FaceBook [n.h]

What happens when one day, Rosie's facebook messenger beeps, and a complete stranger texts her? Will he change her life, and show her the other side. .. the side where love isn't just money, and sex. Where love is something special, and hard to find. But you don't need to look for love, because love looks for you..
Will Rosie find out who, Niall Horan, the stranger from Facebook, is? What if he wasn't exactly what she thought he would be?
~ Facebook, a Niall Horan fanfiction which isn't just a typical love story... it's something a little different than that.
by Vasilena Marin, and Crazyteenxx


17. One Direction band?

Everyday after school I notice Niall leaving really quickly. If we hang out, we always go somewhere where people aren't. 

I had been wondering a lot about him today in school, and now I am going to ask him what's going on..

"Be honest with me, please... I don't like the thought of you hiding something from me," I say with pleading eyes. 

"Okay, fine I will tell you, but I am so scared that you might hate me after that."

He seemed stressed, and worried. 

"Watch this video, and you will find out."

He played something on the laptop. About two seconds after the song 'Kiss You' was playing, and he got me watching the video.

I was really shocked to see that Niall, and the four other guys were in this video.

"Who are you?" I asked. I'm not sure of the way he will take my question. 

"Okay, I am in a band named, One Direction, and people know us. Okay? I was hiding it from you, because I don't know how you would look at me. Girls are all over us, and I don't want you to be involved in this. We are leaving in October, going on a tour this is why I said that about the grades."

"That was a stupid ass shit."

I felt hurt, and I felt sad.

We just met, he is in a band, and soon he will be leaving me... 

"I am so sorry I hid this from you, but we just met, and you know how much I appreciate it. I like you, and when we hang out, we just have to hide, paparazzi ruin our lives."

'That's why all the girls in our school are always around you. For a second, I thought you were some flirt. Trynna get all the girls," I said a bit harshly.

"No. I am not like that."

"I see." 

"I am honestly so sorry, and if you forgive me I will be the happiest guy in the world." His eyes were so big, and watery at that moment, I couldn't think about anything.

"You mean, the happiest sexy beast in the world?"

He smiled.

"Yes exactly what I meant. Are you forgiving me, please forgive me."

"I forgive you," I said, and hugged him. His arms were tight around me, as mine were around him. He was taller than me, so my head was to the side, and I was against his chest, as my entire body was embracing him.

"A lot of girls cry to be on my place right now. Don't they?" I say.

"I'm pretty sure." 

I giggled.

I broke the hug, and looked at him in the eyes, pointing a finger at him. "Never hide anything from me again okay?"

I pulled my finger down.

"How did I not know who you are. I am such a dumbass. My cousin is always talking about One Direction,  One direction, one direction, and I was too slow to realize what you were trying to tell me in those texts."

"I'm glad you know now, but we need to study," he said, and smiled. 


I showed him some biology stuff in the book, and I think he gets them now.

"The key to getting good grades on tests, is paying more attention in class, and not texting, Rosie. Okay, Niall?" I joking said to him. "What's the key?"


I giggled, and placed my pen down.

"Seriously, I love texting you, but you need those grades, right? Just pay attention, focus, and do your homework. You don't need to study for the test, when you actually look over your homework in the week before the test. It always works,"  I assured him. 

"I'm getting it! Woohoo, let's get smart."

"Very funny, I'm glad you are getting it."


About an hour later of studying biology with him..

"Okay, let's take a break. I feel like you got most of it. Test is on Monday, so you would have to look over things alone over the weekend."

"Don't worry, I'll come to grandmas with you," he said. I smiled, and shook my head. "No, no. My parents would be questioning, and I don't want trouble."

"Who said I'm staying in your house there?"

"What?" I questioned.

"We will see," he said calmly, and winked. He took his books in one hand, and we headed towards the exit of the library. 

Today was kind of .... weird... 

One Direction?




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