meeting luke hemmings!!!!

meeting Luke Hemmings and becoming more than what i had planned.


2. 2 days.

in the morning i was bombarded with questions and people wondering why i was wearing lukes YOU COMPLETE MEss tshirt.

all morning me and luke were in the kitchen just kissing and cuddling then he told me that i could come back in 2 days and stay with the boys for 2-3 weeks, i was super excited and i couldnt wait. me and my friend had to leave 2 hours later because we'd miss the train. we said our good byes and me and luke exchanged a very passionate kiss that somehow make all the guys cringe and look away.

at the train station id gotten a text from luke saying:

"2 days, i wanna see you. i miss you already x"

so i did, 2 days later and i was back in manchester with the boys, during the first few days we got taken to their london home, we couldnt really do much as the fans and paps were always there but you fans are what keeps the boys going and i couldnt thank you more for all you guys have done.

the days were spent eating, ordering takeaways, playing pranks on each other, arguing over ashtons honey hoops, nearly drowning, play fighting, making love to luke, more arguing, being rugby tackled to the floor everytime i came out of the bathroom.

the boya invited me to the manchester bit of the wwa tour and i believe they did 3 days and i had tickets to the 1st of june show. i said yes of course then it hit me and luke that i had to go home today, we were gutted and so upset, he let me see him cry and i cried with him. the love i have for this guy was insane. it had been 3 weeks and we'd become boyfriend and girlfriend. it was so soon but i was so happy and excited but i couldnt tell anyone, i couldnt show anyone our selfies, i couldnt even make it look like i was meeting the boys for the first time.


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