Stupid Cupid (ON HIATUS)

Taylor Young has just made a MAJOR mistake. Originally wanting to help people with their love life, she uses the school's radio station to set people up on dates. They call in, tell her who they're crushing on and she sets them up on a date.

But what happens when she accidentally sets up the principal's daughter with the school's most notorious rebel? She has to quickly find a way to set things right before the principal finds his own school!


6. Advice

Hey there! :D So sorry I didn't update yesterday, I just finished finals and was sooooo tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open to type, but here it is! :D I hope you enjoy it :) So sorry that it's short :(, 'cause I'm now working on NaNoWriMo (hopefully I'll make it in time XD). Enjoy!


"Jackson! A least TRY to help me," I said to him on the phone.

"Well, I DID warn you about this," he simply replied, sounding distracted and I knew exactly what he was doing. Homework. Jackson always finishes his homework on time. ALWAYS. Oh Jackson, I just wish you could spare some time from academics to help me.

"Okay, now is not the time to rub it in my face," I tell him, light-heartedly. Jackson and I rarely argue;almost never.

He laughs. "Well, it's true. I did warn you and look what you're in now. No offence," he said.

Life is so unfair. What started out as a good intention became something confusing. I feel like I'm in some romantic comedy sitcom. Bad boy falls for principal's daughter, principal's daughter likes someone else, her friend tries to help but setting them up, said friend sets them up by accident, trouble is soo to come. How much more of a sitcom can my life be? Oh ya, the friend asks help from her best friend. Yup, I'm in a romantic comedy sitcom.

"Look, just tell Kai that it was-," Jackson started to say, but I cut him off before he could say anything else 'cause I knew what he was going to say.

"AN ACCIDENT!?" I shrieked.

"Jackson, I think you know better than to tell Kai Andrews something he doesn't want to hear. This is something he DOES NOT want to hear," I say and I could hear him scoff.

"You were the one who said that he's changed. Well, if he's changed, why are you scared of telling him the truth?" he said and I could hear a smirk in his voice.Now that he's mentioned it, I never realised that I do still think of him as the school's rebel who doesn't give two flying effs about anyone ,who smashes and dents lockers and occasionally people's face. 

"Well...yeah but still. He has changed, trust me. He reads Hamlet, okay?" I told Jackson and I felt like I just shared the biggest secret in my life.

"What?" Jackson sounded confused as if I was speaking gibberish, which maybe I was since I was SO STRESSED ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION. Plus, Jackson's too busy with the love of his life, A.K.A homework to help me with my problem, so I guess I'm gonna have to get myself out of this I always do when I get into trouble.

"Okay, you're right. If he is who I said he was, then there's really nothing to be afraid of. I mean, he confessed to me. That's already a big step. So, tomorrow, I'll tell him the truth and whatever happens...happens," I say into the phone, thinking that Jackson would be proud of me for trying to make things right. 

He was quiet. Really quiet. It felt like no one was on the phone. 

"Uh, Jackson?" I said, looking at the phone to see if the connection was bad. Nope, there were five bars. 

I decided to keep quiet. Maybe he'll notice my silence and actually reply. I waited for a while and he still hasn't replied. I cleared my throat.


"Huh? Oh, sorry Taylor. I was just confused with this calculus question. Hey, what would you get if you differentiate the equation of the normal on a tangent?" he asked and I honestly have no clue of what he's saying. I don't even take calculus.

"Five," I randomly answered.

He was quiet for a while, thinking probably. "Wait, did you differentiate yet?" he asked, sounding confused.What does that even mean? I shake my head. Jackson's brain is really muddled up right now that he completely forgot that I don't take calculus.

"No. Anyway, good luck with calculus Jackson. I'll see you tomorrow," I said, not wanting to disturb him with his homework. He sounds really stressed and I feel guilty. 

"Night Taylor," he replies, sounding disappointed. About what, I don't know. 

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