FaceBook [n.h]

What happens when one day, Rosie's facebook messenger beeps, and a complete stranger texts her? Will he change her life, and show her the other side. .. the side where love isn't just money, and sex. Where love is something special, and hard to find. But you don't need to look for love, because love looks for you..
Will Rosie find out who, Niall Horan, the stranger from Facebook, is? What if he wasn't exactly what she thought he would be?
~ Facebook, a Niall Horan fanfiction which isn't just a typical love story... it's something a little different than that.
by Vasilena Marin, and Crazyteenxx


18. Texting before going to Grandmas...

Niall Horan: what is ya doin

Me: packing 

Niall Horan: ohh yeah today is grandmas day 

Me: lol

Niall Horan: where is that?

Me: in bradford

Niall Horan: great, zayn will get us there 

Me: hahah okay, but you aint staying in my house

Niall Horan: chill, chill.. i told u I will come no matter what.. 

Me: talk to my father about it 

Niall Horan: I will ;)

Me: HAHA lets see ur ass getting beaten up when he sees u 

Niall Horan: don't worry, I'll get formal. 

Me: well thats gonna be an entertaining view. I have to see that

Niall Horan: I'll just drive myself to bradford, and If your dad resists to this beautiful face ovah here, than i will just rent a hotel. Easy peasy 

Me: why don't you just take a break over the weekend, and stay in london? I don't getchu

Niall Horan: I can't just sit here a day without seeing you. This is depressing yo 

Me: AWWWWW :')

Niall Horan: Walk me around bradford?

Me: of course 

Niall Horan: Zayn can do that too, but he's got perrie now, and our relationship doesn't feel real no more

Me: I knew you like the D

Niall Horan: I do :/ I am heartbroken

Me: aww you need a hug? :/

Niall Horan: Yeeeess :) 

Me: haha *hug, hug*

Niall Horan: super 

Me: lol gay  

Niall Horan; heeeeey you are mean

Me: I'm kidding xx

Niall Horan: hehe ik

Me: Almost done packing. Can't wait to see your face at grandmas door XD

Niall Horan: it's gonna be a big commitment just to see you.. i feel like im asking your father to marry you, and he is going to say .. 'Yes, of course, look at this wonderful boy. So sexy, and a really nice hairstyle. Rosie. You made a good choice."


Niall Horan: you'll be like .. who that? XD

Me: hahah so true XD like .. idk who that is... but he's hot, I'm taking the offer 

Niall Horan: damn, that was such wonderful words. I feel special

Me: you are ;)

Niall Horan: hehe 

Me: have you seen that vine where some guy at the back of the classroom is just yelling.... gaaaayyy in such a funny way that you just can't like not immitate it 

Niall Horan: nope, havent seen that one, but I've heard people in school always do that gaayy thing.


Niall Horan: I wanna see you laugh like that ;(

Me: ahhah at some point I would be cracking up.. dont worry 

Niall Horan: good good

Me: I gotta go.. parents waiting for me in the car.

Niall Horan: okay :D I gotta go too then ahha

Me: good luck :* byee 

Niall Horan: bye bae 

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