His Weakness

Evelyn is completely in love with Louis. I suppose she would have to be to stick around so long. He's controlling, gets angry easily, but underneath all of that, he is completely in love with her too. She's his weakness. That's why Liam hates her; that's why he's always hated her. So what happens when Liam takes things too far?


14. Fourteen

~~Evelyn’s POV:    *Two weeks later*

“No, no… Evie, babe, don’t tuck your thumb into the fist. You’ll break it if you do that.”

I nod at Louis a little, and let him reposition my fingers and thumb so I’m making a fist the ‘proper’ way. Now that my head doesn’t hurt anymore, and I’m all better, Louis and the guys are working with me because Louis wants to make sure I can defend myself if something happens.

After I have both my fists made adequately, Louis holds up a pad and tells me to hit it. I follow his instruction and hit the pad as hard as I can. He nods, seeming to be pleased with my punches. After a while, he tells me to use my right hand too. I sigh; I hate using my right hand. I mean, I know some things you need to know how to do with both hands, but I hate how awful I am with my right.

We keep working on punches for what seems like forever until Louis nods a little, and says, “Go grab a drink babe.”

I nod, and go over to my bag. I pull out one of the water bottles we bought on the way, and take a long sip from it. I wipe my face with the small towel Louis told me to bring, and then I turn around and head back over. Louis is talking to Harry, and then when I reach the two of them, he says to me, “Alright, Harry is going to work with you a bit now. He’s going to put you into some different headlocks and other holds, and I’ll talk you through how to get out of them…”

Harry steps up behind me and puts his arm around my neck and tightens it enough so it’s uncomfortable, but not enough to really cut off my breathing. Louis starts to talk me through how to get out of it just like he said and once I’m out, we do it again, but this time Louis doesn’t say a word.

We work through all kinds of headlocks and submission holds until it’s late, and I’m exhausted. Louis finally decides it’s time to go back home around 9 o’clock. We grab our things, and then get in the car. On the way back we stop and grab some takeout, and then drive the rest of the way home. When we get to the house, the lights are out, and I ask, “Aren’t Niall and Zayn home?”

Louis shakes his head, “They went out to look around and see if they could find anyone they thought we could trust enough to give a try with us. Niall said they’ll be home soon, and we’ll be meeting some new faces tomorrow.”

I nod a little, and we go inside. After we eat, I tell Louis I’m going to shower and then go to bed because I’m tired. He says he’ll be up in a bit, but just in case I’m asleep when he comes up, he gives me a kiss and says goodnight and for me to have sweet dreams.


In the morning, I wake up alone in the bed and feeling really sore. I get up slowly, and feel all my muscles screaming when I move. I sigh, and flop back down on the bed for a minute before I finally get back up and wander downstairs in my pajamas. I hear voices and smell food, so I guess the guys are making breakfast then. I reach the kitchen and walk over to Louis carefully. I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on since I’m still pretty tired, and only after I sit down in Louis’s lap do I realize that there are some men I’ve never met here.

I blush a little because I’m only wearing one of Louis’s t-shirts and underwear, and bury my face in Lou’s chest. He kisses the top of my head and says, “Good morning princess. How are you feeling?”

I mumble, “Morning Lou, I’m tired, and sore…”

He chuckles a bit, and then says, “Huh, I guess we’ll just have to have a bit of a lazy day then, how does that sound?”

I say, “Good.”

He says, “Well, I want you to meet Christopher, Harris, and Jake. Zayn and Niall met them yesterday, and they’re going to give it a go working with us.”

I nod a little, and then look over at the three guys who are also in our kitchen. I wave a little, and Louis says, “Guys, this is my girl, Evelyn. One of your most important jobs will be to help us keep her safe. Alright?”

They all nod, and say hi to me. I say hi back, and then Niall asks, “Hey, how many pancakes do you want Evelyn?”

I shrug, and say, “Uh, three.”

He nods, and then a couple minutes later he sets a plate down for me and I eat them all quickly because I was starving. All of the guys eat too, and once we’re all finished with breakfast, Louis just carries me out to the den and turns on the TV. He flips through the channels for a while until he stops on ‘Cake Boss’ and we watch that for a while.

The other guys come in and out of the room, and we all just mostly hang around for the day. Around lunch, I actually go upstairs and change into some clothes. When I come down, all the guys are seated around the kitchen and talking about business things. I just take my seat next to Louis, and eat quietly while they talk. Louis puts his arm around my waist and tickles my side every now and then, which makes me giggle and try to squirm away, but then he’ll kiss the top of my head and tell me he loves me before he stops for a bit.

I suppose they’ll be starting up with business sooner than they had originally planned, which all of the guys are pleased with. I mean, it’s their source of income, so I suppose that’s quite understandable. I’m a little sad though, because in this time while they haven’t been working, Louis has spent so much more time with me, and I really liked that. He hasn’t gotten tense or angry with me either. He’s just been so great and awesome and I don’t want that to go away once they start working.

Don’t get me wrong though, Louis is always pretty great, but when he’s working all the time, sometimes he just gets really stressed out. That’s usually taken out on me, or causes us to get into stupid fights after it all builds up for a while. I know he doesn’t really mean it, and I know we always make up, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean I like it happening or would be upset if it just stopped.

I’m torn from my thoughts when Louis shakes me a bit and says, “Come on babe, let’s go upstairs.”

I nod a little, and when we get to our room, and he asks, “Whatcha thinking about?”

I shrug a little, “Nothing really. It doesn’t matter.”

He takes my hands in his and says, “Tell me Evie, please?”

I sigh, and say, “I just… When you start working again, it’s going to get lonely again. It’s been so nice to just spend time with you, you know?”

He kisses my forehead and says, “Babe, I promise I’ll still spend time with you, okay? Things will be a lot more flexible now that Liam isn’t in charge or whatever. And you’ve got Jack Sparrow, plus I’m not leaving you without someone to keep an eye on you and make sure you’re safe. You won’t be lonely.”

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