His Weakness

Evelyn is completely in love with Louis. I suppose she would have to be to stick around so long. He's controlling, gets angry easily, but underneath all of that, he is completely in love with her too. She's his weakness. That's why Liam hates her; that's why he's always hated her. So what happens when Liam takes things too far?


6. Six

~~Evelyn’s POV:

Louis and Harry didn’t tell me anything even though I promised that I wouldn’t tell Liam. We only had the conversation once, and then I just decided to drop it because right now Louis and I are in a good place. I mean, we just made up after him being angry; then I tried what he wanted me to, and we had some fantastic sex afterwards. I don’t think there’s anything I could do that could make him any happier than me besides getting all my schoolwork done quickly, and make sure to get the small tasks he leaves for me done on time if not early.

Today the guys are getting ready for our trip. We’re going somewhere, and by the time they get home I need to have bags with clothes for Louis and I in cold weather for a few weeks. I haul out our big suitcases, and pack them after I finish with a history exam. They’re all ready before the boys get back, and so I check through them one more time and then pack up the laptop and my school things so I can get extra stuff done.

The guys get back about an hour later, and Zayn is with them. Louis looks angry, and says to me, “Pack an overnight bag Evie. Bring some pajamas and then two outfits. Make sure you have a toothbrush and your iPhone charger, alright?”

I nod a little, and ask, “Cold weather again?”

He shakes his head, “Jeans and t-shirts are fine, but you probably want to bring a good jacket. Take your blanket and pillow also.”

I ask, “Can I get my bear out of the suitcase before you take it out to the car?”

He nods a little, kissing my forehead, and says, “Yeah, hurry up though, Zayn needs to get going.”

I ask, “Zayn?”

He nods, “You’re driving to the house we’re staying at with Zayn.”

I ask, “Why can’t I go with you?”

He sighs, “Liam doesn’t think it’ll be good if anyone should see you leave with me. We want to get there quickly, and then he also thinks you’ll distract me.”

I frown, “I promise I’ll just be quiet; I can sleep in the car!”

He says, “Evelyn, please just go pack… I’m already pissed about all of this bullshit, so please don’t make me angry. I don’t want to take it out on you.”

I nod a little, and trudge over to the bedroom, taking out a backpack and putting in a t-shirt of Louis’s, some boxer shorts, and then two outfits too. I grab a pillow and my blanket, and then go back out with everything packed up, and dig through my big suitcase and get the teddy bear Louis bought for me the other day.

Louis asks me, “You ready Evie?”

I nod a little, and he comes over, gives me a hug and then kisses me heatedly. I kiss him back, and then we hear Harry say, “Not that a little Louis would be inconvenient right now, but it would be inconvenient right now.”

We both pull back, and Louis says, “Zayn’s waiting for you out in his car, okay?”

I nod a little bit and ask, “Is it just going to be Zayn and me?”

He sighs, “Uhm, Liam too…”

I ask, “What?! Liam hates me Louis! What am I going to do with Liam and Zayn for however long it takes to get where we’re going?”

He shrugs, “I don’t know. You can call me or text me if you get too bored though. We’ll be there before you know it, okay? Just listen and don’t make them mad, you’ll be fine.”

I nod a little, and then turn to go, but he spins me so I’m facing him again and kisses me softly once more. I smile and say, “I love you Lou.”

He says, “I love you too babe.”

Then I go downstairs and out the door, carrying my things. I climb in the backseat of Zayn’s SUV, and set my things on the floor. I buckle my seatbelt and then say, “Uhm, I guess we’re good to go then… I have all my things, and yeah.”

The engine roars to life, and we leave. Neither of the guys say anything, and so I just put my pillow down and then curl up on the seat, pulling my blanket around myself. I close my eyes, and before I know it, I’m asleep.


I wake up to the sound of doors slamming, and look up right as Zayn opens my door. He says, “We’re stopping for dinner, come on.”

I ask, “Dinner?”

He nods, “You slept through the stop for lunch. We only went and got snacks from the gas station where we filled up at. Come on, let’s go eat.”

I nod a little and sit up, rubbing my eyes, and stretch a little before slipping my shoes back on and getting out of the car. Zayn shuts the door, and we walk inside the small diner and sit down at the table Liam went ahead and got for us. There’s not really much talking. We just look at the menu and when the waitress comes, we order drinks.

She comes back with them, and says she’ll give us a few more minutes before taking our order. I just get a hamburger, and then the guys order too. After we eat, we get right back in the car to drive some more before stopping for the night. Zayn told me we would probably drive until ten or eleven tonight, and so we had a good while left.

I just fall asleep in the back again, because there’s nothing else to do, and it’s not like the guys want to talk to me anyways. I didn’t really bring anything to do, so can you really blame me?

I just really want to get to wherever we’re going soon because being around Liam and Zayn makes me feel small and insignificant. It also makes me wonder why Liam really has to hate me, and miss how Zayn and I used to be so close. I wish things could be different sometimes, and given all this time to be thinking to myself, I start to do just that.

I really just want to cuddle with Louis and watch a film with him or something, nothing special. I just miss him, and wish that I could be with him right now.

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