Ashton oh god
Find out what happens in this story between luke hemmings and ashton irwin


2. first day of school

I'm luke hemmings and I'm new to New York I moved here with my mom a week ago and now I'm about to go to a new school

As I got ready for school I put on my Rolling Stones shrit and ripped skinny jeans then left when I walked in three guys were greeting me one with red blood hair one that looked asin and one that look beautiful

Hi I'm ashton and this is Michael and calum said the very beauful guy

"Hey I'm luke" I said nervous

So this is our class said ashton

Should I tell him I'm gay is all I could think about he also has a locker by me so I really don't know how to tell him

Umm ashton I said

Yea luke

I-I am a-a g-gay I said suttterig

Oh that's great so am I, said ashton

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