His Weakness

Evelyn is completely in love with Louis. I suppose she would have to be to stick around so long. He's controlling, gets angry easily, but underneath all of that, he is completely in love with her too. She's his weakness. That's why Liam hates her; that's why he's always hated her. So what happens when Liam takes things too far?


17. Seventeen

~~Evelyn’s POV:

When I wake up I notice that I’m lying on someone’s chest, and for a moment I think that I must be back home with Louis. Who else would I be sleeping with? Then I open my eyes and see I’m in an unfamiliar room and the man I’m sleeping with is not Louis. It’s that guy Liam introduced me to last night, Clark. He’s still asleep, and has his arms wrapped around my waist in a firm grip.

I try to remember what happened last night, and it comes back bits and pieces at a time. He got me drunk, and then he had sex with me… Oh my gosh… Louis, he’s going to be furious with me. I can’t even imagine what will happen when he finds out. I feel so dirty and awful. How could I let this happen? Why would Liam set me up like this? Why can’t he just like me and let Louis and I be happy together?

I feel sick, and try to get up from the bed, but Clark’s grip is tight and firm. I try to move his hands off of me, but he only turns so he’s facing me and tightens his grip. He asks, “Going somewhere?”

I say quietly, “I’m going to be sick.”

He lets me go and I run to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I throw up just as I reach the toilet, and once I’m finished I just lie on the floor. I pull a towel down off the rack and wrap it around my bare body to cover myself in case someone comes in, and then just close my eyes and cry.

I want to go home so badly. I just want to curl up with my head on Louis’s chest and go to sleep with him. I want to play with Jack Sparrow and hang around the house I got to decorate. I just want to be anywhere but here with stupid Liam who hates me and wants to make my life miserable for no good reason. That’s all I want. Gosh, can’t Louis just save me already?


I guess I must’ve fallen asleep because I’m startled awake when someone throws the door to the bathroom open and turns the lights up so they’re as bright as they can go. I groan, and then hear Liam say, “Rise and shine Evelyn. You don’t just get to lie around all day.”

I mumble, “Go away.”

To that, he grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks it so that I have to stand up quickly to prevent my hair from being pulled any more than it already is. I cry out in pain, and Liam just barks, “Shut up Evelyn, dammit.”

I quiet down with only a small whimper as he drags me out of the bathroom and back to the room where I was originally. I see that there are some clothes on the little bed, and Liam says, “Get dressed. I’ll be back in ten minutes and if you’re not changed you’ll be sorry, got it?”

I nod a little, and he leaves, locking the door on his way out. I change quickly into the small tank top and leggings that Liam left for me, and then sit down on the bed and bring my legs up to my chest. I rest my head on my knees and juts try to breathe deeply and focus on coming up with some sort of plan to get in touch with Louis or escape or just anything that might help make my predicament somewhat better.

I can’t really think of anything except maybe if Liam has another party or something. I could try to slip off then, or maybe see if I can do something when he comes back for me.

Liam doesn’t even knock when he comes back, he just flings open the door and demands, “Let’s go Evelyn. I told you to be ready when I came back.”

I get up quickly and follow him, wanting to avoid his anger, and also make him think that I’m completely in his control. He takes me with him to a common room in the house and takes out his phone. He says, “We’re going to give Louis a call, and you’re going to tell him how much you miss him and wish he could come rescue you from all of this, and tell him how awful it all is. Got it?”

I nod a little, and he presses send and puts the phone of speaker. He sets it on the table and when Louis answers the phone, I feel a calm rush over me. Just hearing his voice ask, “Who the hell is this?” honestly makes me feel so much better.

I say quietly, “It’s me Lou, it’s Evelyn.”

He asks, “Evelyn? Are you alright?”

I open my mouth to answer him, but before I can say anything, Liam’s fingers dig into a pressure point on my arm harshly, and I cry out in pain, and whimper, “Please come find me Louis…”

He asks, “Where are you? I’ll come for you right now. Just tell me where you are princess.”

I start to answer, but once again Liam uses one of my pressure points and I just shriek, “LIAM!”

Liam drops my arm instantly, and Louis asks, “Liam took you? That son of a bitch! I’ll kill him myself. I swear, you touch her ag-“

Liam looks furious, and shouts, “That’s not what I told you to say you bitch!”

I back away frantically and then just break out into a sprint, running from him as quickly as I can. I slam the door to the room behind me, and keep running through the house. I’m so lost in the maze of hallways and so instead of still trying to find my way out as I know I don’t have much time, I decide to just hide from Liam.

I see a small cabinet, and climb into it quickly and quietly. I stay as still as possible and settle my breathing so he won’t find me. I hear him storm through the room, shouting, “Evelyn, get back here now! I swear I’ll kill you. I make you watch him die and then I’ll kill you. You’ll watch every single one of them die and then I’ll kill you!”

I force myself to remain still and quiet, and soon enough he’s out of the room and I can relax. I’m so tired and just feel terrible and stressed, and know that I’m going to have to try and hold out for as long as possible, so I just closed my eyes and will sleep to wash over me.

Louis’s POV:

Now I know who has Evelyn, and I swear I’ll kill him. I go find the boys in the other room and say, “Call in all the favors that we’ve got. Liam has Evelyn and we need to get to her as soon as possible. He’s mad. He’s furious with her, and you know she’s only going to make it worse because there’s no doubt he’s got her scared out of her mind.”

They all nod, and Niall says, “I’ll figure out where they are.”

Harry says, “I’ll call in some man power. If we go after him, we’re going to need to have as much as we can get.”

I call an old friend to see if he can get me any information on what Liam’s got planned for her, or what’s really going on wherever it is that he’s got her, and we all work to get this done as quickly as possible.

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