Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


3. Help?

Hey guys :), sooooo sorry that I haven't updated in a long time. Been busy with school and stuff, but here's a new chapter! :D hope you enjoy it :)


 I stared at the pudding cup as Kayla put spoonful after spoonful of rice pudding in her mouth. She noticed me staring and looked up, eating another spoonful of pudding. She offered some to me. 

"Come on Tay. You know you wanna," she waved the cup in front of me. 

I shook my hand, implying that, no, no I do not. She shrugged and continued eating. I continued staring. I mean, how could I not? I've had rice pudding before and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was even worse than that time Jackson and I ate a pizza with 24 different spices on it. We got lost at this really shady neighbourhood and had to eat at that shop. Needless to say, I had some nuclear bombing happening in my stomach after that. But to be fair, it was kind of called for. I mean, the pizza shop was called Inferno, so..... However, rice pudding was a different story. It looks like glue and feels like glue. The first time I tasted it, I knew we weren't going to be friends. 

"Don't discriminate food Taylor," Kayla told me, while scraping the remainder of the rice pudding in the cup. I sat up straight from my slouch. 

"I don't hate it. I just...don't like it...with a passion...," I explained, but even I didn't convince myself. Kayla raised her eyebrows, as if saying, 'Yeah right,'. I raised both my hands up in the air, surrendering. "Fine! Okay, yes, I hate rice pudding. Why do you like it?" I asked, still staring at the pudding cup. She shrugged, putting the cup down on the table.

"Same way you like meddling with people's love life,"

I nodded. "Oh," Then, realising what she just said, I became defensive. "Hey!"

Before I could say anything else, Jackson walked up to our table, which is hardly surprising, seeing as he alternates between his librarian friends

"Oh, look! It's your other friend who also likes rice pudding!" Kayla teased, taking the other rice pudding cup she saved for Jackson. 

"Here Jack," she said, passing it to him. He took and nodded. "Thanks," Jackson slumped onto the seat next to me and opened it, no smile on his face or any stories to tell. Kayla and I noticed his mood immediately because, frankly, Jackson was always a happy guy.

"Why so glum Jackson?" I asked, patting him on the shoulder. He shrugged. 

"What happened?" Kayla whispered to me, but it was loud enough for Jackson to hear.

"Kai Andrews is what happened!" he burst out so suddenly, I flinched, leaning back. 

"Sorry Tay," he said to me while scooping some rice pudding. I immediately looked at the white, gluey looking texture of the pudding and scowled, out of habit.

"Kai Andrews? What did he do this time? He's considered a saint now if you compare him to his previous self," Kayla said, probably flashing back to the time he passed the ball to us during sports period. Jackson scoffed. "Yeah right. I guess putting 50 grams of potassium in a beaker full of water and causing my report to burn is a saint," He rolled his eyes.

As if on cue, Kai Andrews was walking in our direction. He caught me staring before I could turn away. Great, just great, now he's heading towards our table.

"No, no, no," I said, as he approached closer.

Jackson turned around to see what I was talking about and when he saw Kai Andrews walking toward us, he whipped his head to face me.

"What did you do?!" his face was scrunched up, mad.

"Nothing!" I said, panicking.

Kai reached our table and pointed at me and Kayla.

"Heya! It's Kayla and Tayla!" he said, as if he was an emcee.

"It's Taylor," I murmured to myself. Kai faced me, hands at his ears, as if he couldn't hear what I just said. I hope he couldn't.

"What? What what?" he said, moving closer to me, as if he wanted me to repeat it. Of course, I knew better not to.

He noticed Jackson and turned away from me to face him. "Eyyy! It's Stevens! Jacky Stevens, how you doin'?" he practically slapped Jackson on the back. Jackson cringed from the force.

Jackson just sat still, trying to control his temper. I could tell. Jackson rarely gets angry, but when he does....Godzilla ain't got nothing on him.

"You still mad about the H two O in chem huh, Jackson?" Kai mocked, patting him on the head as if he was a puppy. Jackson started to look really pissed.

"Buzz off Kai," Jackson moved his head away and faced Kai.

"Thanks to you, I have to rewrite my report, so just back off," Jackson stood up and faced Kai square in the eyes, as if challenging him. Kai laughed. 

"Hey man, just chill okay? I didn't mean to. Relax," he sat Jackson down and pat him on the back. "I'll even do it for you if that's what it takes for you to chillax," 

Woahhhhh, that was sooooo not what Kai would say. This is alternate Kai. It was almost scary.

The bell rang, signalling that recess was over. "Gotta go or I'll be late for class," Kai slapped Jackson on the back. 

"Take it easy, man," 

As he walked away, Kayla and I just sat there,looking at them as they walked away, mouth gaped.

"What....," I said, stunned. 


"Damn it. Gonna be late again," I quickly took out my literature books from my locker and slammed it shut. My class was on the other side of the school and it'll probably take me ten minutes if I walk. I knew this was wrong, but I HAVE to do it or else I'm going to miss the test Mrs. Edison told us about yesterday. So, I ran. Taylor Young, sixteen years old and breaking school rules. I just hope Mr. Harvey doesn't- oh great. He saw me. Oh no! 

