Go Beyond

This is me. Not some Barbie doll of a girl. Nope just little old me. Well mostly. I'm a wolf. My dads the alpha. The pack expects so much of me. I HATE it. i know you're probably thinking that I'm spoiled and all that crap. Well I'm here to prove you wrong...


3. 3.

Do you now that feeling were you just wanna snap somebodies neck.Yea, I get that feeling quite a lot. Especially today. The birthday of an alphas daughter, was a big thing. People expect everything to be perfect. Here I am little old sarcastic me. I told my farther that I would be there. But luckily I didn't promise...

I slowly woke up. The beams of sunlight hitting my face. I could here the voice of the birthday preparations. So noisy. I HATE noise. I kid you not, i will slap a bitch. currently i am waiting. For my mother, that is. She was supposed to wake me up. Never came tho. The noise changed. From the normal shouting from the pack. Too complete silence. Then a voice cut through it.

"why Didn't we get invited to this party?" it said. The voice was powerful. Probably from an alpha, or a very strong beta.

"you and your pack are not welcome here, and you now it" probably my brother. Did i tell you that i had a brother?? oops..

"now don't be rude young man, we just want to see the beautiful birthday girl" yet another voice said. This comment made me curios. I quickly hopped into some clothes. I made my way out too my balcony. I didn't get noticed for a couple minutes tho. It was my own pack, who noticed me. They started shouting for me too go back inside. idiots.. The other alpha glanced my way.

"well there the beauty is........."


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