Pick One? Impossible

Andi Summers has what you call a perfect life. No bullies, no hassles, awesome parents and more. But to her it's boring. Her family end up moving half way across the world to London. Her parents send her to the big school Hillary High. What happens when 5 extremely hot guys become involved in her 'perfect' life?


1. Prologue.


(Hey guys, this is a prologue so it will be short. But the next chapter will be long and so on.)

"Andi, we have exciting news!" My mum squealed, bouncing up and down with excited. So much excited was shown that I started to get exited to.

"Yes?" I asked sitting down on our old leather couch. It made a weird squishing sound that made me cringe. I turned my attention back to my mum and smiled.

"Your father and I have been talking and we've decided...."

OMG OMG OMG please say we're getting a puppy. Please say we're getting a puppy!!

I can't in my head!

"Were moving." My mum finishes jumping up and down.

I look at her in complete shock. Moving? As in leaving this house? My mouth falls open and my eyes start to burn with unleashed tears.

My mums notices my lack in commutation and looks at me confused.

"Aren't you excited honey?" She coos, sitting down next to me.

I finally find my voice and let my mind speak.

"Who? When? Where? Why? How? Who is the hell is going with us? When the bloody hell are we leaving mum? Where on earth are we going? Why are we even moving? How could you not talk to me about this first and included me in this discussion. " I shout, standing up and putting as much space between my mum and I.

"Excuse me?" She yells back standing up, fury written all over her face.

"How dare you talk to me like that? Go to your room?" She yelled pointing over the the hallway that leads to my room.

I burst out in laughter bending over and clutching my stomach. My mums looks at me like I've escaped a lonely bin. I probably have.

Once I recover from my laughing attack I stand back up and father my lovely mother. She looks furious.

"When did you start sending me to my room? Your normally telling me to get out of my room and go outside now you want the exact opposite?" I ask smirking at her.

"Shut up." She yells. Her tone of voice makes me flinch a bit but it doesn't matter. My mum and dad thinks it's okay just to decide to leave our perfect life, lovely comfy home, friendly little school and nice community. Not to mention I'll miss all my friends.

"Fuck you!" I say and storm off to my room.


Okay so I'll try to post the first chapter as soon as I can. I promise it will get better my fellow friends.

Fear well! Xoxo

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