"Miss Young! Stop running!" he called out and I immediately stopped. I am in so much trouble. 

He walked over to me and as he was, he put his hand in his jacket pocket. Oh man, I've seen him do this like sixteen times so I just knew it. 

"You know Taylor, I thought that after having sixteen detention slips, you would learn to follow the rules," He took out that atrocious book with the white detention slips in it. He started filing in what was needed. 

"But you never seem to learn. I let you off the hook for forgetting your homework, but I'm not letting this one slide," He ripped off the paper from the book and held it in front of me to take it. I took it reluctantly.

"Sir, please, please,please make an exception for this," I begged. "I'm reeeeeally late for literature and this was the only way I could think of," I tried to explain, but I knew Mr. Harvey wouldn't take it back. True enough, he shook his head. 

"Sorry Taylor, but rules are rules," he simply said, folding his arms.

I sighed, not sure what to do. The thing is...,"Sir, if I get three more detention slips, I'm going to be suspended," I told him, but I knew that he knew.

Twenty detention slips means that you get suspended from school. Sixty means expulsion. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably get expelled by the end of the year. The thing is, it's not easy to get detention slips. Mr. Harvey just gives anyone detention even if they break ONE rule. Even if it's a simple rule of 'No running in the hallways'. 

Mr. Harvey sighed. I knew he was just doing his job as a teacher, so, I decided to just take it.

"I'll see you in room 305, sir," I said to him, before power walking to the other end of the school.


I opened the door to my literature class and saw that the others have already started. Mrs. Edison was sitting at her desk, reading Wuthering Heights. I closed the door and approached her desk. 

"Mrs. Edison, I'm so sorry that I'm late," I told her. Mrs. Edison closed her book and faced me, a soft smile on her face. Her brown hair was in a bun, as always. She's probably one of the nicest teachers in the school. She lets me off the hook all the time.

"It's okay Taylor. We've just started," She took one of the test papers and passed it to me. 

"Quickly have a seat and start right away. Remember, no talking," She smiled at me as if she thought I was going to. Of course, I wasn't. I thanked her and quickly headed for my seat. 

When I saw the questions, I felt a wave of relief. I knew how to answer the questions. The Phantom of the Opera. It's one of my favourite literature books. I mean, Moby Dick and Hamlet were okay, but I really liked how the phantom was just lonely and not evil. I could relate to him somehow....

I quickly answered the questions and when Mrs. Edison told us to hand in the papers, I breathed a sigh of relief. I answered all the questions on time. Phew. Now I can take a breather.

"Taylor. Taylor," I heard someone whisper my name and I turned my head to the direction of the voice.

Hailey Nelson was sitting next to me. Huh, I didn't realise. Her strawberry blonde hair was tied up in a tight ponytail and face was makeup free, as usual, but she still looked like a model. Sometimes, I envy her for being so flawless. 

"Hey Hailey,"  I greeted. 

"Taylor, could you help me?" she asked. Well, this was different. Hailey usually doesn't ask me for help. 

"Sure. On what?" I asked, in case it was something bad or illegal, which I highly doubt.

She looked down to the ground with a sheepish grin. "Uhm...on a date?" she said after a short while. She looked up and faced me. "I know you have a segment on the Tuesday radio and I would've called in, but y'know...if I did, my dad would....," she cut off and I understood. 

Hailey's dad was the school's principal, Mr.Nelson. No one in their right mind would call a school radio station and confess their feelings for someone if their parent played SOME role in school. I smiled, glad to be of assistance.

"Sure!" I sat up straighter and turned my body to face Hailey better. "Who's the lucky guy?" I asked, excited.

Hailey looked down again and wringed her hands, a habit I've realised she's done since she was 12, whenever she was nervous. 

"Uhm..this guy's in my art class. His name's Kai-,"

"Oh my god!" I cut in before she could finish, because I knew who it was! I knew who she was crushing on!

I put my hand in front of her, as in saying 'Stop'. "No worries, I know exactly who you're talking about," I told her, smiling as if I knew an inside joke. Her face changed from nervous to relieved. 

"Thank goodness for you Taylor," she said, shoulders slumped as if confessing was draining her energy. "It's just embarrassing, you know?"

I nodded, understanding. "I do know," I replied, putting my hand to my heart, sympathising. "He IS mysterious," I said, referring to her crush. 

Her eyes lit up. "I know right!" Suddenly, the bell rang before we could say anything more. Everybody grabbed their stuff. Hailey put a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you so much Taylor," she said and waved me goodbye.

I waved back and smiled. This set up is going to be interesting. I mean, it's surprising that she's crushing on a guy like that. Hailey Nelson and Kai Andrews sound like a recipe for disaster but hey, who am I to say? I knew it was only a matter of time before one of them confesses. I've noticed them exchanging looks during assembly and recess. I even saw them laughing and talking together (flirtatiously, I might add) just now, in the cafeteria.  The thing is, how do I ask him? This one is probably the trickiest I've ever done.

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