It all started with a Dorito...

Hey guys,
we' re three Janoskianators from Greece!
We wrote this story, that's based on the creation of The Janoskians, but we changed the facts. We tried to make it a little humorous by adding some inside jokes! Hope you enjoy it!

Kisses from Greece!


1. It all started with a Dorito...

   Sometimes, your life might change from a meeting  that you consider insignificant. Those who seem insignificant can turn out to be the most important. For me it proved to be five boys, Daniel, James, Beau, Luke and Jai.

   But let’s take it from the beginning. Everything started when I was 16, on July of 2011. I was going back home from the mall, exhausted. While I was walking across the park I noticed five boys sitting on a bench, laughing and eating Doritos. To be honest,  I’ve seen them before in Melbourne, doing some silly stuff. I did not pay attention , but kept walking… Then one of them threw a Dorito straight to my head. I turned around and looked angrily at them  without saying anything.

Beau: Dude, if you do that again I’ll rip your fucking head off!

Daniel: Shut up you dickhead! I was just joking around!


I had no intention to stay there and watch their fight, so I turned around and started walking away. When they saw me leaving, they yelled at me to go back. I pretended that I was not hearing them and kept walking away. That was probably not such a good idea, since it did not solve the problem. I heard footsteps behind me and somebody appeared in front of me.


James: Hi I’m James. Please don’t misunderstand my friends, we do this kind of stuff all time.

Me: It’s okay!


I walked past him and somebody else stopped me. Again.


Jai: Do you live nearby?

Me: What do you care?

Jai: Calm down! It was just a question.

Me: Well I'm not gonna give personal information to five guys that I don’t even know their names...

Jai: Ok then, Im Jai,my twin brother Luke,my older brother Beau and this is Daniel and James

Me: Nice to meet you, goodbye!

Luke: Actually we would like your opinion about something,because we are nearly strangers,so I guess that you can be objective...

Me: How objective do you expect me to be with five immature boys that look like lesbians and spend their free time by throwing food on random people?

Daniel: Lesbians? Really? Not even gays?

Me: Yep

Daniel: I'm not gonna say anything because I'm gonna regret it later...

Me: Good for you...I'm a bit late so I have to go, goodbye

Jai: Okay, how about meeting us tomorrow? You can come by our house...

Me: I've only known you for five minutes and you want me to come to your house?

Luke: Okay, come here, at the park, I will bring my laptop...

Me: What are you gonna need the laptop for?

Beau: You will find out if you come tomorrow...


I didn't say anything and just left. I was thinking about them the whole day. At first I did not intend to go, but I was too curious to resist to find out what they wanted to show me. So the next day I got ready and made my way to the park. As soon as I got there, I saw them sitting on the same bench…


Daniel:  I told you that she would come!

Beau: Oh! Hey there..!Come here...

Luke: Here, sit next to me.

Me: Sooo, what did you guys want to show me?

Jai: Let's take it from the start, we were thinking of creating a YouTube channel and...

Me: Don't expect me to make you a YouTube channel?

Luke: No mrs "I'm smarter than you" , we know how to create channels

James: We just wanted your opinion about the videos that we are going to upload.

Me: Okay!


 Luke turned on his laptop and chose a video from his documents. I gotta admit that at first it was pretty funny ,but later it turned out to be pretty boring. I couldn't lie to them, as they were counting on me. So I decided to be honest.  


Jai: So, what do you think?

Me: Umm it is okay but...

Daniel: I knew that you would like it!

Me: Actually in the end I got a little bored...

Daniel: Oh, okay, it's a pity because I thought it was pretty good...

Beau: I think she's right to be honest...

Jai: I think it would be a good idea if we could shoot another video...

Luke: Could you help us please? By giving us some ideas maybe..?

Me: Well , I don't think that you need my help, you can do many good things on your own, that's for sure...All you need is great editing and cool ideas, but I can help you a little I guess...

Luke: Except from king of selfies, you may call me the king of editing, so you can count on me

Me: Haha okay, I trust you...And..what your name will be?

James: What do you mean?

Me: As a team of YouTubers, it would be a good idea to have a name...

Beau: Oh, we've thought about it, we'll be called "The Janoskians" Me: The Janoskians?

All of them: Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip

Me: I think I like it..!

Luke: So, hey guys, we're the Janoskians:D

Beau: Can you give us your email so that we can send you our next video? Just to give us your opinion before uploading it..


Luke: So, we are making the channel now?

All of them: Yeah

Daniel: Can you just imagine our videos actually be successful?

Jai: Who would waste his time watching five dirty pigs?

James: There is no point on being optimistic or pessimistic because we haven't even made the account...


Luke was about to press the button to create the account, but he suddenly stopped saying:


Luke: 7th of July, remember that date... We all were excited, even though we weren't sure if this whole thing was gonna work out. Luke pressed the button and the Janoskians finally united...


25 years later


Anabelle: Mum, can you show me one of their pictures taken those days?

Me: Here you go!

Annabelle: Mum..?

Me: Yeah?

Annabelle:  You were right, dad actually DID look like a lesbian!!!




The End!!!


By Iliana, Katherine, Nicole!

Thanks for reading!




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