Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


5. Oh Dear....



"What?" Jackson looked as confused as I was when Kai told me that he had a crush on Hailey Nelson. I nodded quickly, implying that I wasn't lying. 

"Kai Andrews and Hailey Nelson is a recipe for disaster," Jackson said as we walked down the hallway. I have tennis club and he just finished his library duty. As soon as Mr. Harvey dismissed us from detention, I rushed to tell Jackson about this news.

"I know, but they're so cute together!" I said cheerily. Jackson looked at me as if saying, 'Really?'. in sarcasm. 

"You say that about everyone," 

I faced him. "No I don't," I protested. "Listen, don't tell ANYONE okay? If Kai finds out that everyone knows, I'm going to be dead," I told him, as a precaution. Jackson isn't one to tattle or gossip, so I knew I could trust him. He adjusted his bag strap on his shoulder and nodded. "Okay, okay," Then, he faced me, smirking.

"You're going to set them up, aren't you?" he said. I looked up at him. I tried looking serious and tried not to give it away, but I couldn't. I really couldn't.

"Okay! Here's the thing," I said, sounding too excited for my own good. "Hailey actually told me that she has a crush on Kai and then I was going to set them up but all of a sudden, Kai drops this HUGE news and now, it just makes it SOOOO much easier and how can I resist?" I explained, probably a little too fast. "Plus," I continued, "She asked me, so I'm just," I shrugged, "Doing my job," 

Jackson just looked at me and there was something in the way that he did that was different. I don't know what it was, but it was there. I suddenly felt concerned. 

"Jackson?" I said. His expression looked like it just returned to Earth. 

"Yeah. Anyway, don't do anything you'll regret," he told me. I laughed. 

"Jackson, has any of my pairings gone wrong?" I said.


So, here's the thing. Kai actually walked with me to my my locker when Mr. Harvey dismissed us from detention. (AHHHHH! KAI ANDREWS WALKED WITH MEEEE! SWOOONNN)

So, I took that chance to tell him about Hailey, much to his joy. I told him about how Hailey has a crush on him too and when I did, I swear, the look  on his face was PRICELESS. It was the most excited expression I've ever seen him wear.

"You serious? You're not lying? Please tell me you're not lying," He repeated that over and over again and GAHHHH! It was adorable. Who knew Kai Andrews could feel this way for a girl? 

I kept repeating, "I'm not. I'm not," and he was all like, "Woah," and I felt like me and Kai actually get along. Wow, who knew, right?

So, I've set them up on a date this Saturday and I can't wait to tell Hailey. Sadly, she doesn't stay back on Wednesdays, so I'll have to wait 'till Friday to tell her, since we have literature class again on Friday. 


Finallyyyy! I can finally go home! Y'know, five o'clock is probably my favourite time on Wednesdays. Five o'clock on Wednesdays are wonderful. But today, five o'clock will be lonely. Usually, Jackson goes home with me, but this week, his duty was shifted to the three o'clock shift from the four o'clock since the guy who usually takes the three o'clock shift was in another state for a mathletics competition. Anyway, I'm glad at least Jackson got to walk the girl I saw with him in the library home. Jackson...all grown up. Even though he's older than me (by a few months), I still feel like a mother hen, feeling proud of his accomplishments. It's probably a habit, since I've been with him for years.

But....seeing Jackson with another girl makes me feel sort of uneasy. I mean, I'm happy and all, but I feel like, if he's serious with her, he'll spend less time with me and then it'll disrupt our routines and destroy our friendship. I feel sort of bad for feeling this way....but hey, I'm glad that he's found someone and if he wants to walk her home every-WHY IS JACKSON HERE?

He's sitting on the school steps, on his phone, texting someone. Probably that girl, but WHY IS HE HERE? Did he wait an hour for me?

"Jackson!" I called. He turned his head around to face me. He smiled at the sight of me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, tone concerned. "Did you just wait an hour?"

He stood up and put his phone in his pocket. "Don't worry 'bout it. I was doing some library stuff while waiting for you," he slung his bag on his shoulder.

Jackson just waited for me for an HOUR. I feel so guilty. But then again, I DID tell him to not wait for me.

"Jackson," I protested. "Why did you wait for me? I told you to go home first." I said, concern in my tone. He shrugged. "It's not safe to walk home alone. Plus, there's a neighbourhood robber on the loose. What if something happens?" 

I shook my head. "Jackson, no one put you in charge to babysit. It's okay. Plus, I CAN take care of myself," 

He descended the steps. "Oh yeah," he sounded sceptical. He turned around to face me, waiting for me to follow. I did. 

"Y'know, Taylor, you aren't the brightest and sharpest person I've met," he told me. 

"You haven't met that many people then," I said, tone not very serious. "Jackson, I'll have you know that I took taekwondo for like six weeks," Before he could say something, I continued quickly.

"Yes, I know I quit during the seventh lesson but I know the basics, so don't worry okay?" I looked up to face him. He was just looking forward, but smirking. I could see.

Jackson, Jackson. Always wanting to take care of people. I guess being the eldest of five siblings does that to you.


What a coincidence that I ran into Hailey in the hallway today. "Taylor! Hi!" she waved. Now's my chance to tell her.

"Hailey! I've got reaallllyy great news for you," I told her, smiling broadly. I couldn't contain it anymore. Hailey's eyes widened. "Is it about the," she looked around, as if someone was eavesdropping. She faced me again. This time, her voice was a whisper. 

"The D-A-T-E?" She spelled the word out.

I nodded. She perked up. "Oh me gosh!" she jumped a small jump, long strawberry blond hair flying all over the place. "Tell me, tell me!" she said excitedly. 

"Did he say yes? When? What time? Where?" she said, questions rushing out like Niagra Falls. 

"Okay," I said enthusiastically. "So, you guys have a date this Saturday. Is that okay?" 

She nodded, thinking. "Yeah, I'll just tell my dad that I have a project to do at my friend's house or something," she told me. Woah, who knew the principal's daughter was a rebel? 

"Alright. I'm so happy for you guys!" I said cheerily. She squealed happily. 

Oh! Can't forget the best part!

"Oh! Oh! The best part is," I said, unable to contain the excitement. She stopped and looked at me, anticipating my words. I paused for effect, aaandddd


She screamed a small fangirl-like scream. "Oh my goodness, this is such a good day!" she said, fanning herself. I laughed. 

"Kai Andrews is soooo head over heels for you," I told her, shaking my head at Kai's reaction yesterday. Then, the fanning stopped and her smile fell. She looked at me, a serious expression on her face. 

"Wait, did you just say Kai Andrews?" she asked me, confused. I looked at her, confused as well. 

"Yea," I replied, slowly. 

Her face froze and her eyes widened. She was quiet for a while and after a few seconds, I started panicking. What was going on?

" set me up with Kai Andrews?" she asked me quietly, as if she was a bit frightened. 

I looked at her, concerned. Is she okay? 

"Yea, I did. Don't you like him?" I asked.

She just stood there, eyes on the ground and shook her head, slowly. She looked up and faced me. 

"I don't like Kai Andrews. I like Kai Robertson," she told me.

Now it was my turn to be stunned. Oh dear....

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