meeting luke hemmings!!!!

meeting Luke Hemmings and becoming more than what i had planned.


3. manchester wwa

the manchester shows came round and it honestly felt like forever, me and luke was texting everyday and facetiming and even playing on the xbox together, everything was going great until we started to argue alot because we couldnt see each other and it was so frustrating. we got through it though and im so proud that we did.

i was backstage of the concerts, i was able to watch them perform for the first time and i was able to be in with the crowd on the 1st of june but i came out the side enterance before the show started and a lot of girls saw me and mobbed me, i couldnt tell them why i was backstage and i couldnt tell them why i was secretly leaving to go into the crowd. i just ran.

i told luke what happened and he was so upset by it but on the brightside i saw 5sos perform and had steamy backstage sex with luke in the shared showers.

i had to leave the boys again and it was heart breaking, i was dropped off back in my hometown by one of the crew members, i cant remember his name but its something along the lines of andy or adam. luke was in the car and we had just made ourselves official to the boys and they were super happy. i still found it awkward that in the game of spin the bottle we all had to kiss each other and id kissed the whole of 5sos and witnessed some hot lashton makeout sessions.

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