His Weakness

Evelyn is completely in love with Louis. I suppose she would have to be to stick around so long. He's controlling, gets angry easily, but underneath all of that, he is completely in love with her too. She's his weakness. That's why Liam hates her; that's why he's always hated her. So what happens when Liam takes things too far?


15. Fifteen

~~Evelyn’s POV:

The guys started working three weeks ago, and so far Christopher, Jake, and Harris have gotten on well with the guys, and there haven’t been any issues. Like Louis said before, he never leaves me at the house alone, and right now, I’m with Niall. We just finished watching a movie, and we’re just kind of hanging around the house.

It’s getting late, and so I ask, “Niall, when are they going to be home?”

He shrugs, “They should be home before you go to bed Evie. I haven’t heard anything from them recently, but don’t worry. He’ll call when they’re on their way home.”

I nod a little, and sigh. I sit down on the floor with Jack Sparrow and just pet him for a while. Niall turns on Pawn Stars, and watches for a while. Neither of us says anything until I start to get tired and yawn a little. Niall says, “Maybe you should go on up to bed Evie. I promise you don’t need to worry about anything, really.”

I rub my eyes and shake my head, “It’s okay Niall, I’m just going to wait for them to call.”

He nods a little, and says, “Alright.”

We wait for what seems like forever, and I’m starting to doze off on the floor, when the phone rings. Niall answers it, and he frowns. My eyes widen, and I ask, “Are they alright? Is Louis okay?”

Niall nods a little, and after talking for a couple minutes he says, “Alright, go grab some shoes Evelyn. We’ve got to go pick up the guys. They’re having some car troubles.”

I nod a little and put on my flip flops before following Niall out to the car. He starts driving and I just curl up in the passenger seat. I close my eyes and relax a little knowing that there’s nothing really wrong and he’s not hurt.

Louis’s POV:

Niall pulls over right by the car, and grabs a can of gas out from his trunk. I still can’t believe that we ran out of gas. I filled up the tank two days ago, and I didn’t think that we’d gone that far. Once we get the gas in the car, Zayn turns it on, and I ask, “You brought Evelyn, right?”

Niall nods, “She’s asleep in the car.”

I nod, and say that I’ll ride back with her. Harris comes with us as well, and I just pick Evelyn up and move her into the back seat with me. I brush a few stray hairs out of her face, and ask, “Did we wake her, you know, when we called?”

Niall shakes his head and laughs, “Quite the opposite actually. She wouldn’t go to sleep until you called. You put her to sleep.”

I sigh, but nod. He says, “Don’t worry about it Louis. She just wanted to make sure that you were alright.”

I nod, “I know, but I just wish that I didn’t worry her so much. She shouldn’t be losing sleep over me.”

Harris says, “I haven’t been here too terribly long, but from what I can tell, she really loves you. I don’t think you can really do anything about her worrying over you…”

I nod a little, and say, “I suppose you’re right.”

Niall nods, “I’d have to agree as well. Anyways, how did everything go today?”

I say, “Everything went without a hitch honestly. The people we’re working with and dealing with here are a lot more laid back honestly, at least in my opinion. I think we’ve really found a great place to stay.”

Niall smiles a little, “That’s good. I don’t really want to move again. It’s quite a hassle to be honest.”

I nod, “I know. We’re not moving again if we don’t have to.”

The rest of the car ride is pretty quiet, and all we do is listen to some music. Once we reach the house, I carry Evelyn inside, and curse quietly when Jack Sparrow starts to jump around at my feet and bark happily at the fact that we’ve returned. I tell him to stop quietly, and when he does, I quickly take Evelyn upstairs and tuck her into bed.

I start to turn and leave so I can make sure the guys don’t need any help bringing things inside, but Evelyn mumbles, “Lou?”

I ask, “Yeah sugar? You awake?”

She hums a little, and asks, “Everything’s okay, right?”

I kiss her forehead and answer, “Everything is fine. Promise.”

She nods a little, and whispers, “I love you.”

I smile, “I love you too Evelyn, now get some sleep babe.”

She nods a little and curls up in the bed before she asks, “Are you coming to bed?”

I nod a little and say, “Give me five minutes, I’ll be right back up.”

She nods a bit, and I kiss her forehead before I run downstairs and carry in a bag from the car. I set it on the counter in the kitchen and then tell the guys I’m going back upstairs to sleep with Evelyn. Everything is taken care of, so there’s no issue.

I walk back into the room and chuckle a bit when I notice Evelyn is already asleep. I strip down to my boxers, and climb in the bed with her quietly and slowly, not wanting to wake her. I pull her close gently, and then close my eyes and fall asleep too.

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