Taylor, I don't harm people. Contrary to people's belief, but I don't," he explained. I unfroze and nodded. This time, confidently. I don't know why, but I believe him. The tone in his voice was obvious that he was hurt that people still haven't thought that he's changed. I decided to say something.

"Prove them wrong," I said. He looked up at me from his book. "What?" he said.

"Prove to them that you're not the same," I repeated. He looked at me, emotionless. 

"Yeah, well, not going to work," he continued reading. Oh boy, I hope I didn't offend him. Better just resume my work. 

As I was trying to find the radius of the bottom of a cone, he spoke up again. "Y'know, I like this girl and I know I'm not supposed to, but, she's different y'know? She actually believes that I've changed," he said, eyes facing his book but words directed at me. I looked up and faced him at that confession, shocked.


"You do that matchmaking thing right? On Tuesday?" he faced me. I nodded. Oh, that's why. "Could you set me up?" he asked. My jaw dropped as if it had a mind of its own. He laughed at my reaction. 

"Yes. I know it's not like Kai Andrews to ask someone for help about a girl ,considering the fact that he's had fifteen girlfriends in a span of two years," he joked, referring to himself, which I found funny. I laughed. 

"So, will you?" he asked. I looked at him and considered.

Well, I don't know who that girl is and I've got Hailey's case. She's likes him and he likes someone else...I THINK.

"Sure. Who's the girl?" I asked. He was quiet for a while, as if he was shy to tell. 

Wait, Kai? Shy? That's a new thing to see.

"Don't freak out," he told me, after a while. I nodded. He gestured for me to lean in closer. I did and he whispered his answer. 

"Hailey Nelson," 

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