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3. Ben

Niall comes in soon in jeans and a checked shirt looking hot. "You look hot" he smirks and walks over kissing me roughly. I moan and he smirks. We get into his car and he drives to a restaurant. "Aw" I say as he gets out, this is a really expensive place. He opens my door for me and places his hand on my ass as we walk. I giggle and he smirks. We go in and sit down and a hot waiter walks over. He has brown straight hair, green eyes and a six pack. "Hi" he says and he smirks starring at me. He's starring at my boobs. I fill sorta uncomfortable and see niall get angry. "Hey!!!!" niall shouts angrily, "don't fucking stare at her like that" he growls. The waiter jumps and turns to niall. "Sorry" he says scared and runs off. I smile at Niall and he leans over kissing my lips. "Come on we are going" he says and stands up taking my hand and leading me out of the restaurant. We get in his car and he begins driving, soon I hear music. "Where are we going" I ask and he smirks "a party" he says and I smirk happily. I love party's. We arrive and he parks. We get out of the car and go into the use house full of music, drunk people and people grinding and dry humping. Someone comes over and niall grins man hugging the person. "Hey niall" the guy says. "Hey Ben" niall says and Ben hands is a drink. Niall gulps it down so I do the same. I think it's vodka mixed with something that makes me already fill drunk. Whilst niall and bed talk I get another drink and another and another until I'm really really drunk. "Niall" I giggle walking over and grabbing his arm. "Let's dance" I shout. We walk onto the dance floor and begin to grind against each other. I feel nialls bonner and smirk. "Come on" he growls And suddenly pulls me to a room in the house. He quickly takes of his jeans an top and boxers. He takes off my dress, bra and undies and puts his cock inside of me. I scream his name as he thrusts into me heavily. We both cum and he pulls out getting under the covers with me. We cuddle And soon the door opens and ed walks in. Niall quickly hides me yelling at him. "Oops Mmm can I have a turn after you" Ben laughs and niall shouts at him to get out. I suddenly don't feel well. "Niall I dot feel well" I moan feeling my head hurt. "Try and sleep we can stay here" he says and soon I fall asleep.

Half way through the night I wake up to someone sucking on my clit. I moan and grab nialls head. "Niall" I gasp and soon he pulls away coming up to my face. I gasp seeing Ben, that's not niall. "Get away from me!!!" I shout and search for niall. He's not here. "Shut up bitch" Ben shouts smacking me round the face. I let out a cry and he ties my hands up above my head. I asp suddenly feeling him put his dick inside of me. He begins to thrust and I can't help but moan. Soon we both cum and he pulls out. "If you tell niall, i'll tell him you came onto me" he says and I Gasp nodding. I can't loose niall. I think it's over but then he suddenly shoves his dick in me again and has sex with me again. This time he untied my hands and I grab his shoulders pushing him deeper in. I can't help but moan he feels so good inside of me. "Ben" I moan and he smirks. We cum again and he pulls out. "Bye beautiful" he smirks and leaves. I soon fall asleep and in the morning I wake up with niall next to me, wtf. Where do she go. I don't tell him about Ben. I don't want to loose him. We get dressed and he takes me to the kitchen where Ben sits eating toast. Seeing me he smirks and I only put my head down. "Babe I have to go out i'll leave you with Ben ok i'll be back soon" niall says kissing my lips. I gulp but nod he kisses me again then leaves so I'm left with Ben. "Did you enjoy lat night" he teases and I shake my head. "Lying you fucking loved it" he shouts and I gulp. Ok I did sorta enjoy it. "Come here" he growls and I slowly walk over, suddenly he presses me down against the table so I'm facing it and pulls my dress up and pulling my undies down. I ear him unbuckle his belt and soon enough he's slamming into me doggy style. "Ahhhh" I scream in pleasure. Niall had never ride me doggy style but it feels so good. "OMG Ben" I gasp, "yeah you like tang don't you" Ben moans going faster. "Harder" I pant and he slams into me until we both cum and pull away. Suddenly he lifts me onto the table taking off my dress and bra so I'm laying naked on the table. "Stay still" he growls and walks to the fridge not wearing anything. I can't help but stare at his cock, it's so big I can't wait to have it in me again!!!

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