FaceBook [n.h]

What happens when one day, Rosie's facebook messenger beeps, and a complete stranger texts her? Will he change her life, and show her the other side. .. the side where love isn't just money, and sex. Where love is something special, and hard to find. But you don't need to look for love, because love looks for you..
Will Rosie find out who, Niall Horan, the stranger from Facebook, is? What if he wasn't exactly what she thought he would be?
~ Facebook, a Niall Horan fanfiction which isn't just a typical love story... it's something a little different than that.
by Vasilena Marin, and Crazyteenxx


21. Weird night.

"So, you have a thing with Niall Horan," Erika asks. 

"Hm, no I don't," I say back.

"Right, like I don't see the smile on your face when you guys 'study'."

I throw a pillow at her.


She laughed at me, loudly. 

"What's going on here?" Harry asks us when he enters our room.

"Nothing," Erika quickly responds.

"How come I'm not invited to the party!?" He exclaims, and starts throwing pillows at us.

They start jumping on the bed, and I decided to just go downstairs, and check on Niall.

"What time is it? You are not in bed? What's that noise?" My grandma feels me in with questions as she sees me down the hall. 

"Teenagers these days don't go to bed at 10pm, granny."

"The kid generation these days is not okay. When I was your age we used to have a bed time. 8pm was the latest you can stay up. When it hits 8:00pm all children are in bed without any arguing. That's why you guys don't get any sleep, and look like little morning monsters walking around," she says taking about ten minutes of my time. Grandma lectures..

"Okay, okay sorry grandma."

I go into the room that's downstairs where Niall is. I like this room, because it has a huge TV, and DvD player, so I spend my weekends watching movies down here.

Grandma follows me.

"Who's sleeping here?" she asks.

"Niall, and Liam," I respond. 

"I am telling you! The generations today are just nasty. A guy, and a guy don't sleep in the same room, okay? It's either you two here, or up stairs, or else I am kicking you boys out."

I try not to giggle at her serious look.

"Okay granny. Oh my god, can you leave me alone please? Liam, and Niall won't sleep in one room. Relax," I say in annoyance. 


She leaves me, and Niall alone. 

"I like your grandma," he says, and raises his eyebrows which makes me giggle.

"I'm gonna go check on Erika, and Harry's little gurl party, and I will get more blankets, and pillows. It gets super cold in here," I say, and go up the stairs. 

As I slowly crack the door open I see something I didn't want to see.

Guess what..

No, they weren't naked or anything

And no, they weren't partying...

Yes, they were eating each other's faces.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.. 

They just met, right? 

What the fuck..

I decide to just go back downstairs.

I close the room door behind me while my face is full of shock.

"What happened?" Niall asks me.

"I will tell you tomorrow, because the picture that's in my head right now, is somewhat scary."



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