why des everything go wrong 5 seconds of summer fan fic

its about a boy called James who loves music and music is his life he had n parents everybody at school hated him and nothing ever went right for him until he meet 5 seconds of summer


1. i wish i was a singer

it was a early morning James had school even though he  did not like  school he had n choice. he packed his ruck sack and just sat on the table wishing he knew his parents but he didn't he was a orphan and he had his breakfast and left he sore this guy roller skates outside he smiled but  James didn't see him Luke come back inside we need to rehearse it was Luke from 5 seconds of summer I'm really worried about that kid he's fine leave him.  fine he went back in James walked onto the bus all the kids laughed at him he put his hoody up and sat right at the back.  while singing along wit the music in his earphones he was singing she looks saw perfect all the ids covered their ears of course James thought he could  sing he arrived at school boys went unto him and said five seconds of summer would never be your friend he just left  it was nearly home time. He got his bag pack and put on his ear plugs and left fr the bus singing she looks saw perfect standing their all the kids just whispered and made fun of James. James got into the bus and finally reached home and  sore luke from 5 seconds of summer he stopped for minute hi Luke said i like your headphones what are you listening to he put the heardphnes he loked up and said you like 5 seconds of summer yes i do he said  i cant believe im talking to from 5 secnds f summer i am a singer also really sing me something he started sing wait hold up said uke that's really you wow im impressed calum ashton Michael . cme ut hear and meet james hes an amazing singer . hey guys they all high fived him who is your faovright mine is luke  but your all amazing  how wuld you like to be part of 5 seconds of summer end of part 1

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