FaceBook [n.h]

What happens when one day, Rosie's facebook messenger beeps, and a complete stranger texts her? Will he change her life, and show her the other side. .. the side where love isn't just money, and sex. Where love is something special, and hard to find. But you don't need to look for love, because love looks for you..
Will Rosie find out who, Niall Horan, the stranger from Facebook, is? What if he wasn't exactly what she thought he would be?
~ Facebook, a Niall Horan fanfiction which isn't just a typical love story... it's something a little different than that.
by Vasilena Marin, and Crazyteenxx


4. Who is Niall Horan?

I've been looking around as I'm passing through the halls. I desperately want to know who he is, and I want to meet him, and find the reason why he doesn't want me to know who he is. 

I got home, and the second I stepped in, my phone buzzed. 

Niall Horan: Aren't you going to accept my friend request yet

Me: ops, sorry I forgot about that

Niall Horan: I know why

Me: Why?

Niall Horan: Because you were too busy talking to mister sexy beast over here, and you forgot. Simple :) 

Me: I doubt that's the case ;)

Niall Horan: I know it is, honey .

Me: Nah, because the sexy beast thing is not a hundred percent proven evidence 

Niall Horan: Stop acting all smart, and stuff and just go along with my vibe :S

Me: Why can't I find you? 

Niall Horan: You'll find me, don't worry.

Me: But there isn't anyone in my classes named, Niall Horan.

Niall Horan: 


Niall Horan:

Me: reply to me..

Niall Horan: reply to me, she demanded. 

Me: are you messing around?

Niall Horan: am I messing around, she asked.

Me: stop

Niall Horan: stop, she said in annoyance. 

Me: -.-

Niall Horan: -.- = she got mad

Me: Bye 

Niall Horan; Hi

Me: I know what you're trynna do.

Niall Horan: What

Me: Change the subject, and make me forget what I asked, but it's not that easy. 

Niall Horan: what if I dont wanna answer?

Me: you don't have to ur right. I'll just find out myself :) Bye, Bye

Niall Horan: bye Rosie

I didn't want to log off, but the thought of him trying to hide who he is, is legit killing me right now. I want to know who this guy is.  I want to meet him, and I want to know him personally. 

Who is Niall Horan?

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