Saving Harry Styles (13+)

When Riley Clarke saves a mysterious boy on her way home from a party, she never could have imagined the fame or attention she would suddenly receive.

But she didn't save just any ordinary boy... She saved Harry Styles: international superstar and One Direction band member.

When Riley is caught up in a world of glamour, romance and drama...will she ever see the danger coming from around the corner?

After all, there's more to this story than a girl saving a boy.

*contains strong language, brief mentions of violence and sexual references (not actual sex scenes)*

-All Rights Reserved 2014-


1. Prologue





The dimly lit and empty sidewalk seemed to go on forever.

As my teeth chattered against the icy cold winds, I fought to keep my body from shivering. The party had gone on for longer than expected, and the walk home was even longer when a girl had consumed a hell of a lot of alcohol tonight.

Stopping at the traffic lights, I bounced on the balls of my feet like a maniac to keep my body moving. A chuckle sounded from beside me and I looked over to find a tall guy in a hoodie stood there smirking at me.

I must have looked like such an idiot, I thought to myself.

“It’s cold.” I shouted over the howling wind.

Smirk still in place, he chuckled, “No shit!”

Smiling, I watched as he plugged his earphones in and began to cross the road.

Wait, why was he crossing the road? There was a truck hurtling round the corner and it was a green light. With a moment to spare, I shouted at the top of my lungs for him to stop, for him to look up and realise that truck was going too fast to stop, too fast to realise he was there before it was too late, too fast to see through the darkness of the night.

He didn’t listen, how could he? He had his earphones in and was staring at the ground as he walked.

The truck was just a metre or two away.

I lunged forward with all my might and grabbed hold of the back of his hoodie. Without a second to spare, I hurtled myself back and we were flailing in a mess of legs and arms.

Splintering pain cut across the back of my skull and a heavy weight was being pressed against my chest, compressing my airways. A loud car horn rang through my ears and I looked through the fog in my vision to find the driver of the truck was flipping me off. What a jerk, you would think he would at least look startled or apologetic!

“Yo-You saved me.” A husky voice whispered in my ear.

Ignoring the pain in my head, I tilted my face to look at the thing-or should I say person, compressing my chest. “Please get off. Cru-shing chest.”  I groaned.

Immediately, the pressure was released and I looked above me to find a beautiful boy, with beautiful emerald eyes helping me off the ground.

“Are you okay?”  He rushed.

Grumbling, I rubbed my head as I wobbled on my feet, “I’ll be fine.”

Frantically, his cool hands grabbed my head in his hands, “You don’t look fine- maybe I should call an ambulance.”

“Thanks, but I’m fine. Seriously, it’s just a headache. It doesn’t help I’ve had a bit to drink.” I waved him off.

“I don’t know what to say, I could be dead right now.” He spoke in disbelief.

Shaking my head, I peered up realising he must have been at least half a foot taller than me as his long wavy curls circled around his forehead. A forehead, which had a glorious sheen of sweat on despite the freezing temperature.

“You’re welcome.” I blushed as those emerald eyes stared into mine.

They were like a never-ending ocean of green.

“Oh yeah, thank you. I don’t know what else to say to the beautiful girl who saved me.”

Rolling my eyes I watched in interest as he scratched the back of his neck. His face was familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere before.

Jutting my hand out cautiously I smiled, “I’m no beautiful girl as you put it, but my name is Riley. Riley Clarke.”

Smirking that same smile I had seen just moments before that truck had come hurtling round the corner, he put his hand in mine, “Nice to meet you, Riley. I’m Harry. Harry Styles.”

Harry Sty-

Wait a second. No, it couldn’t be…I studied his face intently as a nervous look passed across his face.

“No fucking way.” I whispered, as my body tumbled to the ground.

It could have been the alcohol, the head injury I had received, or it could have been the fact I had just saved a pop star’s life…either way, I fainted right there and then.

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