His Weakness

Evelyn is completely in love with Louis. I suppose she would have to be to stick around so long. He's controlling, gets angry easily, but underneath all of that, he is completely in love with her too. She's his weakness. That's why Liam hates her; that's why he's always hated her. So what happens when Liam takes things too far?


16. Sixteen

~~*A month later*

Evelyn’s POV:

I wake up on something much more firm than Louis and my bed. I open my eyes to look around, but I can’t see anything. Why am I blind folded? What’s going on? I try to scream, or make some sort of noise, but realize that I’m also gagged. My wrists are tied together as well as my ankles. I struggle to try and free myself but don’t have any luck. I stay wherever I am for a while before I figure that we’re in a car, because it stops, causing me to roll and hit against the door.

Then, someone opens up the back and I try to plead with them, and beg them to let me go, but they just laugh at the muffled noises I make. I feel tears starting to fall down my cheeks. A voice that I quickly recognize says, “Nice to see you again Evelyn.”

Oh my gosh, how did Liam find me? How did he get to me? I was home with Harris last night and fell asleep on the couch waiting for Louis and the guys to come home. I’m trying to wrack my brain for anything else I might remember, but then I hear Harris’s voice, and he says, “She’s unharmed, just like you asked. I honestly just left with her after she fell asleep.”

Liam asks, “And you’re sure that no one followed you or realized what happened?”

He says, “I made a mess of the place like we talked about. No one was anywhere near when we left. Everything should be perfect.”

I whimper from my spot in the car, and Liam says, “Alright then, I suppose we can go ahead and get started then.”

Someone picks me up, and I try my hardest to squirm out of their grip. Their grip only tightens, and I let out yet another muffled shriek. He just sighs, and then I hear Liam’s voice say, “You might not want to tire yourself out Evelyn, we’ve got a long, long few days ahead of us.”

I whimper quietly, and relax a bit in his arms. Maybe if I don’t make him upset or anything like that, he won’t be as bad to me. Maybe I can convince him to send me back to Louis… Maybe I can get him to hold off on whatever he has planned until Louis finds me… I’m sure he must be looking by now. I’m not really sure how long I’ve been gone, but I’m sure Louis must know there’s something wrong though. I just know it.

I’m set down on the floor. It must be concrete or something, because it’s cold and really hard. I shiver a bit, and soon enough Liam takes off the blindfold and gag. I look up at him and say, “Please let me go back to Louis… Please Liam…”

He just laughs, “That won’t be happening Evelyn. Louis turned all of them against me, and killed three of my other men. He’s going to regret it, and you’re going to help me with that princess.”

I glare at him and snap, “Don’t call me that.”

He shrugs, “Don’t worry, soon enough you won’t even care about him. It’ll work out for the both of us.”

I don’t say anything, and just continue to glare. Liam’s an asshole, and if he thinks that I’m going to stop caring about Louis, he’s insane. I’m going to get away, and I’m going to get back to Louis. I don’t care what I have to do. I’m not staying here with him. When he takes a couple steps towards me, and I move away as much and as quickly as I can with my wrists and ankles tied.

Liam shakes his head a little and says, “Now, now Evelyn, no need to be so cold.”

I say, “Just leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be anywhere near you.”

He just chuckles, and corners me before crouching down and sticking me with a needle. My eyes widen and I demand, “What the hell is that!? What did you do to me?!”

He shrugs, “Nothing, we’re just going to have some fun tonight.”

I don’t understand, but then they both leave and Liam says that he’ll be back later. I stay in the room by myself and start to feel restless. Liam comes back after a while and I’m pacing around then room; I’m bored. There’s nowhere to go and I just feel so full of energy and I just want to have something to do.

Liam smiles at me in a way that’s more mean than friendly, and he throws some clothes at me, and then drops a pair of heels on the floor. He says, “Get changed. You have two minutes.”

He shuts the door behind him, and I change quickly, listening to Liam. Maybe since he’s giving me clothes we’re going somewhere. Maybe I can get away and call Louis. I put on the small black dress he gave me, and pull on the stockings and heels. It’s kind of hard to walk in them, but I do my best, and knock on the door to let Liam know I’m finished. He smirks just a bit and throws me over his shoulder and carries me upstairs.

There are all kinds of people upstairs, and when Liam sets me down, he drags me into the kitchen and gives me a shot of something… I think it’s whiskey, but I’m not sure. I drink it like he says, and then he introduces me to some other guy named Clark. I guess this guy is nice enough, and he’s kind of attractive I suppose, but it doesn’t matter, because I’m with Louis anyways.

Louis’s POV:

Evelyn and Harris have been gone for three days now, and we haven’t heard a thing. Something’s really wrong, and I don’t know where to look or what to do to find her and bring her home safe. I just hope no one’s hurting her, and that she’s able to get away and call me soon.

I’m talking with the guys about what we’re going to do, and how we’re going to find Evelyn and Harris when I get a text from a blocked number. I open it and see it’s a picture message.

It’s a picture of Evelyn.

She’s asleep in bed with some guy. It looks like she’s naked, and her head is on his chest. The only thing I can see that’s wrong with her are red marks on her wrists, and a little dried blood on her upper arm.

What the hell is going on? Where’s Evelyn? Did she run away? What about Harris? God, I just don’t understand. I just want her to be safe and here with me. I look up from my phone and say quietly, “I have no clue what’s going on…”

They all look at the phone and Zayn says, “Christ, something’s gotta be wrong.”

I sigh and Niall says, “There’s blood on her arm, she was probably given some sort of drug…”

I say, “I just want her back..”

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