Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


2. Meet Kai Andrews

 "Ugh, I hate Wednesdays," I grumbled as I entered the school compound with Jackson. We always walked to school together 'cause, number one, it's safe, number two, it saves petrol (instead of using the bus or car or motorbike) and number three, it won't get boring. Jackson was talkative but not as talkative as me so that guarantees a zero percent chance of running out of things to say.

"Sorry to hear that but I love Wednesdays," he grinned. I looked up at him.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Library duty, yay!" I mocked cheerfulness, throwing my hands up in the air. "The library is my radio station, Taylor," He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. I made a face, joking around. 

"By the way, you're staying back right? After school?" he asked. 

I frowned, looking at the ground. "Yes," I said, depressed. 

Wednesdays (or staying back days), I had tennis club to attend. Don't get me wrong, the club was fun. What wasn't fun was the fact that, number one, tennis was a sport and number two, I never bring my racquet, thinking that maybe 'cause I didn't bring it, I was exempted from playing but haha, joke's on me because they make me run laps around the field anyways. 

"Brought your racquet?" Jackson asked, raising his eyebrows. He knew the answer but he still liked to ask, to make fun of me. I glared at him. 

"You know it," I said, referring to my answer that I always gave him.

"Just checking to see if maybe you changed your mind," he said simply, shrugging. 

I laughed because I knew that that was never going to happen. "Jackson, Jackson," I said calmly, not a care in the world. "If I persistently forget, they'll eventually get tired of me and just allow me to do my own thing, for example, go home," I explained my plan.

He laughed, the boyish laugh that he had since I don't know when. "The only tired one will be you, from running laps around the field," 

I whipped my head to face him, which almost gave me whiplash from moving my head too fast. I narrowed my eyes. "It will work, you will see," I said, trying to intimidate him. We reached his locker and he opened it. "Oh, I'll see," he said, unzipping his bag and removing the books he didn't need for first period and putting them in his locker. 

"Don't be so skeptical," I said, crossing my arms and leaning against the lockers.

He shook his head, laughing. "I'm not. I'm just...I'll wait and see. You have physics right?" he said, looking at me, smirking. 

I shrugged. "Yeah, I do. Why?" On Wednesdays, Jackson and I don't share the same class with Mr. Harvey.

Oh no...I widened my eyes. 

"I HAVE PHYSICS!" I ran to my locker to get my books. 


"I gave you two sheets of homework yesterday. Where's the other one?" Mr. Harvey asked, as I stood in front of his desk, handing in my homework. I totally forgot about the second sheet. I knew where it was of course. On my bed, still in its untouched form, but I couldn't tell Mr. Harvey that; he would slaughter me. 

"Well....uhm....I left it in my locker," I said, trying hard to look into his eyes, hoping he believed my lie. You see, I'm not a very good liar and when it came down to desperate moments, lying is my best bet. So, being a horrible liar and having lying as my last resort sort of backfires off each other. Mr. Harvey didn't believe me (obviously) but today he let me off the hook, which sort of scared me. 

"Don't do this next week," he warned me. 

"I promise I won't," This time, I wasn't lying. 'It's time to buck up Taylor,' I told myself as I walked to my seat. 

As I set my books down on my desk, Bryan approached me. 

"Hey, Young," he said, addressing me by my surname.

I looked up and saw a big smile plastered across his face. "Hey Bry," I greeted him with a wave.

"Guess what?" he told me. Ohhh, this must be about the date. I decided to play it cool.

"What?" I asked. 

"I asked her out yesterday," he told me, grinning wide. 

Yes! "What did she say?" I asked him, excited. 

"She said yes. We're going to Thomas' party on Saturday. Is that okay though?" he asked me, looking worried.

"Don't worry. I think she's excited just being with you," I told him, as cheesy as that sounded. 

He smiled. "Thanks, Young," 

"No problem," I smiled back, just as happy as he felt. "Congrats Bry," I said, genuinely feeling excited for him.

"Okay, sit down. We're starting the lesson now or I'll give you all detention," Mr. Harvey suddenly said to the whole class. Everyone started scrambling to their seat, not wanting to spend their after school hours with the detention teacher.

"Thanks Taylor," Bryan said to me again, heading for his seat.

"Any day," I replied, smiling.

"Taylor, you've done it again," I said to myself quietly, feeling a bit proud. I sat down.

So the success of the Bryantha couple has brought a total of nine couples that 'Taylor's Corner' has successfully paired up. 'Taylor, you're on a roll!' I thought to myself,smiling.

