Convict //Luke Brooks\\

For the Janoskian comp


2. 0.2


Shari's legs were trembling from under the petite table that her and Jai were sitting at. 'Are you okay?' Jai was already regretting telling her who he was brother to.  Shari nodded and brushed a brown strand of hair back behind her pierced ear. 

'Yeah...Your brother is a cold blooded monster, why wouldn't I be okay?' She scoffs. 

He sighs. 'It's-It's not like that...' He tries to deffend his brother who's older by two minutes exact. 

'What is it like then? Care to explain?' Shari's blood boils with a rush of anger. They're keeping dialed down tones, though you can still hear upset and offence in both voices. 

Jai tugs on his jet black hair. 'It was self defence. James was going to kill Luke. They were down at the pier, and James had caught Luke with James's girlfriend. James saw red and waited until his girlfriend had left.

Then James pounded at Luke, punching him endlessly. Luke was coughing out blood at this point. He tied James's arms with a elastic band. He then restrained James and put rocks in his pokets; something inside of Luke snapped. He just kicked him over the pier edge, into the murky water. He regretted it instantly. He isn't the same...' Jai's eyes were full of disapointment. I could feel pity for him. 

I guess I could be okay with that...I mean it was self defence...also Jai hadn't done anything wrong. 'Alright...wanna get out of here?' I question, drawing attention off the specific subject. He nods. 

He pays the bill and walks with me outside. 

'You're a kind person, Shari.' He says looking at his hands. 

'You too...'







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