meeting luke hemmings!!!!

meeting Luke Hemmings and becoming more than what i had planned.


4. 3 months without luke

we've been texting everyday non stop, ive been texting the whole of 5sos, but obviously luke more.

this part is quite upsetting because me and luke had been together for 4 months and it was great but whilst skyping and facetiming and texting, we began to argue alot and we were getting mad at each other because we werent around, we couldnt hug or kiss, we were so far apart. everyday i had texts coming in saying "i miss you, i need you" "luke really needs you kel, please come" yeah cos im gonna have the money to go to usa and make sure hes okay, as much as i really wanted to i just couldnt and i couldnt take money off the boys because i didnt wanna come across as a gold digga.

so me and luke silently suffered with no contact for 3 days, he eventually spoke to me and thats when the biggest arguement happened and i completely flipped out and we ended it. we ended up getting back together for a month and we broke up for good. now i'm 3 months down the line without luke and now i dont know what to do. i miss him and i love him more than anything.

ill probably update again with more news, believe this or not because its totally up to you guys, have a good long think😉

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