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4. Dylan

He grabs the squirty cream and walks over spraying it all over my body "now bitch your goon to stay still whilst I lick this all off" he says and I nod. I moan and he licks my clit and all the cream away putting his tongue inside me for a moment. He licks all the cream off then jumps onto the table with me. He quickly puts his dick in me and sucks my boob as he rides me. We both cum and he pulls out. Soon we both get dressed because niall text me he will be home soon. Niall arrives says goodbye to Ben then niall takes me to his place. Suddenly I'm puking in the toilet and niall gets concerned. He decides to take me to the hospital. When the doctor comes out he smiles. "Congrats you two, your hVing a baby" he sese I gasp and look to niall. He has a confused look on his face. "But we used protection every time" niall frowns and I feel tears run down my cheek. "Niall I have to tell you something" I cry and e looks at me serious. "I had sex with Ben" I cry he looks angry and lets out a scream punching the wall before storming out. I try to call after him but he's gone. 2 hours later I'm sat in a hospital bed whilst the nurses do scans and things. Then I hear nialls voice....and bens. Niall comes in dragging Ben in as well, "here" niall says angrily, "I hope you have a nice little family" he says sarcastically still angry . "Niall wait please" I beg as he goes to leave. "Lets do a DNA test please" I cry and niall gives me an angry look. "We used protection you two didn't does it really look like I'm the dad" he growls angrily. "Please" I beg giving him puppy eyes, I no they work on him. "Fine" he says, both Ben and niall go to do whatever For the test and now niall sits on a chair next to me. I duno where Ben is. We don't talk just look away. Until the doctor comes back. "The results of the test show thAt....." He pauses. Get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!! "Niall horan is the father" the doctor smiles. I gasp happy tears conning to my eyes and I hug niall. He doesn't hug me back. "But we used protection" he frowns, "it must of broke" said the doctor and walks away. I look up and niall gets up, "it's my kid yh but that doesn't mean I'm with you any more." He says harshly and I cry begging him telling him I'm sorry but he doesn't believe me. 9 months later I'm in the hospital about to give birth. I scream in pain it hurts loads. Niall stays in the corner just watching and I finally I have my baby. It's a boy!!!! I cuddle him in my arms and smile, he's beautiful. I look at niall and he stares at him. "Do you want to hold him" I ask and niall walks over taking the baby from my arms. He smiles down at him. He loves him too. "What should we call him" I ask and we both say "Dylan" at the same time. I nod happy and tell the nurse his full name Dylan Buffy Greg Horan. His two middle names of my sister and nialls brother. My family and his walk in and all hold the baby. They were ok with me being pregnant and rally supported me throughout it all. Later on we can all leave and our family goes first me and niall stay behind. "I will have him on Thursday, Fridays and saterdays" he says. I nod feeling tears in my eyes. I want him to come home with me. But he hates me. I say goodbye I take Dylan and I to the car where I drive to my new house I bought. I love on my own, just me and Dylan.

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