Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


8. Here goes nothing

Hey guys! I'm back! Yayyy :D I'm sooooo sorryx1000000 for not updating in like, a month. It's the school holidays here in my country and I've been spending some time with my family and friends. When I finally decided to update, my computer crashed! Just my luck, huehue. I sent it for repair and now it's back, yays!  Turns out that I had a ton of virus in my laptop, I have no idea from where, LOL. I feel soooo bad for not updating, so here's another chapter! I hope you enjoy it :)



"That's good to hear," Kai says to me after I give him a reply, which I felt took almost an eternity to do. 

He leaned against the lockers, crossing his arms. 

"So, where's your friend? What's his name? Stevens?" he asks me, creasing his eyebrows, trying to recall Jackson's name.

"Jackson," I corrected him. "Stevens is his surname," 

He snaps his finger and nods. "Yeah! Him. Where is he? He's usually with you, right?" he says and I realise that that's true. Jackson IS always with me. How come I've never realised this? We're somehow ALWAYS together. We go to school together, hang out and eat lunch together, we have the same classes and we even walk home together. Heck, we even hang out together during the weekends. I guess I've been with him for so long that he feels like a norm; like your foot or something. 

"Uhm," I began, not sure what to say. I came to school with Jackson but since our lockers are no where near each other, he headed the opposite direction, though I'm not sure that he's at his locker.

As if Jackson was a psychic (which I have established that he is one), he walks up to my locker and stands behind me. I don't realise that he's behind me though, until Kai points it out.

"Well, look who's here. What's up Stevens?" he asks Jackson and extends his hand out for a handshake. I turn around to see Jackson standing behind me, or more accurately, towering me. 

Jackson just looks at Kai's extended hand, or more accurately, glares at Kai's hand, not returning the handshake. He creases his eyebrow, as if not sure if he should return the handshake or not. After a few long seconds of no response from him, I cleared my throat, which caught Jackson's attention. He looks at me and I motion with my eyes toward Kais' extended hand, still waiting for Jackson to return the handshake. Jackson gives me a look that says, "Are you serious?"

I nodded discreetly to answer is unspoken question. Jackson reluctantly lifts his hand and shakes Kai's hand, obviously not happy about doing so. I smile to myself, glad that he did that. I didn't want Kai to think that Jackson doesn't like him, even though that fact might be true.

"So, Stevens. Where have you been, leaving your damsel in distress all alone in the hallways?" Kai jokes but I immediately panic. Damsel in distress?? Well, how does he know I'm in distress??? Is it showing in my face? Oh no! Am I being too nervous or jumpy? Even though I know Kai's joking, but I'm wondering what makes him say that. I mean, I don't get bullied or anything. At least, not in-my-face bullying.

Jackson's confusion mirrors mine. His eyebrows are creased from confusion.

"What?" he asks Kai and Kai just chuckles, his shoulders moving up and down slightly as he does. 

"I mean, you and Tay are always together," Kai explains and Jackson looks at me and raises an eyebrow.

'Tay?' he mouths to me and I shrug, eyes wide and sort of shocked that Kai has already referred to me using a nickname. 

"Plus, Taylor seems to get herself into a lot of sticky situations based on my observations, though I don't know if that's true," he adds and I laugh sarcastically to myself. He has no idea how true what he said was. Jackson seems to agree as well, 'cause he's chuckling and nodding his head. 

"You have no idea," he says to Kai, agreeing with what Kai said. 

Hey! Jackson! Why are you confirming it?? 

"One time, she forgot to about the science fair project and she pulled an all-nighter but when she was done, it was already one in the morning. She realised that she forgot to type up the report and-" Jackson started to tell Kai and immediately realise which story he's telling. 

"Okay!" I cut him off before he could tell any more, because this story is super embarrassing, like everything about me and my klutzy-ness. 

"I think we better go before the bell rings," I say to Jackson, dragging him by the arm to head to the east side of the hallway to head to class, which Jackson and I share. 

 I turned my head around to face Kai. "I'll see you during lunch, Kai," I said to him and turned my head back around to face the front again.

I release Jackson's arm as soon as we round the corridor, out of Kai's sight.

"Well....I'm glad that you and Kai are getting along," I said to him sarcastically, walking in front of him. I heard him laugh.

"You're mad?" he asked me, amused. What's so amusing? I don't get it.

"No," I replied, though I AM sort of mad that Jackson told him about the 'science fair' incident, even though there's not REALLY anything to be mad about.

"Yeah, sure," Jackson said, not believing me. I whipped my head to face him.

He raised his hands in the air, as if surrendering.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry," he apologises and I turn around to face the front again. 

"By the way, me and Kai are not 'getting along'," he adds, using his fingers as air quotations for 'getting along'. I shake my head, chuckling a little.

"Okay, sure," I say to him, not believing him.

"So, I take it that you haven't told him?" Jackson asks me and I shake my head sullenly. I really have to tell him. 

"So when are you going to do it? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Next decade?" Jackson teases and I smack his arm, not amused, though I AM slightly amused. 

"Not funny," I tell him and crossed my arms from the sudden chill I felt coursing through my body. I think I'm coming down with a cold.....

He laughs at his own joke, then adds, "But seriously, when are you gonna tell him?" 

