Saving Harry Styles (13+)

When Riley Clarke saves a mysterious boy on her way home from a party, she never could have imagined the fame or attention she would suddenly receive.

But she didn't save just any ordinary boy... She saved Harry Styles: international superstar and One Direction band member.

When Riley is caught up in a world of glamour, romance and drama...will she ever see the danger coming from around the corner?

After all, there's more to this story than a girl saving a boy.

*contains strong language, brief mentions of violence and sexual references (not actual sex scenes)*

-All Rights Reserved 2014-


4. Hey Guys


I'm pretty sure you guys hate me right now because I haven't updated in FOREVER. (TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE- I would hate me too)

Yes, I am continuing this. No, not on this account.

Truth is that my ORIGINAL account is @CorkyPorkyღ and I decided about 3 months ago that I was going to stop going on Movellas and that I would stop writing. After about a month, I missed Movellas and writing SO DAMN MUCH so I created this account and decided to start fresh and started this Movella. Soon after though, I realized that I had so much going on that there was no point in continuing this so I left all of you guys waiting...and waiting...and waiting. I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS. You may hate me if you wish.

Anyway, I am going to be writing new chapters for this Movella, HOWEVER- on my original account because I am so bloody unorganized that I honestly don't know if I can manage maintaining 2 accounts never mind 1. So on Friday (5th of December), I'll be deleting this Movella and starting/publishing it again on my real account. I'm sorry- I know this must be irritating but I've decided I'm definitely going to start using Movellas again...but not on this account unfortunately. So if you're still interested in reading the rest of this Movella (I can totally understand if you don't)- it will be on the account @CorkyPorkyღ on Friday night. I will mumble (on this account and my original one) when this version has been deleted and the new version has been published.

Thanks for all you guys who kept this on their favs even though you probably thought I fell off the face of the Earth. xo


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