"Yes, very good Taylor. The ball rolls at a velocity of five meters per second. Congrats on answering this correctly," Mr. Harvey broke my daydream. He was standing in front of the class, writing five m/s on the whiteboard. The sarcasm in his tone was obvious. The class laughed silently. I looked around. I didn't realise that class had already started. How long was I daydreaming?

And oh no....Oh my goodness, I must've said what I thought out loud. Oh my goodness, I am so embarrassed. Oh, I wish the ground would swallow me up. 'Get it together Taylor!' I thought to myself. 'Time to buck up. Starting from this year, I'm going to concentrate in class. No more daydreaming or messing around,' I thought, to motivate myself.

Midterms were around the corner and I really needed to score straight A's, or get ANY A's for that matter. My semester exam results were....let's just say my parents weren't happy about that. Funny thing was, I aced my history test but my dad wasn't very happy (to put it very mildly) about the D minus thanks to physics. However, being the daughter of an astrophysics professor, it was called for. So, starting from today, I'm going to pay full attention in class, no matter how funny I find Mr. Harvey's nostrils are. I'm gonna give full concentration, oh, his nostrils are flaring again. Hahaha! No! Taylor, focus! Ugh, when is it going to be recess. Maybe if I concentrate in class, time will just fly past.


Turns out to be true. The fifty minutes went by like a breeze. The bell rang without me noticing that the first period ended. Also, I finally understood what Mr. Harvey was talking about in class. Wow, I should do this more often. I was so happy, I actually skipped (Me. SKIPPING. Me. Doing something other than walking!) out of class. I headed to my locker, thinking that I should be doing this for every class. How hard could it be? I couldn't wait to tell Jackson. When I reached my locker, as if he had a sixth sense, he was at his locker. I walked up to him silently and stood at the back of him. I crouched, trying to scare him

"Hey Tay," he greeted me. I straightened up from my bent knees.

"Hey psychic," I greeted him back, adjusting my bag on my shoulder. "Oh! Guess what?" I said, biting my lip, excited to tell him, and I don't even know why. 

"What?" he asked me as he arranged his books in his locker.

"I finally understand physics!" I jumped a small jump. "Honest! I now know what momentum means. Uh huh. Can you believe it? ME? Understanding physics?" I made a blowing up motion with my hands from my head. "MIND BLOWN," 

He closed his locker door. "That's great Tay. Maybe you can finally get the A you need," he smiled, joking around.

"Ugh, Jackson," I said, faking being annoyed. 

He laughed. "Just kidding," 

"So," I headed for my locker, with Jackson behind me. "I have a theory about Mr. Harvey," I told him, finally reaching my locker door and opening it. 

"What theory?" he asked, entertaining my weird theories.

I have theories for almost everything. Like that one time, our neighbour Mrs. Thomas didn't leave her house for almost a week. Not even to throw the rubbish or to water her plants. I had a theory that she was so caught up with Desperate Housewives, she totally forgot about her other responsibilities. 

But....they don't always turn out to be true, 'cause turns out her husband passed away...We were invited to the funeral 2 days after she came out of the house. Mrs. Thomas was always nice to us, so I felt immediately guilty, but this theory was more...friendly. 

"Mr. Harvey isn't mean. He's just grumpy from all the work the school gives him. I mean, managing the students' discipline records must not be easy, right? You know what happened?" I closed my locker door and turned to face Jackson. He raised his eyebrows as if asking, "What happened?"

"He didn't even give me detention for forgetting yesterday's homework. Not even a scolding! Poor Mr. Harvey," I shook my head. Jackson laughed.

"What?" I asked, laughter in my voice.

"Nothing. Just remembering all your weird theories," His face turned serious. "That turned out to be untrue," 

I shrugged. "That's why they're called theories? 'Cause you don't know what's true or not?"

The bell rang. I had sports after this...Great. 

"Oh! Bye Jackson. Gotta go before I miss Miss Fuller's roll call," I waved at Jackson and headed to the gym.


So here's the thing. I'm not lazy, just unmotivated and one thing that makes me even more unmotivated is the fact that I have to be active in sports. I wouldn't think I'm unhealthy, because I go for walks at the park near my house everyday with Jackson. Another reason I dread sports period is because of one person and one person only...Kai Andrews.