I shrug, not sure myself. I have to tell him someday...

I'm silent for a while, thinking to myself. Jackson knows I'm thinking to myself, so he doesn't say anything. He just walks beside me, occasionally greeting people with a wave or a high five. Finally, after being silent for a while, I tell him.

"Today," I say, turning to face him. He looks back at me with a raised eyebrow.He doesn't say anything at first, but after being silent for a while, he says, "You sure?" 

I nod, confirming it.

"It's now or never. Plus, I doubt that Hailey would agree to go on the date with him, so I guess I better tell him myself than him finding out from Hailey. There will probably less hatred toward me," 

Jackson creases his eyebrows, not sure what to say. Then, his face relaxes.

"Nah," he says and I raise an eyebrow.

"Nah?" I repeat, not sure what he means.

"Kai won't hate you," he tells me, comforting me. I smile a small smile at his attempt. It was really sweet.

"Thanks Jackson," I say and we head off to class, talking about a different topic.


It's finally lunch time and Jackson and I head to the cafeteria together. When I open the doors to the cafeteria, who do I see? None other than Kai Andrews himself with his friends, talking and joking around. Great, it's really the time to tell him. I feel like it's time for my execution, where I walk up to stand in front of the firing squad, waiting for them to shoot me. Yes...that's how I see this WHOLE SITUATION. 

I line up with Jackson at the food section to get our lunch and in my head, I'm making up different scenarios to me confessing to him about the mix up. I could tell him straightforwardly, no beating around the bush, OR I could beat around the bush and sugar coat my words so that it doesn't sound harsh. 

"Taylor, take the food," I hear someone say and I snap back to reality to see the lunch lady holding my prepared food in front of me. Huh? I don't recall ordering any food. I turn to face Jackson who's looking at me weirdly. 

"I ordered it for you while you were daydreaming," he tells me. "All you have to do is just take it and pay," 

I nodded, understanding. My brain's really groggy right now to process anything....

I take the food from the lunch lady, who's glaring at me and probably cursing silently at me for taking up too much of her time. I head toward the table where all our friends are sitting and I notice Kayla already there. She cheerfully waves at me.

"Heya Taylor!" she greets as she scoots down the table's bench to allow me to sit. I sit down and return her greeting. I see that Jackson had ordered the chicken lasagne for me. It's my favourite food from the cafeteria. How did Jackson know? 

"Hope I ordered the right one," he says to me, sitting on the bench opposite of mine. 

I face him. "Thank you so much! This is my favourite! How did you know?" I ask him and he simply shrugs.

"I just do," he tells me and smiles playfully. I return him smile and dig into my lasagne.  

The whole time during lunch, I forgot completely about the whole 'confess to Kai' ordeal and it wasn't until the first bell rang, signalling the last five minutes of lunch that I suddenly remembered about Kai. I scan to see where he is and I see that he's still at his table, but now I see that he's talking to someone. I move my head to see clearly who it was and my eyes widen when I finally saw who it was.

He's talking to Hailey! Oh my god! Oh my god! CODE RED! CODE RED! UGHHHH, WHY DIDN'T I TELL HIM EARLIER?? 

I see that Hailey is listening intently to what he's saying and nodding at some parts. I hope he's not talking about the date. Okay, now's the time. The more I put  off, the worse it'll become. I go.

I stand up from my seat and head toward Kai, every step feeling heavy and every second that passes by feels like a minute went by. Time feels like it's going slower, like I'm walking in slow motion. Before I know it, I'm standing next to Hailey and in front of Kai.

They both notice me standing there and avert their attention to me.

"Hi Taylor," Hailey greets me with a wave and I wave back.

"Hi Hailey. you mind if I talk to Kai for a while?" I ask her and she shakes her head.

"Not at all," she tells me and then, turns to face Kai.

"I'll see you later Kai," she says to him and turns around to head towards the cafeteria door. I see that Kai's smiling widely, obviously happy that he talked with Hailey just now. Oh ironic is it that I wanted to help him with his love life and now I'm crushing it. Oh, the irony.

He faces me, still wearing the smile on his face.

"What's up Tay?" he asks me and I wish the ground would swallow me up right now.

"Kai, I need to tell you something began, feeling my heart racing as every second passes by. 

"Sure," he says and I wish he didn't have the smile on his face because it's making me feel super bad right now.

"It's about the date with Hailey," I say.

"O...kay?" he says cautiously, not sure what to expect. Before I could say anything else, he says.

"Is it about where I'm taking her? Because I can bring her somewhere else if it's not appropriate. I mean, I know Hailey's a classy girl, so a party probably isn't the best choice, but what IS the best choice. I want to make a good impression, you know? I don't want her to think I'm a bad date planner on top of being the so called 'bad boy of the school'. Plus-," He kept droning on and on about the date with Hailey and I just couldn't take the guilt anymore. So....the confession came out like word vomit.

"Kai, the truth is, she doesn't like you. She likes some other Kai and I just got it mixed up! She doesn't plan to go on a date with you and I AM SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! KAI, PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!" I confessed, saying it as quickly as I could. I begged him not to hate me and I closed my eyes, not wanting to see his reaction. When he doesn't say anything, I open my eyes, which was a mistake.

Kai just sits there, looking confused and hurt. 

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