Convict //Luke Brooks\\

For the Janoskian comp


1. O.1

'The 19 year old convict has been let out of prison. Luke Brooks murdered James Yammouni on the twelveth of November 2011. The goverment think he is safe towards humans now, but beware. If you are in contact with him, do not make him angry. Thank you' The news guy said with a cautious face. He had clear worry lines started to come out on his forehead. 

Shari's blood started to boil. She didn't even know the victum, but the way Luke murdered James was just pure evil. Four years ago, Luke tied James to the stands of a pier. He drowned him, James had no chance of living, he was found 49 hours after he had been drowned.They used to be best friends, but something must have went wrong in their freindship. 


Shari used to think she was safe in LA, she doesn't anymore. She's always looking over her shoulder. Just in case. She heard of  Luke, he was a nice, silent, unknown boy. His friends and brothers were always the more popular ones. The silence made a good man convert to evil. Something snaped inside Luke, he just saw red. 

Three knocks went at Shari's door. She jumped. The knocks went again, louder. 'Just a minute' Shari shouted, swallowing afterwards. She crept up to her front door and opened it. Her legs went weak. Could it be the convict?


She only looked at the guys shoes first. White high cut converse, nice. 'Hey, I'm Jai. I moved in up here with my brother. I just wanted to say hi or something like that'  An aussie accent says. Shari looked up to see a handsome guy. Black hair, brown eyes. The boy, Jai, had one ear piercing. Something about him intrigued her. 

'Hey, Jai. I'm Shari' She smiles, holding out her hand for him to shake. Jai takes it and shakes it. 

'Would you like to go out for a drink with me sometime?' Jai grins rather cockishly. Shari nodded. 

'8:30pm, no longer' She winks and closes the door. 


Jai rests his head on the white door. 'See you later, beautiful' He chuckles softly. Shari feels a blush heat up her cheeks the name rings a bell. 




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