FaceBook [n.h]

What happens when one day, Rosie's facebook messenger beeps, and a complete stranger texts her? Will he change her life, and show her the other side. .. the side where love isn't just money, and sex. Where love is something special, and hard to find. But you don't need to look for love, because love looks for you..
Will Rosie find out who, Niall Horan, the stranger from Facebook, is? What if he wasn't exactly what she thought he would be?
~ Facebook, a Niall Horan fanfiction which isn't just a typical love story... it's something a little different than that.
by Vasilena Marin, and Crazyteenxx


23. Perfect Morning

The next day I wake up like a princess in the middle of the bed my body spread out taking all the space. I try hard to open my eyes, but I end up struggling with one. 

"The beauty finally woke up," Niall said from the across the room.

"The beast seems has woken up early as fuck," I say back. I check my phone to see what time it is. It's 6am.

"What the fuck!? It's so early," I exclaim.

"I know, but you kicked me out of the bed so I'm just standing here you know."

I giggled, and hid my face in the pillow.

"I'm sorry."

"No worries. Good thing everybody else is asleep, and you can help me find that spatula I was asking for yesterday."

"Tacos in the morning?" I question.

"Anytime is taco time."

"Alright. Let's go," I say as I yawn. I get up, and pass through the mirror. A horror story. Hair all messed up, pjs all over the place.. I just shrug, and keep going.

We went to the kitchen.

I stood at the counter for a second, glancing around still half asleep.

"Someone needs sleep," he says. I smile.

"Don't worry, I'm good."

I open the fridge, and take out the products we need to make those tacos Niall is continuously rambling about. 

"Your beloved spatula is right in front of your face, dear." I point at it laying next to the sink.

"Haha," he sarcastically laughs, and says, "I knew that."


After the hard work we have done, and all the noise, and mess we made in the poor kitchen my grandma ended up yelling at us, but she was proud that we were able to do something ourselves.

"Kids.." she sighed, and went in the fields to do some of her usual gardening.

Liam, went with her, again, because you know him... he is all sweet, and nice. Plus he doesn't have shit to do in the house.

Erika is still sleeping, and I assume Harry is there with her after all the banging yesterday.



I'm completely joking.

Don't get me wrong.

"I literally have not seen Harry since yesterday," Niall says while eating.

"Well, no shit smart ass. You have been sleeping."

"Yeah, you are right."

I sigh, and shake my head.. he just laughs. 

His laugh, so perfect.

"We have to study now," I demand.

He looks at me with puppy eyes. "Can we not."

"I thought you needed a tutor.."

"I do. I need you."

I give him an annoyed glare.

"Is that what it was all about?" 

He shrugs, and smiles. "I dunno.. maybe."

"Wow, Niall. You would!" I throw the plastic knife at him.

"Damn, you are violent."

"Aren't you going to say sorry to your facebook wife, or should I ask for divorce?" 

"Fine, fine."

He comes up to me, and with his blue eyes staring at mine he says, "I am sorry, facebook wife, named Rosie I don't know the last name of. Forgive my soul, and let our facebook marriage, and the Horan last name continue growing generations."

I can't hold back my laughter even though I try as hard as possible.

"Forgive Niall Horan... uhum.. sexy morning beast, and don't hate on him, because he did something the devil let him do."

"Like what?"

"Lie to this beautiful girl, because all he wanted was a day or two to spend with her." 

My head, was full of 'awwwws', my stomach full of butterflies, and my heart was like a speeding ferrari inside my body.

I feel my face get red.

"I missed you," he says.

I wonder what he means..

"I missed you all these years."

He strokes my cheek, and then I look up to meet up once again with his eyes.

Our faces are so close to each other until Harry bursts in, and that separates us for less than a second. 

My expression was full of disappointment, and all I thought was- Thanks Harry...


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