I've known Kai for a few years, even had some classes together. Kai Andrews. Even the name chills people down to the bone. People call him the Ned Kelly of the school. He's done so many bad things before that he's had 40 detention slips, been suspended twice and even went to a spiritual camp because he was just. that. bad. One more time he gets suspended, he gets thrown out of school, so basically he's on his best behavior nowadays. Still, I get nervous every time I'm around him. I guess it's the fact that his eyes are intimidating. You know those kinds of eyes when you look at them, its like you're sucked into a deep black vortex. That was exactly how Kai Andrew's eyes made people feel. His irises were so brown they were black. His stare could pierce through metal and one gaze from him could make you remember all the times you've ran into him, thinking maybe you've done something wrong. His hair was this beautiful brown colour, spiked up at all the right places. His jaw was  probably carved by angels. In a nutshell, he was the boy you hated to love. Almost all the girls hate him, but they love him, AND I was one of them; when I was a green bean, aged 14.

"Where's Kai Andrews?" Kayla, one of my classmates, asked me.

His name was Kai Andrews to our class, and almost to the whole school; not just Kai, no, it was too bland for a guy like him. He was addressed by his full name, as if it was his given name. I looked around for him.

"Not sure," I said, looking at the area where the bathrooms were. Usually, that was where he smokes. I think he's quit though.

Kayla exhaled."Thank goodness,"

She too, was a victim of 'Kai Andrews syndrome'. Who doesn't hate to love a bad boy? "He scares the hell out of me," she paused, looking around. Then she whispered, "But he's so hot," I nodded, knowing exactly what she means. I too, hate to love him. Suddenly, we heard a whistle blow and Miss Fuller, our sports teacher, motioned for us to gather around her. 

"Okay guys, we've got to start now or I'll start growing grey hairs," 

Miss Fuller was a twenty four year old child prodigy turned teacher, according to her. She was fit and you could tell by the way she threw a ball that she wasn't lying when she told us that she was in the national youth team for shot put when she was 11.

When we had all gathered around her, she roll called, ticking our names off as we raised our hand. "Kayla Stewart," "Missy Pines," "Teagen Paile," "Taylor Young," "Kai Andrews," Everyone at that moment looked around for Kai Andrews because...well, that's what we all usually do. Miss Fuller looked up from the attendance book to look for him too. "Kai Andrews," she called out again. She always calls out three times and if you didn't answer by the third, your name will be marked with an O, meaning you didn't come. "One last time Kai Andrews!" she shouted, to make sure that Kai heard. "You know the system! Third time and your absent!" She still looked around. "Kai Andrews," she called out and when he didn't answer, she smiled, smug. 

"Well, too bad so-," 

"Here," Kai Andrews walked into the gym, raising his arm as he walked down the stairs. His arms, oh my goodness, his arms are probably the most model-worthy arms I have ever seen. Which makes sense, 'cause he goes to the gym every weekend. Not...that...I stalk his instagram or anything. 'Cause that would be creepy...pfft.

Miss Fuller looked up. Her face turned annoyed. "Don't test me Kai," she warned him, eyes probably heated enough to shoot lasers.

"Honestly wasn't miss," he replied, joining our circle around Miss Fuller. She glared at him for a few long seconds and then averted her eyes away, roll calling again. "Elliot Park,"

After taking everyone's attendance, she pointed at a bag near the bleachers with her pen. It was filled with netballs. "Grab a ball, get a partner and throw it at each other. I want to see the four types of netball passes," 

Kayla and I paired up. "I'll go get the ball," I told her and jogged to the bleachers to get it. I reached there the same time as Kai Andrews and my heart skipped  a beat. Up close, he smelled strongly of cologne. Probably was smoking, then..or not. He saw me and smiled one of those heartthrob smiles. Coming from Kai, it was deadly scary; to me, that is. He grabbed a ball and passed it to me, grinning. "Catch," he said. I quickly tried to catch it because I zoned out over how close I was to him. I caught it without making myself look ridiculous, but still flailed in the process. 

"Th-thanks," I stuttered to him, and quickly ran off. 

"No problem," I heard him say, voice without malice.

This was definitely a changed Kai. Kayla was observing us and when I reached her, her mouth was wide open, gaping. 

"Kai! Kai Andrews! He-he just passed you a ball! He passed it! He didn't throw it or try to hit your face deliberately with it!" she practically squeaked. I could understand her shock, so I nodded rapidly at everything she said. 

We both turned our heads to look at him. He was trying to dribble the netball, his friends laughed as he attempted to do it. 

"Well," I said, after a long while of observing him. "Meet the new Kai Andrews,"


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