Ashton oh god
Find out what happens in this story between luke hemmings and ashton irwin


3. Love notes

So it's been a week I have been in school.... I open my Locker and a note drops out I read it and it says

Dear luke

Your eyes light up my world you are beautiful and I would do anything to be with you and you make my day when I see you I love you LUKEY poo

From : ashy

Ashton have been sending me note an I send them back mine says

Dear ashton

Just make the move and I will be your I love u to ashton your my life I'm in love with you


I really love that boy he is my life

When I get to class ashton is there with a set by him and he got the note here is where the fun starts

Luke I really want you

I know ashton

Will you go on a date we my tommorw night 7:30 I'll pick you up

Yes I would love too

And also luke would u like to join our band

Yes ashton anything for u

Then we stop sending notes the teacher might get us..... Ashton asked me on a date I'm so happy

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