meeting luke hemmings!!!!

meeting Luke Hemmings and becoming more than what i had planned.


1. the meeting day

it was a tuesday and me and my friend had been planning to go meet 5sos, my friend was close to ashton but infact they were practically dating. she took me to manchester and we were stood outside the hotel waiting for ashton to let us in, after 10 minutes of waiting we were inside the elevator going to floor 11 were the boys were. we knocked on the door and ashton answered. he welcomed us with a hug and told us to come in. baring in mind, id never met these guys in my life but i scanned around the room and was met with the most perfect blue eyes id ever had the pleasure of seeing. he came over and embraced me in a hug, to this day i still remember what he smelt like. "im luke" he said, he must of thought i was stupid or something because i obviously knew who he was. i was so drawn to him, his accent, his voice, his features. i within 2 minutes i was captivated by this boy. i eventually peeled my eyes off thia beautiful creature and met calum and michael.

we were sat in the living area and i was sat with luke, he wouldnt leave me alone, he kept looking at me and doing everything he could to touch me and i was totally fine with this. we was all having an awesome time, laughing, drinking, playing stupid spin the bottle games. i started to feel ill and i didnt know what to do because me and my friend were due to get the last train out of manchester at around 12ish, it was 10:30pm and i told the guys i was going to go lay down in the spare bedroom but i had no clue where it was because hotels just arent my thing. luke decided he was going to take it upon himself to show me where the bedroom was, like ive previously said, i was totally okay with that. he took my hand and told me i could sleep in his bed and i agreed but could you blame me? he smelt awesome and he was the sweetest guy ever. he shut the door and stayed with me but during that time, some sort of chemical reaction happend and idk if it was the alcohol or what but chemistry was just flying about. luke looked at me and then my mouth, he fucking kissed me but i kissed back and that was the night me and luke hemmings had sex. after we'd finished it was an hour until the train came so me and my friend had to leave, i met her outside because she was probably with ashton. luke took me down and out the side door of the hotel, it was raining so heavy and we was stood pressed together in the doorway, but he somehow managed to pull me closer into him. he took both of my hands and pressed them onto his chest and stomach so i could support myself, he kissed me again and said thank you for him practically being able to ram his dick into me. he said to me "do you really have to go?" i told him that if i didnt hurry up my train would be gone" we exchanged numbers and he kissed me again and said "so kiss me and tell me that i'll see you again" (bit funny because kiss me, kiss me came out with them lyrics) i kissed him and he then said "tell me that i'll see you again" and i promised but my friend had decided to get extremely drunk and pass out so i had to stay over night with the boys. it got to around 3am when me and luke decided to sleep because we're such idiots we stayed up wondering things like "why are they called buildings if theyre already built?" yep.

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